0615            Shuttles departs for GES+ at Stanford University campus
Location:  DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport

0630            Shuttles departs for GES+ at Stanford University campus
Location:  DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport

0700            GES+ Registration (GES+ Attendees only)
Koret Plaza

0700-0800    Breakfast / Networking
Ford Plaza

0800   GES+ Opening Remarks & Welcome
CEMEX Auditorium

  • Emcee: Andrew Rabens, Special Advisor, Global Youth Issues, U.S. Department of State
  • Richard Stengel, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State
  • Catherine Russell, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, U.S. Department of State
  • Rahama Wright, Founder and CEO, Shea Yeleen

0830   GES+ Opening Plenary - Emerging Innovations
CEMEX Auditorium

This plenary session will explore new global innovations and the entrepreneurs that are attracting funding, breaking the status quo and changing the world.

  • Moderator: Brad Stone – Bloomberg West
  • Oren Yakobovich – Founder, Videre and 2016 Skoll Foundation Entrepreneur
  • Leila Janah – Founder, Sama and Founder, Laxmi 
  •  Ooshma Garg, Founder and CEO, Gobble

0930   Future-Ready Women
CEMEX Auditorium

  • Karen Quintos, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Dell

0940    Execution is Everything
CEMEX Auditorium

  • John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield Byers

1000-1015 Coffee & Networking Break
Ford Plaza

1015-1230 Curbside Coaching
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E102
Pre-registration required

  • GES+ participants can pre-register for individual consulting with experts in technology, impact assessment, online tools, venture capital and more. Participants will only have 10 minutes to present their challenge and ask for feedback from the experts below.
  • EdCast
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • Fellow Robots
  • Former Deputy CTO, White House
  • Golden Seeds
  • Mesh Ventures
  • Presidential Innovation Fellows
  • Voyaj 
  • Walmart 


1015-1115  Training Session I – How to Accelerator your Accelerator Experience
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M104

The global accelerator pool has grown significantly over the last decade, giving increasing numbers of entrepreneurs the opportunity to access targeted support, mentorship and seed funding. But does one size fit all?

This session explores how an entrepreneur can make the most of his or her acceleration experience by discussing what makes a great accelerator; how to choose an accelerator; when not to choose acceleration, and how best to leverage the acceleration experience.

  • Moderator: Tayo Akinyemi, Consultant, Digital Entrepreneurship, infoDev World Bank
  • Chika Umeadi, Co-Founder, tiphub
  • Nichole Crawford-Thompson, Co-Founder, Niritech Limited
  • David van Dijk, Co-Founder and Director General, ABAN
  • Trevor Thomas, Partner at Cross Culture Ventures

1015-1115   Training Session II – Creative Execution - Bringing Ideas to Life
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M105

Implementing your vision through product ideation and design.

  • Valerie Lorena – Executive Director, Young Americas Business Trust, Organization of American States

1015-1115   Training Session III – Stand Out - Personal Branding
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Barnes/McDowell Room

Amplify your business footprint and become a thought-leader in your field.

  • Robin Albin, Senior Vice President, Conceptual Innovation, Estee Laude

1015-1115   Training Session IV – Building Startup Communities
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lane Room

Learn how to connect your business to the local ecosystem to become a leading voice in your community.

  • Ed Steidl – Global Program Manager, Microsoft Innovation Centers
  • Alex Krause – Program Officer, Kauffman Foundation

1100-1700    Innovation Marketplace Opens
Ford Plaza and Ford Center

11:15-11:30 Transition Break

1130-1230   Training Session V – Leveraging Technology Platforms
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M104

Engaging, educating and empowering youth and women entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of technology industries in emerging markets.

  • Adriana Gascoigne – Founder, Girls in Tech
  • Deena Shakir, Global Partnerships Manager, Google

1130-1230    Training Session VI – How to Sustainably Manage Growth            
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M105

Resources and tools to successfully push your company to the next level of growth.

  • Komal Mohindra – Senior Private Sector Development Specialist, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit, World Bank Group, Global Practice on Trade & Competitiveness 
  • Kara Valikai – Senior Manager, Women’s Economic Empowerment, International Sourcing, Walmart

1130-1230    Training Session VII – Pitch the Media             
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Barnes/McDowell Room 

Learn how to attract and talk to media experts about your business products or services.

  • Kamahl Santamaria – Principal Presenter, Al Jazeera English
  • Emily Chang – Anchor, Bloomberg West

1130-1230    Training Session VIII – Passion, People, and Profit
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lane Room

This session will focus on improving the viability of social business models using case studies of companies that are scaling sustainable, purpose-driven businesses. Q&A will follow the session.

  • Dipika Ailani -  Gates Foundation
  • Laura Tyson – Professor, Berkeley-Haas Center; Board of Trustees, Blum Center for Developing Economies 

1230-1330   Lunch
Ford Plaza

1345-1600    GES+ Pitch Competition
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Rooms C101,  P101 and E104

1345-1545    Master Class I – Product Brainstorming
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M104

  • Gal Josefsberg – Instructor, General Assembly  

 Coming up with new products is a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several easy techniques for coming up with new product ideas. This class will focus on three of these techniques.

  • “Brand” for a “different market” – Applying what works in market one and transferring it to another
  • Best of both worlds – Analyze the advantages of a certain winning product to see why it’s winning. Then apply that advantage to a different product.
  • Stale markets – Analyze markets and look at where innovation has been stalled for too long. These markets are often ripe for disruption and innovation. Think about how you can take modern technology and improve that market.

1345-1545        Master Class II - Design Thinking with Sprout and Stanford Design School
SIEPR, Room Koret-Taube 130

Attendees will explore how design thinking can play a powerful role for discovery, inspiration, empathy, and rapid prototyping as part of an entrepreneur’s toolkit. This session will utilize human-centered design in an immersive challenge experience. The d. school will lead a rapid cycle design challenge with support from HP.

  • Susie Wise – K12 Lab Network Director, Design School, Stanford University
  • Peter Worth – Professional Development Experience Designer, Design School, Stanford University
  • Stephanie Chen – Research & Insights, Immersive Computing Team, HP
  • Debbie Ledbetter – HP Life Partnership Manager, HP
  • Jim Vanides – Head of Social Innovation & Sr. Education Advisor, HP

1345-1545        Master Class III - Courageous Entrepreneurship
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Barnes/McDowell Room

Entrepreneurship is nothing but a series of courageous conversations – asking for funding; making your first hire; negotiating a sale; working through co-founder issues. Your success as an entrepreneur can be measured by the number of courageous conversations you are willing to have. In this workshop we learn how to identify them, prepare for them and have them, well.


