Tavshikar, Milind

Tavshikar, Milind
Chief Executive Officer, SmartKargo

Milind Tavshikar is a Founder/CEO of SmartKargo engineered by QuantumID Technologies, a company conceived at the prestigious MIT 100K Business Plan competition.

Milind’s experience in architecting enterprise solutions like SAP for global companies was instrumental in the design of SmartKargo as an end-to-end business solution for global airlines with ambition to grow cargo revenues. His core skills in computer engineering coupled with his management expertise and business process knowledge was a great combination to build a product that would challenge monopolies and create new opportunities in the Air Cargo Industry. 

Since its launch, the product has provided a fresh perspective to the industry and 10 major air carriers around the world have already deployed the solution. SmartKargo has added hundreds of employment opportunities in countries around the globe. With support from US Government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Milind and his team have built a state of the art engineering center in Pune, India and a global support center in Manila, Philippines. The company is also expanding in Latin America and Africa. 

Milind holds a Masters Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated as an MIT Sloan Fellow.