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Printers are an essential part of a business for many years now. Most printers that you find in the market today work for a long time without any malfunctions, but they come with the cost of replacing ink cartridges frequently. If you worry about the cost of ink cartridges, then you can take a look at the ink tank printers.

The ink tank printer uses a refillable tank to store the ink and it can store much more ink than ink cartridges. Check out the list of best inktank printers. With this type of printer, you get an affordable printing option with low operating costs. They are much economical than other types of printers as it has high ink tank capacity with a low cost per page printing. Not all is good with the ink tank printers, as there are some drawbacks too with owning it. In this post, let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning an ink tank printer, so you can decide whether it is right for your home or business.

Low cost of operating

Printers are fairly affordable but the cost of ink cartridges is what makes the operating cost of printers high. If you use printers in office or for domestic purposes, then the cost of buying ink cartridges will soon add up to cost more than the printer itself. In the case of ink tank printers, you can save the cost of buying ink cartridges as it has a huge ink tank that will give you an average of two years of ink, based on your usage. With the ink tank printers, you can continuously print pages for a long time without any worries, which is important in business. The ink tank present in the ink tank printers is integrated, so you don’t need to replace it like the cartridges. It also saves you some money substantially.

You won’t see the money savings at the start but over time, you will definitely save money by using ink tank printers instead of the printers that use ink cartridges.

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Easy to use

All modern printers are easy to use, but the ink tank printers never give you the mess of ink spill while refilling. The ink tank is integrated into the printer, so you can easily refill the ink into the tank without any mess. The process is straightforward and mess-free. With the ink tank printers, you also don’t have to guess when the ink will become dry as you can easily see the ink level in the ink tank. The ink tank is made of transparent material so you can easily see the ink left in it and refill it when it becomes dry. All of these features make the ink tank printers much easy to use and refill than other types of printer.

Highly Portable

When compared to inkjet or other types of printers, the ink tank printers tend to be compact and small. The size of the printer matters to some and the ink tank printers are perfect for people who want to buy a compact printer. You don’t want a device that occupies much of your office desk and makes it difficult for you to transport. With an ink tank printer, you can easily keep it in your office table and transport it to other places when you want with little difficulty. This feature makes the ink tank printer perfect for home use or small office.

Modern features

All modern printers come with different convenience features, but you can never go wrong when buying an ink tank printer for modern features. They come with features like WiFi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity features to make your printing experience seamless. You can easily print documents or photos from your phone, pc, or laptop if you just have wireless connectivity present in your home or office. Wireless connectivity also opens up the option for you to print documents from anywhere using the internet and custom software that comes with the printer. The ink tank printers also have other features like touch screen display, web printing, app support, LAN, and USB support. All these modern features make the printing process much convenient.

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Quality Printing

You will get quality printing with ink tank printers as they are made up of quality printing materials. You will definitely get good results with ink tank printers when you are printing ink-intensive jobs. They also have high ink positioning accuracy and minimal imperfections.

Disadvantages of the Ink tank printers

The initial cost is high

Though the ink tank printer gives you good cost-saving over time, the initial cost of the printer is a bit pricey when compared to other types of printers in the market. All the modern features make the ink tank printer expensive to buy. If you take prints regularly, then you can quickly save the cost of buying ink cartridges and get good value within a year or two. If you don’t take prints regularly, then the value you get with an ink tank printer may not be as good as you think.

Clog may happen

If you don’t use the printer frequently, then clogs may happen due to air getting trapped inside the tank and it will cause harm to your printer when refilling the ink. Though it is not frequent, you should be careful with it when you don’t use the printer regularly.

Dry ink

Dry ink problem also happens if you don’t use the ink tank printer regularly. The ink present in the tank may get dried if left for long without any usage. If it happens, then you should clean the tank intensively. The ink will also get wasted during the cleaning process.

Software problems

You may get error codes and software problems with the ink tank printers as it has a touch screen display with different applications running. Though it is rare, the software problems require a professional to repair.


Ink tank printers certainly offer a lot for the money. Its modern features, high ink capacity, and good quality printing make it suitable for both the home and office use. If you plan on using your printer regularly, then definitely go with the ink tank printer even if it is pricey. The ink tank printer will surely save you the cost and make it worthwhile in the long run. We hope that you got some good information on ink tank printers and it helped you in buying one.