PAGE Video Series: GoldieBlox’s Debbie Sterling

In 2012, Debbie Sterling asked, “Why is it that girls play with dolls and ponies and tea sets and boys build with construction sets and have super heroes and action figures?” Ever since then, she has been on a mission to inspire a new generation of young girls to think beyond the “pink aisle.”

Debbie Sterling is the CEO and Founder of GoldieBlox, an award‐winning toy company that introduces girls to the joy of engineering at a young age. An engineer and entrepreneur herself, Sterling seeks to tackle and remove the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Sterling was named TIME's “Person of the Moment” and is regarded as one of the leaders of the movement toward getting more girls interested in engineering and technology.

GoldieBlox has been named one of the “Most Audacious Companies of 2014,” by Inc. Magazine, one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2014” by Fast Company, and “People’s Choice Toy Of the Year 2014” by the Toy Industry Association. In January 2014, GoldieBlox beat out more than 20,000 businesses in a contest run by Intuit to become the first‐ever small business to air a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Sterling’s vision of rethinking cultural stereotypes by empowering future entrepreneurs led to her appointment as a Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) initiative member this past year. In her signature PAGE initiative, Debbie will work to introduce girls to STEM through a variety of mechanisms, including the production of a video series focused on the need for more female innovators and highlighting the exciting opportunities STEM provides for girls. She will also partner with organizations like Alex's Lemonade Stand and the Girl Scouts of America, which provide platforms for exposing girls to their first experience as entrepreneurs.

Watch Debbie Sterling share her story on empowering young women with PAGE here.