Sigala, Shadiah

Sigala, Shadiah
Founder, HoneyBook

Shadiah Sigala is the Cofounder and Head of People at HoneyBook, a people-first technology company that lets creatives get back to the work they love. Her obsession to build a fiercely customer-centric culture has
made HoneyBook the most trusted company for top event creatives to run their business and connect with their community.

HoneyBook has successfully raised $32 million in venture funding with the goal of
liberating creative professionals to achieve their highest calling.

Shadiah’s experience planning her own  bicoastal wedding while dealing with highly antiquated processes rife with paper contracts, checks and faxes inspired her to launch HoneyBook and modernize the event industry. Prior to that, Shadiah worked to  mobilize communities around public policy issues. She received a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s from Pomona College, breaking ground in her first-generation Mexican-American family.




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