Alsallal, Ala

Alsallal, Ala
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jamalon

Ala' Alsallal is the Founder and CEO of Jamalon, the largest online bookstore for Arabic and English books, offering more than 10 million titles with worldwide delivery.

He holds a Masters of Science in Information Technologies and Telecommunications from Athens Information Technology. Before starting Jamalon, he worked for CCC as an Automation Engineer in five different countries. 

Ala' has worked on web development projects since 2004, and he has been working to administer the translation process of into Arabic since 2006.  As an undergraduate, Ala’ supervised a team of volunteers who translated “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” into Arabic and it crossed 1M downloads in 1 month, which was a driving force in the later creation of

Jamalon’s vision is to break the barriers of knowledge sharing between individuals and works to accomplish its mission to create platforms that facilitate knowledge sharing.