Ganguly, D D

Ganguly, D D

President and Board member, iMerit Inc.

dd is always the most incompetent person of the team he leads because he hires people who are far more capable than him.


His eyes about his stupidity opened at Indian Institute of Technology when a friend in his undergraduate CS class verbally solved problems that he was assiduously working on. So he fled the world of research and sought refuge amongst programmers. Didn’t help! They were intelligent too. Following Peter Principle he became the CEO of his startup, AIM.

AIM’s engineers created such amazing technology that AIM was acquired by CA. Now CA couldn’t bring in a CEO and not call him VP of something, could it? So they let him hire a great team that built an organization 1000+ people.

Then AIM’s team urged him to start their next company. was born, VCs invested, excitement ruled and finally Dimdim was acquired by

Then dd took a sabbatical that changed his life. He meditated, drank tea with his better-half, and basked in the glory of their children. Serendipitously he met Radha Basu, CEO of – that provides human-empowered services for AI enabled business processes. dd’s now serves as President and Board Member of