  • Cesar Gonzalez, CEO, StartingBloc

1545-1600    Coffee/Networking Break
Ford Plaza

1600-1700   Ignite Talks
CEMEX Auditorium

Fifteen minute talks by high level leaders in the field of entrepreneurship and business for all GES+ entrepreneurs.

Introduction: Evan Ryan -  Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State

  • Marne Levine – Chief Operating Officer, Instagram
  • Patrick Collison – Co-Founder, Stripe

1700   Spark the Fire Final GES+ Pitch Competition
CEMEX Auditorium

Six winning companies from the afternoon Round 2 pitch competition will compete on the main stage in front of panel of judges for a chance to win funding, prizes and valuable mentorship.

Final Judging Panel 

  • Rob Veres – Omidyar Network
  • Ganesh Rasagam – World Bank 
  • Lisa Nelson – Microsoft 
  • Natalie Villalobos – Google
  • Elizabeth Gore – Dell Entrepreneur in Residence

1700    Shuttles Depart Hotels for GES2016 Welcome Reception at the Arrillaga Alumni Center

Departure Locations:        
DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport
The Westin San Francisco Airport
The Aloft San Francisco Airport
The Marriott Waterfront San Francisco Airport

1715    Shuttles Depart Hotels for GES2016 Welcome Reception at the Arrillaga Alumni Center

Departure Locations:        
DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport
The Westin San Francisco Airport
The Aloft San Francisco Airport
The Marriott Waterfront San Francisco Airport

1730-2000    Check-In for Welcome Reception and GES2016 Attendees
Koret Plaza

1800   GES+ Closing & Award Ceremony
CEMEX Auditorium

1830   GES Welcome Reception presented by Silicon Valley Bank
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Ford Gardens

Thursday, June 23

0715    Shuttles Depart Hotels for GES2016 at Stanford University

Departure Locations:        
DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport
The Westin San Francisco Airport
The Aloft San Francisco Airport
The Marriott Waterfront San Francisco Airport

0730    Shuttles Depart Hotels for GES2016 at Stanford University

Departure Locations:        
DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport
The Westin San Francisco Airport
The Aloft San Francisco Airport
The Marriott Waterfront San Francisco Airport

0730-1730    Check-In
Koret Plaza

0800-0830        Breakfast / Networking
Ford Plaza

0900-1100    Opening Plenary
Memorial Auditorium

Welcome Remarks

  • Richard Stengel, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  • Patricia Nzolantima, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)
  • John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State

Entrepreneurial Inspiration
TED-style Talk:

  • Reid Hoffman – Entrepreneur, Executive, and Investor 

Fireside Chat:

  • Travis Kalanick, CEO, Uber, and Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama

TED-style Talk:

  • Sheila C. Johnson – Founder and CEO, Salamander Hotels and Resorts

Fireside Chat:

  • Brian Chesky, Founder and CEO, Airbnb, and Aileen Lee, Founder, Cowboy Ventures 

Success Stories from Previous GES:

  • Moderated by Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO, Social Capital
  • Cheryl Yeoh, former CEO, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center (MaGIC), Malaysia
  • Bedriye Hulya, Founder of b-Fit, Turkey
  • Prashant K. (PK) Gulati, The Smart Start Fund, UAE
  • Youssef Chaqor, Founder and General Manager of Kilimanjaro Environment, Morocco
  • Marion Moon, Founder-Director, Wanda Organic Limited, Kenya

1130 – 1300    Office Hours with Google Experts
Google for Entrepreneurs Lounge
Ford Plaza

Google for Entrepreneurs and Google Launchpad are thrilled to provide Office Hours for GES attendees. Join us for the opportunity to connect 1:1 with product experts who represent various backgrounds across the company, from growth strategy and digital marketing to recruiting and product management. 30-minute slots.

1100 – 1700    Innovation Marketplace
Ford Plaza and Ford Center

1130 – 1300    Lunch
Ford Plaza

1300-1400    Speed Networking (invite only) 
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Palm Courts

1300-1400    Breakout 1 – Solving Tomorrow’s Global Challenges
Cemex Auditorium

The future’s most pressing challenges will only be solved by those willing to take bold risks in business and research. This panel will feature world renowned innovators and entrepreneurs, all of whom are at the forefront of solving the challenges of tomorrow.


  • Moderator: Maria Contreras-Sweet, Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Rob Nail – Associate Founder and CEO, Singularity University
  • Anne Wojcicki – CEO and Co-Founder, 23andMe
  • Steve Ciesinski – President, SRI International
  • Daniel Lubetzky – Founder and CEO, KindSnacks 

1300-1400    Breakout 2 – Igniting Silicon Valley to Accelerate Global Entrepreneurship
Encina Hall, Bechtel Conference Center

How is the age of globalization igniting Silicon Valley? This panel will explore how Silicon Valley has started to become actively involved in emerging markets. Hear investors share both successes and lessons learned, and the importance of investors not just supporting entrepreneurs, but also needing to understand and support the local ecosystem.  One of the key constraints that entrepreneurs face is access to and retention of top-caliber talent.  RippleWorks CEO Doug Galen presents findings of a new RippleWorks report done in collaboration with McKinsey and Omidyar Network that investigates the talent gaps faced by emerging market entrepreneurs. Then the panel digs deeper to identify how Silicon Valley can support global entrepreneurs, specifically how capacity building and knowledge transfer can occur by engaging employees from Silicon Valley's top corporations.  The panel ends by exploring how corporations are looking to invest in emerging market entrepreneurs, often as part of their existing/future value chains, and as M&A opportunities for investing in innovation.


  • Moderator: Sue Siegel – CEO, GE Ventures
  • Sheel Tyle – Principal and Co-Head of Seed Practice, New Enterprise Associates
  • Timothy Draper – Founding Partner, DFJ Venture
  • Doug Galen – Co-Founder and CEO, RippleWorks
  • Randall Kempner – Executive Director, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) 

1300-1400    Breakout 3 – What Attracts Venture Capital/Private Equity
Arrillaga Alumni Center, McCaw Hall

Panel explores how (a) investing in emerging markets is a very mainstream activity; (b) major investors are active and investing in great companies; and (c) there are sophisticated Private Equity/Venture Capital firms from these markets. 


  • Moderator: Kate Mitchell – Co-Founder and Partner, Scale Venture Partners  
  • Jim Sorenson – Chairman, Sorenson Impact Foundation
  • Nagraj Kashyap – VP and Global Head, Microsoft Ventures
  • Shiza Shahid – Co-Founder and CEO, Malala Fund
  • Antonio Gracias – CEO, Valor Equity Partners
  • Victor W. Hwang –VP of Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation 

1300-1400    Breakout 4 – Preparing for Growth
SIEPR, Koret –Taube 130

The lifecycle of a company changes from the day you launch your web site until an IPO or acquisition. Growth starts when you hire your first employee and continues as you seek funding, acquire competitors and ultimately get that millionth customer. Every company will go through the stages of the business life cycle and encounter different challenges that require different solutions. From development, start-up, survival, expansion, to maturity, businesses will require a different strategy when it comes to market penetration, business development, and market share. As a business matures, operations and priorities will change. This panel will compare and contrast these challenges and share valuable lessons for growing entrepreneurs.


