Johnston, Todd

Johnston, Todd
Principal, 8works Consulting

Since 1992, Todd’s work has focused on the design of social processes, technologies and experiences to tap collaborative intelligence and sense-making in order to embrace complexity, accelerate learning and foster innovation across organizations and communities.

Todd brings global experience across public and private concerns, leading the design, facilitation and support of large-scale collaboration projects, events and hubs, as well as knowledge transfer and capability development programs.  He has created and led start-up acceleration programs, global innovation summits, and multi-stakeholder design forums. He offers deep knowledge, understanding and passion to the processes, structures and models that enable groups to effectively work, design and innovate together.



Todd’s body of work includes clients and partners such as:
The World Economic Forum, Global Innovation Summit, Adobe, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Wharton School of Business, Cisco Systems, Rodgers Communications, Inter-American Development Bank, The Kauffman Foundation, The Rocky Mountain Institute