Instagram is not just a social media app, but a platform where you can showcase your talent. You can get noticed via Instagram and gain a following of thousands of people.

To gain followers on Instagram, you have to understand how Instagram engagement works. While people buy followers Instagram to increase their following, they have to understand that you have to keep in mind other things as well.

Let’s take a look at what we mean by Instagram engagement.

Instagram engagement tells you how many followers are actually loyal to you. For this reason, many people buy Instagram followers cheap online.

To check the engagement various things can be checked. These include the following:

Your followers:

The number of followers you have will help you know how many people can see your content. To build a good reputation it is important that you have a good number of followers.

The likes you receive:

The number of likes you receive on your posts tells how the post was received by your followers. If a post has a huge number of likes, it means people were attracted to the post you created. If you do not receive many likes, it can be perceived that the post was not liked by many people.

Getting a like from a celebrity is always a cherry on top. People automatically are attracted to your post since an influential person has appreciated it!

The comments you receive:

Comments help you understand the point of view of your customers better. Comments either include words or emojis. They help you know what the followers think about your product. If they have complaints, they might comment under your post, and if they are happy with your services they might praise you in the comments as well. In short, they will help you gain a positive image or a negative image.

The reposts you receive:

The amount of times your post is shared by your followers on their story tells how much they have liked it. It is obvious that followers will only share posts that they actually find attractive. Also, if your post is shared by various people, more and more people will be able to find out about your product.

That’s it!

It is vital that you increase your Instagram followers, but at the same time, you have to keep them engaged. You have to reply to the comments, answer their queries in messages, etc.