  • Moderator: Karen Quintos – Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Dell   
  • Rob Mee – CEO, Pivotal
  • Carolyn Rodz – Founder and CEO, Circular Board
  • Keith J. Krach – Chairman and CEO, DocuSign
  • John Collison – Co-Founder, CEO, Stripe 

1400-1700    Office Hours with Google Experts (invite only) 
Google for Entrepreneurs Lounge
Ford Plaza

1415-1515    Breakout 5 – Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership
Cemex Auditorium
Join successful and influential women who will share their experiences and offer advice on building entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe, accessing capital, fostering diverse talent, and what it takes to be an effective leader.


  • Moderator: Secretary Penny Pritzker, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Ruth Porat – CFO and Senior Vice President, Google and Alphabet Inc. 
  • Ann H. Lamont – Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT
  • Nina Vaca – Chairman and CEO, Pinnacle Group
  • Nermin Sa’d – Founder,

1415-1515    Breakout 6 – Entrepreneurship in Africa: "Glocal (global and local) Capital for SSA Entrepreneurs" 
SIEPR, Koret-Taube 130

We know Africa is the hot spot for technology innovation, however the lack of early stage capital from both local and international investors is slowing down the pace of technology catalyzing Africa’s leadership of the digital economy. This panel explores how investors from Silicon Valley can partner with investors from Africa to bring mentoring and early stage capital to Sub-Saharan African entrepreneurs. 


  • Moderator: Linda Etim, Assistant Administrator for Africa, USAID
  • Eric Osiakwan – Tech Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Chanzo Capital
  • Esther Dyson – Executive Founder, Way to Wellville
  • Ganesh Rasagam – Practice Manager, World Bank Group Global Practice on Trade and Competitiveness
  • Mamadou Kwidjim Toure – Chairman and CEO, Ubuntu Capital

1415-1515    Master Class 1 – Crowdfunding and Angel Investing
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lane/Lyons Room

Many entrepreneurs worldwide find themselves unable to access traditional sources of funding through conventional banking systems.  This panel focuses on alternative sources of financing:  angel investing and crowd funding.  Attendees will gain insights from expert panelists representing both of these exciting sectors.


  • Moderator: Stephanie Marrus – Director, UCSF Entrepreneurship Center 
  • Loretta McCarthy – Managing Partner, Golden Seeds LLC 
  • Kevin Laws – Chief Investments Officer, Angelist 
  • Debbie Sterling – CEO and Founder, GoldieBlox
  • Jason Best – Co-Founder and Principal, Crowdfund Capital Advisors

1415-1515    Master Class 2 – How to Build a Startup Ecosystem from Scratch in an Emerging Market
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lodato Room

Silicon Valley has fueled startup fever the world over. From Mumbai to Mexico City, men and women in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East are trying their hands at being an entrepreneur. Yet as Silicon Valley proves, an entrepreneur is only one part of startup success. Context  - where you are an entrepreneur matters. In this panel we will take a look at the birth, evolution, and scale of entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide; systems that are poised to yield unicorns in the next decade.


  • Moderator: Elmira Bayrasli – Co-Founder, Foreign Policy Interrupted
  • Ruangroj “Krating” Poonpol – Partner, 500 Startups 
  • Richard van Hoolwerff – Country Manager, SPARK 
  • Donna Harris – Co-Founder, 1776 
  • Andrew Yang – Founder & CEO, Venture for America 
  • Amy Stursberg – Executive Director, Blackstone Charitable Foundation

1415-1515    Master Class 3 – How to Pitch a VC
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Barnes/McDowell Room

Frank Chen is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz and leads the firm's research and deal team. In this session, Frank will walk entrepreneurs through how to pitch a venture capital firm and offer best practices from what data is important to walking through the founder's story

1415-1515    Master Class 4 – Bootstrapping and Non-Commercial Financing
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Cranston Room

Focus on the growing network of non-commercial funders targeting entrepreneurs as an engine for economic growth and poverty reduction. 


  • Cory Johnson – Anchor, Bloomberg West
  • Sangu Delle – Founder and CEO, Golden Palm Investments 
  • Nico Jose (Nix) Nulledo – Chairman and CEO, Xurpas  
  • David Gluckman – Co-Founder, Lumkani 
  • Hind Hobeika – Founder, Instabeat

1415-1515    Master Class 5 – Blitz Scaling: Best Practices, Partnerships, Culture, Technology, and Tools as You Swiftly Grow your Brand
Seawell Boardroom, B400

The session will focus on people practices and culture at all stages of growth; how you establish practices to scale as you scale, and strategies and insights for managing and strengthening a workforce. As you blitz-scale, how do you take innovation to the next level? Even if you’re not a tech company, do you have the tech knowledge you need, and when you find technology that is interesting to you, do you partner with it or acquire it?


  • Moderator: Elizabeth Gore – Entrepreneur in Residence, Dell
  • Jeff Wong – Global Chief Innovation Officer, Ernst &Young 
  • Prasad Setty – Vice President of People Analytics, Google
  • Adeo Ressi – CEO, Founder Institute
  • Javier Soltero – Corporate Vice President of Outlook, Microsoft

1415-1515    Master Class 6 – Y Combinator Unlocked: How to Build a Successful Startup
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M104

Y Combinator Partner Michael Seibel and Y Combinator COO Qasar Younis will be interviewed by Claire Lee, Head of Early Stage at Silicon Valley Bank, in a session on how to build a successful startup.  They will give interactive advice on the YC application process and invite all GES entrepreneur delegates to apply to the Y Combinator.

1415-1515    Master Class 7 – Secrets of Silicon Valley
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M105

Educating attending entrepreneurs via real example of how they can best leverage Silicon Valley to access experience, knowledge, best practices, raise investment, and develop business and distribution partners.  Featured is a panel of 3-5 early stage non-U.S. based startup Founders/CEOs who managed to get Silicon Valley VCs to invest in their startups and/or entering the U.S. market by establishing platform channels with large U.S. corporations. 


