best inline water filter reviews

Having the best inline water filter is one of the basic requirements of a home, as pure drinking water is the key to living in the world.

This filter is used to fulfill the requirement of filtration of water to make it fit and suitable for drinking.

All company claimes their filters are best, but you are confused, which should be your priority.

What is the best inline water filter? On our analysis based on testing, researching market & according to consumer’s voice, we recommend the top 10 inline filters.

From our result, we got Watts Premier, Filtrete, Wonder, Culligan, PureWater is the top quality brands on the market.

From all of them, we elected Watts Premier as the winner because of high capacity, multiple using facility; you can use this filter at home, office even commercial purpose such as a coffee shop.

However, you can choose one from our top 10 list; all filters are excellent quality each has different purposes & different capacities with various features.

These filters are specially designed for filtration within the line as they are produced by using the latest technologies to avoid the impurities due to the tiny particles of substances that become the cause of hindrance that restricts the smooth flow of water within the line and equipment.

It is usually fixed within the line that is in between the water push device and the installation regulator.

This method of filtration is considered the most suitable and economical for water consumption. There are a lot of companies offering water filters over the internet.

Their products are of various qualities and manufactured by employing related technologies for providing the best filter to their customers, while some companies offer them extra features and complementary items.


What are an Inline Water Filter and inline water filter system?

The filters are used for the purification of the drinking water that can be utilized through different methods.

The most common and most straightforward method for the filtration of drinking water is inline or below the counter filtration.

This method requires the inline water filter to be directly attached to the main water supply line or the home appliance so that it becomes a part of it.

The water is passed through it and released through the tap in the filtered or purified form.

The inline water filter system consists of a method for filtration that mainly includes the filter cartridge and the central system related to it.

When should the inline water filter be replaced?

The water filter may be required to be replaced in the following cases:
• When the water filtering capacity is exceeded as prescribed by the manufacturer.
• When the life of the filter is completed as recommended by the manufacturer.
• Replacing the water filter may also depend upon the uncleanness of water or the source of water. It is recommended to monitor the filter system and the quality of water consumed.
• If there are impurities or smell in the water, an immediate replacement of the filter may be required.
• The filters are expected to provide pure and quality water. Therefore, they should be checked and replaced within specific periods as per the instructions in the product manual for a standard drinking experience.

Which brands offer quality and affordable inline water filter systems and cartridges?

Some many brands or companies manufacture and offer quality and affordable inline water filter systems and cartridges.

The best among them areCulligan, Watts Premier Company, 3M, Camco, Nahla Pure, DuPont, Omnipure, LASCO, and Wonder, etc.

Editor’s Choice For The Best Inline Water Filter

ImageBrand nameview Details
Watts Premier
Capacity: 20,000 gallon
Capacity: 2,000 gallons
Capacity: 10,000 gallon
Capacity: 3,000 gallon
Capacity: 1500 gallon
Capacity: 500-1000 gallon
Nahla Pure
Capacity: 10,000 gallon
Capacity: 15,000 gallon
Capacity: 1,500 gallon
Capacity: 2500 gallon

Below are the reviews of the selected ten water filters and filtration systems that are offered by different companies that are specialists in manufacturing water filtration products that make the life of consumers comfortable and more relaxed.

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Top 10 Best Inline Water Filter Reviews (Best Picks For Reducing Bad Taste, Odor, Sediment & Chlorine)

01. Watts Inline Water Filter – Perfect Filter For Under Sink, Refrigerator and Ice Maker


Highlighted Features

  • The filter employs Kinetic Degradation Fluxion technology that is used by only a few water filter manufacturers in the market
  • This filter does not require any servicing, but an inspection is recommended after six months for the uninterrupted supply of crystal clear purified water
  • It has a standard size of 10 inches and is provided with rust-free brass connectors
  • Compatible with ¼ inch water supply pipes
  • The kit includes a 10-inch GAC filter that is provided along with two quarter-inch connectors

The Watts Premier Company offers the Watts Water Filter. The company is specialized in designing specialized water filtration systems and manufacture products of outstanding quality.

It has a significant capacity for filtering twenty thousand gallons of water and is suitable for both residential as well as industrial use.

Water filters by Watts are certified by NSF International that guarantees long life filtration.

Its specialized water purification system efficiently filters out the smell and taste of chlorine and particulates required for a healthy and improved living.

It uses expert Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDT) Technology for water filtration to provide premium quality drinking water.

It is highly efficient and does not require servicing, but the company recommends an inspection every six months.

The filter can be installed and replaced easily without availing the services of a professional plumber. It can easily be attached to the standard water supply line of ¼ inches.

