Given significant security and capacity restrictions within the Summit plenary space, the United States has established an Opening Plenary session pool for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

To accept our invite to the pool, please complete the RSVP form located below to indicate the name of the one person who will represent your organization, by 11:00 a.m. on June 22, 2016.


All pool members must gather prior to the plenary in the International Media Center, located in the Arrilaga Center for Sports and Recreation (341 Galvez Street) to receive their pool underlay. Media will be escorted to the plenary session, and no unilateral media arrivals to the plenary session will be permitted. All pool participants must have GES media credentials.

All media organizations with heavy equipment must arrive for pre-set to the International Media Center at 7:30 AM. All other pool participants must meet in the International Media Center at 8:00 AM.

7:30 AM:                    CALL TIME for Opening Plenary pool participants with heavy equipment

8:00 AM:                    CALL TIME for Opening Plenary pool participants


Opening Plenary:
Throw: Approximately 65’
Electricity: Press power is available
Color Temperature: 3200K

Live Truck Parking: Limited live trucking parking may be available. To inquire availability, media organizations must email by Tuesday, June 21, 1:00 PM PDT (subject-lined “GES Opening Plenary – Live Truck Request”) with height, weight and length dimensions and ensure all engineers or personnel are accredited for the Summit.

The United States is pleased to provide complimentary clean (no graphics/chryons) HD video/audio (“HostTV”) of the Opening Plenary session in the NTSC HD/SDI 1080i standard. This feed is available live through the Verizon Washington D.C. AVOC Switch, or after the conclusion of the event, will be posted at broadcast-quality to the Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS) site:

Consult your Media Credential Approval Email for additional logistics

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