  • Moderator: Fadi Bishara – Founder and CEO, Blackbox VC
  • Risto Lähdesmäki – CEO & Co-Founder, Idean 
  • Vinny Lingham – CEO & Co-Founder, Gyft
  • Marcin Treder – CEO & Co-Founder, UXPin  
  • Joy Ajlouny – Co-Founder, Fetchr 

1415-1515    Master Class 8 – Bridging the Missing Middle via Ecosystem Development and Local Investing
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E102

Even the most capable entrepreneurs are not able to grow businesses in many emerging markets due to lack of local investment resources. Please join the panel as they discuss different ways to get funding to the missing middle - companies that are beyond friends & family funding, but too small for banks or venture growth capital.  The panel comprises a diverse set of experts, including private and public sources of investment, business readiness firms, and incubators who will discuss innovative solutions for getting companies across the funding valley of death and help build sustainable local ecosystems.


  • Nikunj Jinsi, Global Head, Venture Capital, IFC 
  • Andreas Zeller, Co-Founder, Open Capital Advisors 
  • Will Poole, Co-Founder, Unitus Seed Fund and Capria Accelerator 
  • Erik Wallsten, Managing Partner, New Ventures 
  • Randa Masri, Founder and CEO, ConnectME 

1415-1515    Master Class 9 – For-Benefit Entrepreneurship in Action: Global Leadership for Sustainable Development
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E104

In September 2015 President Obama, along with the leader of every country in the world, committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a bold set of 17 global goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030. The SDGs are a powerful expression of leaders and citizens committing to a brighter future that offers a unifying, universal vision toward which all countries can move. The SDGs converge social, economic and environmental goals, and chart the course to solve the world’s most pressing problems. But the price tag to achieve them is no less than US $4 trillion per year. With a cost that dwarfs government budgets and philanthropy combined, the only path to success is a huge expansion of social finance, and an exponential growth in for-benefit businesses – enterprises that aim for positive social and environmental impact, not just financial return.

Our panelists are leaders in this field who are changing the landscapes in which they work, from Zimbabwe to India to Silicon Valley. Our speakers will share their successes and challenges, and illuminate how for-benefit entrepreneurship is contributing to the SDGs and how impact investment can drive more capital into sectors that will help achieve them. The session will be an interactive discussion that aims to catalyze new commitments and partnerships for action in 2016 and beyond.


  • Moderator: Heather Grady – VP, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Strive Masiyiwa – Founder and Executive Chairman, Econet
  • Radhika Shah – Co-President, Stanford Technology Innovation Club Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs
  • Heerad Sabeti – Convening Trustee of Fourth Sector Networks, Advisor of the B Team, founding member of the Institute for Fourth Sector Development 
  • Sanvar Oberoi – Co-Founder and Director of Finance and Digital Technology, Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) 

1430-1600    Office Hours (invite only)
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Rooms C101 and P101

1430-1730    GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition
Burnham Pavilion

The GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from 135 emerging economies.  Over 1000 young innovators applied with a pitch video and summary. Applications were reviewed first by a panel of experts and then by the online voting public to determine the top 30.  Come see GIST’s 15 Startup Stage finalists compete for a share of the $70,000 USD prize pot.

1515-1545    Coffee Break / Networking
Ford Plaza

1600    Speed Networking (invite only) 
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Palm Courts

1600-1700    Breakout 7 – Impact Investing: Houseboat or Brunch? 
Cemex Auditorium

What's all the fuss over impact investing anyway? Engage with this panel of fearless investors as they debate the rise of impact investing, the trade-offs between profit and purpose, and the barriers to tipping good intent to action. You vote - houseboat or brunch?


  • Jean Case, Philanthropist and CEO, Case Foundation, moderator 
  • Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners
  • Andrew Beebe, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Obvious Ventures 
  • Matthew J. Bannick, Managing Partner, Omidyar Network 
  • Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO, Acumen 

1600-1700    Breakout 8 – Silicon Valley to Silicon Burma: Creating Startup and Investor Ecosystems Around the World
Encina Hall, Bechtel Conference Center

Healthy entrepreneurial climates help startups succeed ‒ even in nascent ecosystems where access to funding is limited. How can emerging markets provide support for founders and help them develop successful startups? 500 Startups Founding Partner, Dave McClure will show a strategy for scaling startup investment and developing robust startup ecosystems that can be replicated globally. 500 Startups Partner, Monique Woodard, highlights the $2.5 trillion in combined black and Latino purchasing power and shifting market forces that are shaping the future economy and creating the next big emerging market ‒ right here in the United States. She will highlight success stories from the 500 Startups portfolio and their vision to unlock capital and resources that will make them the most active investor in black and Latino founders.


  • Dave McClure –Founding Partner, 500 Startups 
  • Monique Woodard – Venture Partner, 500 Startups 

1600-1700    Breakout 9 – China Entrepreneurship
Arrillaga Alumni Center, McCaw Hall

In a challenging global macro environment, innovation offers hope for growth in China. For a country going through a challenging transition from an investment-based manufacturing-oriented economy to a consumption-led service-driven economy, innovation will be key to separate winners from losers in a fiercely competitively environment. This panel comprises leaders of China’s burgeoning class of successful entrepreneurs and the investors who are funding them. They will offer their views of the current climate for entrepreneurship in China and the prospects for innovation-driven growth.


  • Moderator: Hong “Helen” Qiao -  Chief Economist for Greater China, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
  • Feng Deng – Founder, Northern Light Venture Capital
  • Jean Liu – President, DiDi Chuxing 
  • Professor Shoucheng Zhang – Founder, Danhua Capital; professor of physics, Stanford University

1600-1700    Breakout 10 – Cashing Out: The Potential for FinTech for Emerging Markets
SIEPR, Koret-Taube 130

Over the past 3 years, a wave of technology companies using software and the Internet to disrupt and disaggregate traditional banking has popularized the term “FinTech.” The promise of these companies is that they will lower costs and give consumers, borrowers and investors more choice, all while reducing risk in the system. In emerging markets where 90% of transactions are still in cash and more than half of people are still outside the formal financial system, what are the real opportunities for FinTech to accelerate inclusion, investment, digitization and stability?


  • Moderator: Mark Straub, Managing Director,  Khosla Impact 
  • Amee Patel, Senior Investment Officer, Venture Lab
  • John Kunze, Vice President, Xoom-Paypal
  • Daniel Jung, Co-Founder,
  • Sebastian Serrano, CEO, BitPagos
  • Shola Akinlade, Founder, Paystack

1745-1900    Dell PolicyHack Powered by the Kauffman Foundation
Cemex Auditorium

Join Dell and the Kaufmann Foundation for an interactive policy hack-a-thon that tasks teams of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, youth and policy experts to design solutions to pressing global policy challenges faced by entrepreneurs.  Five teams will have five minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of experts and a wider audience.  Then, the audience – you- will vote for the winning solution.  The winning team will receive a Dell product and commitment from Dell and the Kauffman Foundation to help further develop the proposal.