02. Filtrete Water Filtration System – Best Budget Water Filter For Under Sink


Highlighted Features

  • Can easily be installed within 30 minutes
  • It has the capability of maintaining water flow at the maximum level at 2.25 GPM in the designated area
  • Warranted by the manufacturer for being free from material and manufacturing faults
  • Certified by NSF standards 42 and 53 related to water filtration
  • Can be replaced by filter cartridges of other brands
  • Tested and are certified by NSF International for maintaining the quality for ANSI/NSF 42 and 43 standards for quality of filtration
  • The filtration system comes with push connections that can easily be fitted without any hassle and can be replaced by 1/4 turns

The Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Water Filtration System is manufactured by 3M that is well known for its quality products all over the world.

It can easily be installed under the sink that saves space and is not highlighted in the kitchen.

It uses the 3M testing method and is powerfully capable of filtering out sediment, microbial cysts, smell, and taste of chlorine from the water.

The filter system is capable of maintaining the maximum water flow level on the existing tap after installing it.

With a capacity to filter 2000 gallons of water, it can be used for up to six months without the need to replace the cartridge.

The high-quality water system is compatible with accommodating a variety of cartridges made by the same and other brands in the market.

The filter system can be delivered all over the USA within a short time.

03. Culligan Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System – Best Quality Water Filter System


Highlighted Features

  • Certified by NSF/ANSI standard 42 for the technical removal of the taste of chlorine, smell and minimal particulates of level 3
  • There is an effortless twisting mechanism for filter change that can easily be applied upon the requirement
  • The water purification system comes with a nice material
  • The NSF International certifies the purification system
  • Water flow rate from the outlet is 5GPM at 50psi

The renowned company, Culligan, offers the basic EZ filtration system. It is specially designed for the filtration of water of icemaker and refrigerator.

The filtration system is also beneficial in maintaining the healthiness of the hair and skin that distinguishes its product from the competitors.

It gives a drinking experience of water that is crystal clear, odorless, and free from microparticles.

It is highly recommended for reducing the particulates of class 3, taste, and smell of chlorine from water.

The filter cartridge can purify up to 3000 gallons of water, or in other words, it can be said that it can last until twelve months.

The application of a twisting method can easily replace its filter cartridge.

The cartridge comes with a longer life of 12 months as compared to filters of other brands that usually last for six months.

The company offers filter cartridges of different qualities that can be purchased as per the usage and quality requirements of water.

04. Camco TastePURE – Best RV Inline Water Filter


Highlighted Features

  •  It is connected easily to a standard water fitting and hose for the garden
  • A single filter can be used throughout a single camping season
  • Made of Granular Activated Carbon material for producing safe and secure drinking water
  • It has an advanced filtration with the use of GAC and KDF technology that prevents the bad smell and taste in water

Adventurers and camping enthusiasts prefer an ideal water filter by Camco as it is equally beneficial for outdoor use.

It is a specialized filter that has a unique flexible hose protector for ensuring a smoother flow of water by eliminating impurities and smell from water to the maximum level.

Camco water filter can be connected to any general connection of water or garden hose.

The design of the filter body enables a smoother and faster flow rate as compared to other filters available in the market.

The filtered water can be used for watering in the garden with shallow chlorinated water, and the stains of mineral deposits can be removed when the car is washed.

The filtered water can also be utilized for filling the swimming pool, hot tub, and brewing requirements of the home.

It has an advanced filtration with the use of GAC and KDF technology that prevents the bad smell and taste in water.

Even if the filter if not actively in use, it prevents the growth of germs and fungus present in the water supplies.

05. Nahla Pure Direct Connect Water Filter


Highlighted Features

  •  It can be connected directly to a regular line of cold water of 3/8”, which provides value-added water straight from the tap
  • A lot of space can be freed as the filter is placed below the wall of the sink
  • The product is manufactured in the USA. The company is also a great supporter of the Water School in the USA
  • The filter is offered with a money-back guarantee

Here is the high-performance filter named Nahla Pure Direct Connect Water filter that has an ultra-high capability of filtering 10,000 gallons of water for maximum life of 3 years.

This filtration capacity is almost 18 times more than a standard filter.

The exceptional performance of the filters is tested by the company periodically to ensure the distinguishing features of the product.

This filter is very much useful for the removal of chlorine from water, as the company ensures that almost 99.99% of chlorine is removed from the filtered water using their specialized filter.

It does not filter out fluoride that is considered healthy for living. It can easily be mounted below the sink wall that saves space and retains a good view of the faucet area.

