Media Credential Applications for the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit: Deadline Extended to June 1

Media Credential Applications for the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES): Deadline extended to June 1, 2016

The United States is pleased to announce the availability of media accreditation applications for the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be held June 22-24, 2016 in Palo Alto, California.

Background: Launched by President Obama in 2009, GES connects entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe annually to build networks, gain new skills and resources, showcase innovative projects, and spur economic opportunity. The 2016 GES agenda will focus on generating new investments for entrepreneurs and building entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, with a particular focus on women and youth. Hosting GES in Silicon Valley will highlight America’s entrepreneurial spirit, but also allow American investors and entrepreneurs to see the talent, solutions and opportunities that exist globally. Attended by more than 1,000 delegates – some of the most creative and innovative young entrepreneurs on the planet – each of region of the world regions will be represented by 100 entrepreneurs, including 100 from the United States.

Additional Background: GES is the global platform connecting emerging entrepreneurs with investors and leaders from across sectors looking to support them. This year’s GES will create new opportunities for investment, partnership and collaboration; enable American entrepreneurs and investors to connect with international counterparts to form lasting relationships; and demonstrate how entrepreneurship can address some of the most intractable global challenges. See more at:

The program and schedule of events is not yet finalized.


Members of the media wishing to cover the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and/or enter the International Media Center, must apply for a GES media credential. In order to accommodate additional interest, the United States has extended the credential request deadline for media representatives wishing to cover the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) to be held June 22-24, 2016 at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The accreditation period will remain open until Wednesday, June 1 at 10:00 AM EDT; after this time, no further media credential requests will be accepted.

To apply for 2016 GES media credentials, please visit: application

Only those with both a government-issued photo ID and a GES-issued media credential will be granted access to the GES site. Application for a credential does not guarantee issuance.

Further details regarding the GES program agenda and additional press opportunities will be made available shortly. Due to capacity limitations, some announced events may require an additional underlay for access.


The United States will provide an International Media Center consisting of a press filing center with unassigned workspaces, a press briefing and announcement space, a limited number of interview spaces and several live-broadcast positions. Limited unassigned work stations are available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis, and will include complimentary wireless Internet access and power outlets (North American 110V). GES media credentials are required at all times for entry and access.

Members of the media interested in live-broadcast locations or satellite truck parking may inquire about availability by submitting an email to subject-lined “GES – Live Truck Inquiry.”

HostTV: The United States will make available limited video and audio of public GES events, including keynote sessions, “clean” (no graphics/chryons), on a complimentary basis. It will be available for download and broadcast throughout the International Media Center. Further details will be released closer to the GES.

Media planning to travel to the United States are strongly urged to start the U.S. visa application process as soon as possible regardless of the GES accreditation process. Visa approval does not guarantee accreditation, nor vice versa.

Media Equipment: Media seeking to bring commercial equipment or tools of the trade to the United States may be required to obtain a Temporary Importation Bond (TIB) or ATA Carnet.

A TIB allows members of the media to transport equipment (tools of the trade) without incurring duty. For those unfamiliar with the process, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recommends hiring a broker to facilitate the process. A list of brokers may be found on the DHS website. Additional information may be found at:

An ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows for the temporary importation of professional equipment, and is accepted for goods traveling between the U.S. and other designated countries. The International Chamber of Commerce maintains a list of Carnet-issuing organizations in each participating country. For a list of participating countries and more information on how to obtain an ATA Carnet, please visit:

Additional information regarding ATA carnets may be found at:


The United States will not provide accommodations for media attending GES, and all lodging

must be secured independently. Please note that late-June is the height of tourism season in Palo Alto and the surrounding areas; we urge all to secure their accommodations as soon as possible.

Please email with any logistical media inquiries relating to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.