1700-1915    Shuttles Depart for Hotels
Pick-up Location: Stanford Visitor Center




0615    Shuttles Depart Hotels for GES2016 at Stanford University

Departure Locations:        
DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport
The Westin San Francisco Airport
The Aloft San Francisco Airport
The Marriott Waterfront San Francisco Airport

0630    Shuttles Depart Hotels for GES2016 at Stanford University

Departure Locations:        
DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport
The Westin San Francisco Airport
The Aloft San Francisco Airport
The Marriott Waterfront San Francisco Airport

0700-1800        Check-In
Koret Plaza

0700-0900        Breakfast / Networking
Ford Plaza

0930-1145    GES2016 Plenary Session
Memorial Auditorium

* Delegate credential underlay required. 
* Seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

•    Welcoming Remarks:  Penny Pritzker, U.S. Secretary of Commerce
•    Cast members of HBO’s Silicon Valley
•    Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL and Chairman of Revolution with four award-winning entrepreneurs
•    Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google
•    John Hennessy, President, Stanford University
•    President of the United States Barack Obama
•    Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook                                                                      •    Mai Medhat, CEO, Eventtus                                                                                           •    Jean Bosco Nzeyimana, CEO, HABONA, LTD                                                             •   Mariana Costa Checa, CEO, Laboratoria                                                                      • Closing Remarks: Maria Contreras-Sweet, Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

1100-1700    Innovation Marketplace
Ford Plaza and Ford Center

1145-1200    Coffee Break/Networking
Ford Plaza

1200-1330    Office Hours
Graduate School of Business, Rooms C101 and P101

1200-1400    Office Hours with TechStars and 500 Startups (invitation only)
Ford Plaza

Google for Entrepreneurs Lounge

Google for Entrepreneurs is thrilled to welcome mentors from TechStars and 500 Startups for an afternoon of Office Hours sessions at GFE Lounge. 30-minute slots.

1200-1315    GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition
Burnham Pavilion

The GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from 135 emerging economies.  Over 1000 young innovators applied with a pitch video and summary. Applications were reviewed first by a panel of experts and then by the online voting public to determine the top 30.  Come see GIST’s 15 Idea Stage finalists compete for a share of the $70,000 USD prize pot. 

1200-1300    Breakout 11 – Trends in Entrepreneurship That Are Changing the World by Mary Grove, Director of Google for Entrepreneurs, Featuring Special Guest Sergey Brin, President of Alphabet, Google Co-Founder
Cemex Auditorium

Access to technology, financing, and human capital is rapidly evolving for startup ecosystems around the world. Mary Grove, Director of Google for Entrepreneurs, discusses four key entrepreneurship trends in this evolution and how startups, community leaders and governments can take advantage of them.

•    Mary Grove, Director, Google for Entrepreneurs
•    Sergey Brin, President of Alphabet, Google -Founder

1200-1300    Breakout 12 – Entrepreneurship in the Middle East:  Youth Tech and Entrepreneurship: Unlocking the Middle East’s Economic Potential
SIEPR, Koret-Taube 130

The rapidly increasing access to technology in the Middle East and the region’s comparatively young population (over 30 of which are between the ages of fifteen and twenty-nine) are the two main factors contributing to a quiet technological and societal transformation in the Middle East. Creating an economic ecosystem conducive to technology-enabled entrepreneurship is crucial for this transformation. This panel will focus on how to unlock the Middle East’s economic potential.

•    Abderrahim Foukara, Bureau Chief- Washington and New York, Al Jazeera Media Network, moderator
•    Christopher Schroeder, Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor
•    Sharif El-Badawi, Partner lead to Startup and VCs, Google, Tech Wadi
•    Wafa AlObaidat, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director, Obai & Hill
•    Rami Al Karmi, Chairman and CEO of F03 Venture Partners
•    Roula Moussa, Founder and Managing Partner, Netways

1200-1300    Master Class 10 – The Shared Economy and Emerging Markets
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lane/Lyons Room

Driven by the ubiquity of smartphones and the emergence of peer-to-peer platforms, the sharing economy has grown rapidly in recent years and has tremendous potential to empower entrepreneurs, create jobs, and deliver valuable services around the world. This panel explores how the model is being adapted and refined in order to meet new demands in emerging markets.
•    Moderator: Chris Garcia – Managing Principal, Chris Garcia & Associates LLC
•    Hanzade Doğan Boyner, Founder and CEO, Hepsiburada
•    Kira Wampler, CMO, Lyft
•    Jehiel Oliver, Founder and CEO, Hello Tractor 

1200-1300    Master Class 11 – Impact Startups 2020: How Mobile is Eating Frontier Markets
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lodato Room

Startup founders need to build for the future today. How is technology in frontier markets changing and what do startups and impact investors need to do to succeed by 2020? How will high Android/smartphone penetration, mobile money, big data and artificial intelligence affect business plans and team building? 

•    Moderator: Sandhya Hegde – General Partner, Khosla Impact
•    DD Ganguly – President, iMerit  
•    Mansoor Hamayun – CEO and Founder, Bboxx
•    Marie Leznicki – VP,  Bridge International
•    Jim Watson – CEO and Managing Director, Presidio Partners

1200-1300      Master Class 12 – Education Technology
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Barnes/McDowell Room

•    Moderator: Wendy Guillies – President and CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
•    Tariq Fancy – CEO and Founder, Rumie
•    Daphne Koller – Co-Founder, Coursera
•    Ala’ Alsallal – Founder and CEO, Jamalon
•    Nate Hurst – Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer, HP

1200-1300     Master Class 13 – Operating in Low-Tech Environments
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Cranston Room

This panel has experience operating in low-tech environments across the globe. This session will outline the solutions the panelists have created to meet the challenges of operating in low-tech environments, as well as outlining the future opportunities that traditionally low-tech environments offer to entrepreneurs. 

•    Moderator: Kamau Gachigi – Executive Director, Gearbox
•    Idriss al Rifai – Founder, Fetchr
•    Anup Akkihal – CEO and Co-Founder, Logistimo
•    Laura Stachel – Co-Founder and Executive Director, We Care Solar 

1200-1300    Master Class 14 – An Immigrant’s Story
Seawell Boardroom, B400

Leaving your home to start a new life in another country involves something inherently entrepreneurial. Perhaps that is why immigrants tend to start businesses at a disproportionately higher rate than native-born Americans. This session will discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur in a country not your home.

•    Moderator: Derek Andersen – Founder and CEO, Start Up Grind
•    Mike Krieger – Co-Founder, Instagram  
•    Julie Hanna – Executive Chair of the Board, Kiva
•    Manan Mehta – Founding Partner, Unshackled 

1200-1300    Master Class 15 – Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa: Infrastructure and the Enabling Environment
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M104

This session will analyze the technology entrepreneurship ecosystems in SSA and highlight the infrastructure needs, gaps, and opportunities.  Participants will present current market solutions that are creating an enabling environment for Africa’s digital entrepreneurs and discuss the next wave of market opportunities across leading industries.