The product is secured by a 100% money-back guarantee that also ensures the quality of the filter and the confidence of the company.

06. Culligan HF-360A Water Filtration System


Highlighted Features

  • Efficiently filters out scale, residues and dust particles present in the tap water\
  • It has standard size ¾ inches inlet and outlet that match with most of the water connections for fitting and attaching easily
  • It is suited for home use as it secures the daily usage machines and the water system from residue and impurities
  • Tested and certified by WQA for the NSF/ANSI 42 standards
  • These can be replaced by many other filter cartridges of the same company easily without any problem

The Culligan HF-360A Water Filtration System is another filter system that is offered by the company that is best suited for residential places that also secure the kitchen appliances and makes the pipes management easy for the residents.

The leading quality of the filter is that it is covered in carbon for cleaning the chlorine along with a score of 5 microns that is poly-spun that helps in the filtration of microparticles, sand, silt, dust, and rust, etc.

One unique quality of this filter system is that it has a proper housing unit that helps in the observation of the usage of the filter with time.

It is tested and certified by WQA concerning the NSF/ANSI standard 42 that ensures the structure reliability and quality if filter matter.

The filter cartridges of the filter system can easily be replaced by other standard cartridges made by Culligan without any problem.

The filter efficiently eliminates the amount of sand, dirt, slit rust and chlorine to the maximum level that is deemed fit for drinking.

07. DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filtration System


Highlighted Features

  • The water filtration system is provided with standard size 3/4 inch outlets and inlets for easy installation
  • The filtration system is equipped by the standard 500 model range of cartridges made up of poly blocks
  • The filter in the purification system can be replaced by the standard 10-inch filters of various known brands
  • The filtration system is exclusively available in the USA and is not eligible for shipping internationally

The high end universal whole house water filtration system produced by DuPont is a big deal for having safe and secure drinking water for the home and office use.

It employs a unique filtration technology that purifies drinking water for the home by minimizing the residue while increasing the life of the devices used for the supply of water.

It has an ultra-high capacity of water filtration for up to 15,000 gallons of water. It is offered an excellent warranty from the company.

The filtration system improves the transparency and taste of water to a maximum level by eliminating impurities and making it clean and clear for consumption.

The filter system is offered with a limited particular period of warranty by the manufacturer.

This long term warranty for the ultra-high filter system hints the quality of the product with the confidence of the company in it.

The purification system is recommended for indoor use only as the company offers special filter systems for outdoor usage.

08. Omnipure Inline Water Filter


Highlighted Features

  • The filter includes ¼ inches fixtures that are very friendly for installation and even for filter replacement when required without the help of a professional
  • The filter packs for come with a range of 1-5 filters that can be ordered as per the requirements of water filtration
  • A standard capacity filter is 1500 gallons with comparatively long life or one year No special tools required for the installation
  • The filter is certified and tested for the best performance as per standard 42 of NSF

The specially designed water filter by Omnipure is the solution to the filtration requirements of one’s house.

It is a GAC inline water filter that is post RO washed by the acid for delivering the best results.

Its distinguishing feature is that it eliminates the bad smell of water almost to the zero levels.

The filter is exclusively available in the USA and is not eligible for shipping internationally.

The capacity of the filter is 1500 gallons for one year that can be replaced easily after the prescribed usage.

It has multiple uses and can be used as a post RO water filter that can be connected with various home appliances including below the shelf systems, refrigerators, ice makers and drinking fountains, etc.

It has the quality of effectively eliminating the smell and essence of chlorine from water that is considered one of the main problems by some people for drinking water.

09. LASCO Icemaker Inline Filter


Highlighted Features

  • A standard size inline filter provided with ¼ inch fitting for the compression connection
  • Best suited to be used with ice makers for premier ice cubes
  • 2500 gallons filtration capacity for six months
  • Removes the cloudiness, chlorine, bad taste and deposits from the water

A specialized inline filter for the ice maker is manufactured by Larsen Supply Company that gives an extraordinary water drinking experience. It is considered one of the best ice maker inline filters in the market.

Its distinguished functionality is the removal of taste and smell from the water that is due to the impurities in it, including slit, rust, microparticles of dust, etc.

As a result, the users have a fantastic experience of drinking with the premium water filter.

It has a functional capacity to filter 2500 gallons of water with a maximum life of six months as compared to filters of other brands having the same filtration capacity.

It removes the cloudiness, chlorine, bad taste and deposits from the water that gives a distinct and pleasing experience for drinking water of superior quality without any compromise.

