Gore, Arun

Gore, Arun
President & CEO, Gray Ghost Ventures

Arun comes to social venture capital after executive leadership roles in finance and operations in the telecommunications industry. Arun brings his general management experience to lead the management of the organization, investment team and Fund investment activities. Over the last 10 years, he has been involved in developing the Impact Ventures portfolios under management and promoting financial and social value creation.

Prior to his current role, Arun founded a management and operations consulting practice focused on international operations and support to the wireless industry. Previously, he was a member of the executive team with T-Mobile USA, serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Cook Inlet T-Mobile, spearheading mergers and acquisitions and business development strategies

In addition to Arun’s aforementioned experienced,   he owned and operated an international supplies company which focused on providing supply chain and logistical support to the oil industry across 13 countries.  The business primarily operated in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and included establishing operations for US-based firms in developing countries as well as promoting start-ups.

Arun is a native of Chennai, India. He holds a BSc in the Sciences, a BS in Accounting and a MBA in Finance.