•    Moderator: Stephen Ozoigbo, CEO, African Technology Foundation
•    Alexandra (Lexi) Novitske, Principal Investment Officer, Singularity Investments
•    Breanna Zwart, Executive, Access Strategy Team, Google
•    Adia Sowho, Director, Digital Business, Etisalat Nigeria
•    Ime Archibong, Director, Global Product Partnerships, Facebook
•    Kevin Connolly, Affordable Access Initiative, Business Development, Microsoft 

1200-1300    Master Class 16 – Business Model Innovations
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M105

We will discuss the very creative businesses that entrepreneurs build when they understand the way that people live and work locally, especially in emerging markets. A global panel of experts will give a fascinating set of examples of startups that embody business models inspired by their home markets.
•    Deborah Magid, Director, IBM Venture Capital Group, moderator
•    Antonio Moraes Neto, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Vox Capital
•    Sati Rasuanto, Founding Managing Director, Endeavor Indonesia
•    Toro Orero, Managing Partner, DraperDarkFlow 

1200-1300    Master Class 17 – Protecting Intellectual Capital
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E102

When you’re an entrepreneur, you create extraordinary content- and all of it is worth protecting. But where do you start? Join Master Class 17: Protecting Intellectual Capital for a discussion featuring Bahrain’s youngest inventor, the creator of the United Kingdom’s next hit mobile app, California’s premier legal aid to entrepreneurs, and a moderator with 35 years of business consulting experience.  This Master Class will teach you about the resources you need to own your brand, protect your intellectual property, and grow your business.

•    Anthony Carroll, Senior Associate, Center for International and Strategic Studies (CSIS), moderator
•    Laura Lee Norris, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic, Santa Clara University School of Law
•    Matthew de la Hey, CEO & Co-Founder, Inploi
•    Amina al Hawaj, Physiotherapist & Inventor
•    Vikrum Aiyer, Chief of Staff, USPTO 

1200-1300    Master Class 18 – How to Effectively Pitch Your Story to the Media
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E104

Pitching a convincing story or news angle requires preparation, focus, hard work and persistence - the same effort that goes into an investor pitch. There are close to 30 million businesses in the US so if you want your story pitch to be taken seriously, put in the time pitching a story you know will be read. To be heard, an entrepreneur needs to have a convincing story and one tailored to the media you are pitching.

•    Rhett Power – Entrepreneur, Author, Business Columnist
•    Lily Jamali, TV Tech Reporter, Reuters
•    Wanda Guma, CEO, Editor in Chief, Ishishini Lam
•    Brian Milne, Freelance Journalist

1300-1400     Lunch
Ford Plaza

1345    Speed Networking (invite only)
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Palm Courts

1345-1530    GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition
Burnham Pavilion

The GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from 135 emerging economies.  Over 1000 young innovators applied with a pitch video and summary. Applications were reviewed first by a panel of experts and then by the online voting public to determine the top 30.  Come see GIST’s 15 Idea Stage finalists compete for a share of the $70,000 USD prize pot.
1400-1500    Breakout 13 – David and Goliath Linking to International Supply Chains
Cemex Auditorium

Developing partnerships with governments and large corporations can be an important stepping stone for small and medium-sized businesses to scale and achieve new levels of growth.  This panel will feature corporate executives who have successfully assisted small and medium-sized businesses with entering their supply chains, both in the U.S. and internationally.  Through sharing best practices, delegates will learn how to build connections with corporations and take their businesses to the next level.

•    Mark Walsh – Associate Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Investment & Innovation
•    Kelly Thompson – Senior Vice President, Global Category Development, Walmart Global eCommerce
•     Parminder Vir – CEO, Tony Elemelu Foundation
•    Emmett Vaughn – Director, Office of Diverse Business Empowerment, Exelon
•    David Mandelbrot, CEO, Indiegogo

1400-1500    Breakout 14 – Social Entrepreneurs: Drafting Blueprints for a Beyond-Better World
Encina Hall, Bechtel Conference Center

Powered by partnerships across sectors and a spectrum of capital, social entrepreneurs are drafting blueprints to transform suboptimal systems and make real a more just, peaceful, and prosperous world.

As President and CEO of New America, Anne-Marie Slaughter, recently wrote in the Financial Times: "It is interesting, and significant, that social entrepreneurs have found ways to work with government rather than around it."

Come hear how social entrepreneurs around the world are catalyzing big, systems change by leveraging a range of investment models, approaches, and tools, and working with government, corporate, and civil society partners to scale their solutions. But they didn't do this overnight--also learn about the challenges they faced and how they tackled them.

•    Moderator:  Sally Osberg – President and CEO, Skoll Foundation
•    Kamran Elahian – Chairman, BIT-AMENA Center for Building Innovation Economics, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
•    Debbie Aung Din Taylor – Co-Founder, Proximity Designs
•    Dipender Saluja – Managing Director, Capricorn Investment Group
•    Yves Moury, Founder – President & CEO, Fundacion Capital 

1400-1500    Breakout 15 – Exponential Entrepreneurs: Driving Global Innovation through Robust Mentoring
Arrillaga Alumni Center, McCaw Hall

The most talented entrepreneurs can – and do – change the world! And behind every amazing entrepreneur, there is almost always an equally amazing mentor – or a whole group of mentors. LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman has commented on the power of mentorship and networks that: "Life is a team sport. And, as much as entrepreneurs look like individuals who explore the desert by themselves in order to find riches, they are actually successful based upon their ability to find, build, connect, and collaborate with important networks." 
This panel will explore the idea that mentorship networks are reaching farther than ever before, bolstered by organizations like Endeavor and Village Capital, who have facilitated thousands of breakthrough mentoring connections over the past two decades, and that it is these “exponential entrepreneurs” who leverage the power of mentorship to multiply their own impact who become the biggest success stories.  

•    Moderator:  Allen Taylor – Vice President, Global Network, Endeavor
•    Ross Baird – CEO, Village Capital
•    Zafer Younis – Partner, 500 Startups
•    Tania Zapata – Co-Founder and Advisor, Torre (formerly Bunny, Inc) 

1400-1500    Breakout 16 – How the U.S. Government Catalyzes Investment in Emerging Markets
SIEPR, Koret-Taube 130
This session will show how U.S. government agencies like OPIC and USAID harness the power of entrepreneurs to drive economic growth, scale development innovations, and combat poverty. The panelists will examine how the U.S. government directly supports entrepreneurs to help them test innovations and become investment-ready; how we partner with investors to catalyze investment into entrepreneurs; and how we strengthen the ecosystems in which entrepreneurs operate by tackling the range of market barriers and failures.