10. Woder Ultra High Capacity Inline Water Filter


Highlighted Features

  • It does not filter out essential minerals and fluoride from water
  • The water filter is wall-mounted and friendly for installation, as it generally takes 5-15 minutes for a complete installation. There are no specific tools or any training required for the installation of the filter
  • The clinically tested and permitted materials manufacture the filter
  • It provides premium purified water for ice maker making pristine ice for home and office use

The dedicated Ultra High Capacity Inline Water Filter by Wonder is designed for commercial usage that employs the exclusive technology that can remove up to 99.99% of the impurities.

It does not filter out the required minerals in the water, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium that are very important for a healthy person.

It has an ultra-high capacity of filtering 10,000 gallons of water with a maximum life of three years.

These filters are manufactured by using approved and tested supplies and are also tested independently by independent laboratories as per the criterions of ANSI.

It employs an innovative selective filtration methodology that eliminates thick metals, leads chlorine and other impurities along with the removal of bad smell, taste, and dirtiness in the water.

As a result, healthy and crystal clear drinking water becomes available for consumption.

What Are the Factors That You Must Consider While Buying an Inline Water Filter

fresh & clean water

The market is full of different varieties of water filters.

From simple to advanced, it’s all the game of membrane and technologies that they put in. Using a water filter is, however, necessary.

You cannot ignore the need for an inline water filter; it is a basic necessity.

As drinking clean and pure water is essential; similarly, the presence of a suitable inline water filter is vital to ensure the provision.

However, if there are many options available, it is confusing and frustrating to decide which one is the best, and which one suits your needs perfectly.

To help you sort the mess out, here are a couple of factors that you must consider before buying an inline water filter plant.

What is the Daily Filtration Rate?

All the water filters seem more or less the same. However, there are a lot of factors that differentiate each of them.

Before deciding upon a water filter, you must have a rough idea of the filtration rate that it offers daily.

For an inline water filter, the daily maximum rate is measured in terms of Gallons per Day (GPD).

You must take into consideration the filtration rate, as better and powerful filters provide a high filtration rate.

Estimate the Replacement Cost and Period

No matter how best do they claim their filter to be, and no matter what the shape and design it has, the screen would need replacements at some point.

Therefore, it is better to check what would be the cost of replacement before you buy the filter.

If the replacements are capable of digging a hole in your pocket, and that too one after another, then you must drop the idea of buying that particular filter.

Choose the one that is long term and cost-effective, to have an all rounding inline water filter.

Eradication of Contaminations

The main reason for installing an inline water filter is the removal of impurities and contaminants.

Impurities are naturally present in the tap water, which can pose adverse effects over one’s health.

The presence of chemical pollutants and biological impurities in tap water can cause severe issues such as high cholesterol, hormonal issues, etc.

Not only these but heavy metals, like arsenic and lead, can also be found in the unfiltered water.

Therefore, choose wisely as the filtration capacity of each filter varies vastly. On average, a purifier is capable of removing 40 contaminants.

However, there are filters available in the market that can eliminate up to 60 impurities, whereas some may only be able to go as high as 25.

Therefore, go for Activated Carbon Filters to eradicate organic elements, chlorine THMs, and various other parasites from the water.

However, for the removal of nitrates, sulfates, and other heavy metals, opt for much-advanced filter systems.

Ensure the Quality of Water

The purpose of water filters is not only to make the water free from contaminations and impurities but rather to improve the overall quality of water.

The bad taste, foul odor, and the maintenance of pH along with necessary minerals, which are healthy for the body, all comes in the responsibilities of an inline water filter.

Activated Carbon (AC) Filters and reverse osmosis filters are the perfect solution to fight all the pungent and foul taste and the smell of the water.

They remove out all the harmful elements that destroy the nutrients and flavor of water, making it perfectly safe and healthy to be consumed by your family.

Does The Waste Water Puddles Up During Filtration Process?

Water filters that create murky wastewater during the filtration process are available all around the market.

However, if you are someone who pays for their water, then you should be concerned about this factor.

These water filters drain down 10 gallons of wastewater, in the process of providing 1gallon filtered drinking water.

Therefore, while buying an inline water filter, make sure you check out this characteristic, else you’ll be paying extra water bills.

What Elements Does The Filter Filters?

Make sure that the water filter you decide on buying eradicates only the impurities and pollutants, and preserves the minerals that are important for the body.

Various filters clear off the water from all the positive and negative elements, which is incredibly wrong.

Therefore, make sure that the filter system is certified by an authority such as NSF, to ensure that what you get at the end is pure and healthy drinkable water.


