Zapata, Tania

Zapata, Tania
Co-founder & Advisor, Bunny Inc.

Tania Zapata was born in Bogota and she migrated to the United States after completing her secondary education. In 2003, with her husband Alex Torrenegra, she invested her life savings to create Voice123, the first voice over marketplace in the world. Voice123 quickly became the industry leader and has provided professional voice overs for companies such as Pixar, Spotify, MTV, Pandora, Zynga, History Channel and Warner Brothers. Thanks to the success enjoyed with Voice123, Tania and Alex decided to launch other services in different industries and invest in other Latin American entrepreneurs. That is how Zapata Torrenegra Labs (better known as Torrenegra Labs) was born. Their incubator was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the most important start-ups founded by immigrants in the United States.

In 2012, Tania and Alex joined forces with Lucho Molina to found Bunny Inc. Their first goal was to revolutionize the voice over industry once again, and to do that they created VoiceBunny, the first on-demand voice over fulfillment service. Since then, the VoiceBunny model has expanded to other creative services with ArticleBunny, LogoBunny and TranslationBunny. They strive to make Bunny Inc. into the Amazon of digitally deliverable creative services, and to make work more satisfying for everyone involved.