•    Moderator: Michael Grossman – Director of Liquid Assets, New Island Capital
•    USAID Administrator Gayle E. Smith
•    Willy Foote – Founder and CEO, Root Capital
•    Milind Tavshikar – CEO, QuantumID

1400    Office Hours with TechStars and 500 Startups (invite only)
Ford Plaza

Google for Entrepreneurs Lounge

1500-1530    Coffee Break/Networking
Ford Plaza

1530-1630    Breakout 17 – Investing in South Asia: What’s Next for Entrepreneurship in India, Pakistan, and Beyond
Cemex Auditorium

From Bollywood to the world’s cheapest smartphone, South Asia is known for its creativity and innovation.  In recent years, this subcontinent has also become the fastest growing region in the world.  One factor for this success is that local entrepreneurs have not only attracted overseas investment to South Asia, but they have also reinvigorated “homegrown” and diaspora investors.  This session will highlight the robust investment environment in places such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; explore considerations for making investments in the region; and preview what is on the horizon, including innovative business models that deliver both strong profits and meaningful social impact.  
•    Moderator: Neera Nundy – CEO, Dasra
•    Vineet Rai – Founder, Aavishkaar Intellecap Group
•    Jehan Ara – President, PASHA
•    Anis Uzzaman – General Partner and CEO, Fenox Venture Capital
•    Sumir Chadha – Managing Director, WestBridge Capital

1530-1630    Breakout 18 – Navigating the ASEAN Market: Successes and Challenges in Investing in Southeast Asia ASEAN Connect
SIEPR, Koret-Taube 130

As an economic powerhouse with a predominantly young populace, Southeast Asia reigns supreme in entrepreneurship and investment opportunities.  This is one reason that innovation and entrepreneurship are featured so prominently under President Obama’s U.S. - ASEAN Connect initiative, announced in February.  The Innovation Connect pillar of U.S. - ASEAN Connect supports Southeast Asia’s emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem through policy support and direct engagement with entrepreneurs.  This Innovation Connect session will highlight investment successes and challenges in this incredibly diverse region, spanning from economic superpowers like Indonesia to frontier markets like Myanmar.  In what areas and industries do the greatest opportunities lie for investors?  What role can impact investing play in developing the startup ecosystem and elevating local communities to the next level?  

•    Moderator: Sonita Lontoh – Vice President Marketing, Siemens Digital Grid
•    Francisco “Paco” Sandejas – Managing Founder, Narra Ventures
•    Andy Zain – Managing Director, Kejora Ventures
•    Shuyin Tang – Principal, Unitus Impact
•    Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo – CEO, Blue Bird Group 

1530-1630    Master Class 19 – The Creative Economy
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lane-Lyons Room

Creative ideas and transformational thinking are key drivers of innovation and economic growth, but they need proper cultivation to become viable businesses. This panel - which includes avant-garde fashion designers, media producers, restaurateurs, and social advocates - will explore the entrepreneurial spirit and the ingredients for success in the creative economy. 

•    Moderator: Charles Rivkin, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Economics and Business Affairs, U.S. State Department
•    Juan Manuel Barrientos – creator and founder of the El Cielo restaurants
•    Eric Ortner – Principal Partner and President, The Ortner Media Group
•    Peter Thum – Founder, Fonderie 47 and Liberty United
•    Monica Garry – Senior Advisor, Alliance for Artisan Enterprise
•    Archel Bernard – Owner, The Bombchel Factory 

1530-1630    Master Class 20 – Ecosystem Hackathon
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Lodato Room

Attend a unique master class where you are the teacher. Participate in an immersive and interactive process – led by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and 8works Consulting – exemplifying how start up ecosystems are being built around the world. Join us as we harvest the collective intelligence of Summit participants, through sharing of ideas, stories and solutions to challenges of culture, connectivity, top-down enablement and the measurement of start-up ecosystems.

•    Todd Johnston – Principal, 8works
•      Larry Jacob, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Kauffman Foundation

1530-1630    Master Class 21 – Fireside Chat with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Barnes/McDowell Room

Interviewed by Angie Chang, Vice President, Hackbright Academy, Founder of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners 

1530-1630    Master Class 22 – Applying Digital Technologies to Improve Agriculture Outcomes
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Cranston Room

A panel with field based AgTech entrepreneurs who are using innovative digital technologies to improve agriculture outputs in developing countries. Possible topics for discussion include: the importance of localization, barriers to scale, regulatory barriers, success stories on behavior change, promising new technologies. 

•    Daniel Spitzer, Chairman and CEO, Mountain Hazelnut Venture Limited, moderator
•    Esther Karwera, Chief Business Development Officer, AKORION Co. Ltd
•    Rikin Gandhi, CEO, Digital Green
•    Emmanuel Owusu Addai, CTO and Co-Founder, Farmerline
•    Stephanie Hanson, Vice President, One Acre Fund
•    Ellen Olafsen, Global Product Specialist on Growth, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Competitiveness, World Bank 

1530-1630    Master Class 23 – Lessons From the Front Lines: How True Impact is Realized  
Seawell Boardroom, B400

Hear first-hand from the Draper Richards Kaplan (DRK) Foundation team and their social entrepreneurs how to create real impact across the globe.  Join an intimate conversation with DRK’s most impactful social entrepreneurs who are addressing some of society’s most complex issues from healthcare to extreme poverty around the globe.  Since 2002, DRK has invested in over 100 social entrepreneurs who are impacting millions of lives around the globe with innovative and scalable solutions.  The latest fund brings the total capital they’ve stewarded to more than $100 million and have been the early stage capital for legendary social enterprises including Kiva, Room To Read, One Acre Fund and Grassroot Soccer, to name just a few.

•    Moderator: Jim Bildner – CEO, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
•    Ari Johnson – Co-Founder and CEO, Muso
•    Premal Shah – President and Co-Founder, Kiva
•    Chase Adam – Founder, Watsi
•    Sasha Chanoff – Co-Founder and Executive Director, Refuge Point
•    Shaun Church – President, Living Goods
•    Anushka Ratnayake – Founder and CEO, myAgro 

1530-1630    Master Class 24 – Energy: Off-Grid
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M104

Off-grid energy solutions for hard-to-reach and underserved populations present a quickly growing market that includes a number of opportunities for innovation. As more enterprises enter this space, and investors show rapidly increasing interest, off-grid energy solutions such as household solar systems, are ready to scale.  This panel will dive into a conversation about the direction of clean energy and the impact that it will have on the future of development.  We will discuss emerging trends in this dynamic industry, including innovative off-grid business models, investor strategies, and how donor organizations are helping to set a pathway to sustainability and steady growth. 