This attribute is a secondary characteristic – however, it is significant to consider how easy it is to fix the water filter system.

Since the filter needs replacements every once in a while, and you won’t call the plumber or filter guy to replace it every time.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure if the inline water filter plant is light and straightforward enough to be handled by you.

inline water filter review

FAQs Related to Best Inline Water Filters

What are the benefits of using an inline water filter?

There are a lot of benefits of using an inline water filter, including the following:
• Using the water filter is the best way to ensure that the water that is consumed is fit for drinking.
• It saves a lot of space as it is attached to the water supply line in most of the cases.
• It kills and eliminates the disinfection by-products (DBPs) that form from disinfecting the water from chlorine.
• Most of the inline water filters are affordable in price and is the best option for the filtration of water. These filters can easily be replaced and maintained when required.
• These water filters are durable. A typical inline water filter may last for up to 6 months.
• Unlike RO filters, these filters do not require exceptional pressure of water that is supplied.

How does the NSF certification relate to the water filter?

NSF International certifies most of the inline water filters manufactured by different companies.

It is a non-profit organization that strives for the betterment of community health, securing, and the safety of the atmosphere.

It has been renowned all over the world as it has successfully established and applied the principles at the national level that is concerned with the atmosphere, air, nutrition, and goods to be utilized by buyers.

The related certification by NSF means that statements of the manufacturer related to the performance of the filter are truthful.

It also affirms that the filtration system has been separately tested and observed for the endorsement of its performance.

Can I replace the filter cartridge or filter system myself?

Yes, most of the inline filters and filter systems are easy to install and can be replaced easily.

There is an installation booklet included in the kit for company products.

By following the instructions, one can easily install or replace the filter without the requirement of having the services of a plumber.

While some complex water filters and filter systems, particularly for industrial use, may require services of a professional for installation or replacement.

The process usually takes from 10-30 minutes that may depend on the type and model of the filter cartridge or filter system.

Why there is a requirement for flushing the cartridges soon after installation?

It mainly required for the carbon-based filters, but it is better to flush out all filters after installation. There may be tiny carbon particles inside the cartridge that can be mixed with the water.

Flushing the newly installed filter for a few minutes clears all such little particles that may be present in the cartridge.

What will happen if the filter is not replaced within or after the prescribed time and usage?

It is recommended to monitor filter performance and quality of water that is consumed after specified usage or period.

In case the filter is not replaced in the meantime, you will not be able to experience the premium quality water, and the quality will get worse if the screen is not returned for a longer time.

The companies do not propose to utilize the filters outside the recommended life or capacity as they do not want their customers to compromise on their basic necessity.

What does WQA stand for?

It is the short form of the Water Quality Association. WQA is a worldwide non-profit skilled association that symbolizes the water management industry for domestic and industrial use.

It is the primary source of reliable information that relates to the water treatment industry.

What are the primary pollutants generally present in tap water?

Tap water is treated with a lot of chemicals for the elimination of a lot of impurities.

The most common contaminants that may be present in the water supplied to the homes may include chlorine, nitrates pesticides, rust, silt, clay, salts, fluoride, nitrates, and hormones, etc. Other impurities may be added by the water supply pipes that include metal salts, chemicals, and microbes within those pipes.

Additional information regarding Inline Water Filters

Although there a detailed discussion done above regarding quality water filters and the most popular filtration systems available in the market, some additional information regarding water filtration is as below:

• The primary inline water filter does not have an individual tap with it as it is fixed within the line of water supply for ease.

Many companies add hoses to these filters as an extra feature to make the consumers use them comfortably in the best possible manner without accessing the main tap.

• Filtration of water using the inline filter does not eliminate the mineral salts that are supposed to be beneficial for the health. Inline filters offered by particular companies do not filter out fluoride that is considered healthy by some experts.

• The water filter systems use different methods for purification for the elimination of the impurities present in the tap water supplied.

The filter system is usually attached to the water supply line. The process of filtration includes incoming water from the water pipes that pass through the inline filter attached at a point, and finally, the purified water is delivered through the running tap.

• Filtration is one of the most excellent methods for water purification, but it is recommended that the filter system to be used should be as per the requirements of water quality that has been supplied for drinking purpose.

For this purpose, it is better to get the supplied water to get tested through an authorized laboratory.


This will help in getting informed of the contamination level as well as it will assist in selecting the best water filter system as per the requirements.
There is an everyday use of chlorine for placing a small piece inside the water tanks for the elimination of germs.

Chlorine is although helpful in killing germs but produce distinct smell and taste in water that can be filtered out by inline filters and filter systems.