•    Emily Kirsch, Co-Founder and CEO, Powerhouse Solar, Moderator
•    Xavier Helgesen, Co-Founder and CEO, Off-Grid Electric
•    Brian Cayce, Vice President for Investments, GrayGhost Ventures (invited)
•    Sam Parker, Director, Shell Foundation 

1530-1630    Master Class 25 – Energy: The Green Economy
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room M105

The Green Economy refers to an economy that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment by limiting environmental risks. With perspectives varying from academic research to on the ground implementation, the conversation will cover new technologies and approaches, including investable clean energy opportunities.  In this panel, speakers will discuss approaches to taking new technologies from Silicon Valley and building clean energy companies in the developing world.

•    Arun Majumdar – Co-Director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University
•    Sam Goldman – CEO and Co-founder, d.Light
•    Hal Kruth – Chairman and CEO, Factor(E) 
•    Lesley Marincola –Founder and CEO, Angaza
•    Brad Mattson, Chairman of the Board, Husk Power

1530-1630    Master Class 26 – Healthcare Entrepreneurship
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E102

This session will explore how multinational giants and foundations, and asset managers, are investing millions in emerging market entrepreneurs in the health sector.

•    Moderator: Daniel Grossman – Senior Director, Emerging Markets and Global Health, Medtronic
•    Ken Gustavsen – Director, Corporate Responsibility, Merck
•    Ankur Vora – Director of Strategy, Gates Foundation
•    Indu Subaiya – Co-Chairman and CEO, Health 2.0
•    Khawar Mann – Managing Director, The Abraaj Group 

1530-1630    Master Class 27 – Leveraging Partnership to Meet Growth Needs of Global Health Enterprises
Graduate School of Business (GSB), Room E104

The role of impact investment for social enterprises is a key theme of this year’s GES.  The actual flow of impact investment to the health sector, however, is lagging far behind other sectors.  According to a GIIN 2015 report, of the $9.3B disperses investments in East Africa today, only $1.4B (15%) is from private sector investors.  Of these, only $60M (~4%) is invested in the health sector.  As a result, many global health enterprises need to tap into public financing and leverage partnerships with private companies to meet their growth needs.  This panel brings together entrepreneurs who have successfully built partnerships with private companies, intermediaries who facilitate such connections, and USAID’s GHB as a public sector funder to discuss their experience making partnerships work.

•    Moderator: Carol Dahl – Executive Director, Lemelson Foundation
•    Tim Ring – Co-Founder, TEAMFund
•    Youseph Yazdi – Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design
•    Krista Donaldson – CEO, D-Rev
•    Sebastian Manhart – Director of Business Development, Simprints 

1630-1645    Coffee Break/Networking
Ford Plaza

1645-1745    Breakout 19 – Entrepreneurship in the Americas
SIEPR, Koret-Taube 130

In recent years, Latin America has emerged as a vibrant and fast-growing ecosystem that has sourced top entrepreneurs and global startups. In this panel, we will discuss exciting startup trends in the region and showcase stories of entrepreneurs who have discovered hidden market opportunities with global reach. The combination of the availability of technical and creative talent hungry to build the next big thing, as well as concerted efforts by governments to invest in the institutional frameworks that are conducive to innovation have made Latin America a fertile ground for founders. In this panel, we will discuss the landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region, as well as feature stories of inspiring entrepreneurship journeys in the Americas.

•    Rebeca Hwang – Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures
•    Karla Ruiz Cofiño – Founder, Digital Awareness
•    Henrik Scheel – Founder and CEO, Startup Experience
•    Shadiah Sigala – Co-Founder and Head of People, HoneyBook 

1645-1745    Breakout 20 – Technology for Entrepreneurship with a Social Impact
Encina Hall, Bechtel Conference Center

This panel will feature individuals whose companies are delivering advanced technological solutions to real societal problems.  These innovators will provide an authoritative opinion on how technology can and should be used to deliver social impact.

•    Moderator: Doug Kramer, Deputy Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration
•    Gia Schneider – CEO, Natal Energy, Inc. (invited)
•    Gyanda Sachdeva – Director, Product Management, LinkedIn (invited) 
•    Gavin McIntyre – Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Ecovative Design
•    Jim Fruchterman – Founder and CEO, Benetech

1645-1745    Breakout 21 – Emerging Global Technologies: Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, 3-D Printing
Arrillaga Alumni Center, McCaw Hall

Please join this exciting session to learn about some of the hottest technology trends and how they relate to spurring entrepreneurship.  Virtual reality, the internet of things and 3D printing, robots and drones are all tangible tools that present opportunities for a wide range of start-ups.  Learn from the foremost experts in the field how you can get in the game.

•    Sunny Dhillon – Principal and Co-Founder, Signia Venture Partners
•    Helen Greiner – CEO, CyPhy Works
•    Emiliano Kargieman – Founder, Core Security Technologies
•    Ramesh Raskar – MIT Media Labs
•    Ashley Dara Dotz – Co-Founder, Field Ready
•    Curtis Sasaki – Vice President of Ecosystems and iOT General Manager, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center 

1645-1745    Breakout 22 – Charting an Enduring Strategy: How Entrepreneurs Can Embrace Failure
Cemex Auditorium

This session explores how to translate setbacks and failure into success, and examines how in Silicon Valley, failure is perceived as having the courage to pursue a lot of big ideas, but in emerging markets, failure for entrepreneurs can be considered a dead-end. Hear how successful entrepreneurs have learned from mistakes and refused to accept ‘No’ as an answer on their way to building successful enterprises.

•    Moderator: Laurie Yoler – Board Director, Investor and Strategic Advisor, Zoox Inc.
•    Mike Shepherd – Managing Director, GrowthPoint Technology Partners
•    Daymond John – CEO and Founder, Fubu
•    Dilawar Syed – President, Freshdesk
•    Herb Engert – Partner, Ernst &Young Private Equity Practice
•    Jacques Panis – President, Shinola

1645    GIST Tech-I Awards Ceremony
Burnham Pavilion

The GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from 135 emerging economies.  Over 1000 young innovators applied with a pitch video and summary. Applications were reviewed first by a panel of experts and then by the online voting public to determine the top 30.  The winners will be announced and cash prizes awarded.

•    Dan Price, Gravity Payments, Keynote
•    Natali Ardianto,, 2012 Tech-I finalist
•    Alvin Chai, Netizen Experience, 2013Tech-I finalist
•    David Gluckman, Lumkani, 2014 Tech-I finalist

1800-2000    Closing Reception
Community Court

1800-2030    Shuttles Depart for Hotels
Stanford Visitor Center