iGaming affiliate powerhouse Net Gaming AB has adopted a new identity, Acroud AB. Since Robert Andersson became the CEO of the firm in February, numerous strategies and initiatives have been deployed, and the change of company name is one of such initiatives. Another strategy is the introduction of a new high-quality comparison website – CompareCasino.

At the launch of the website, Acroud AB’s CEO, Robert Andersson, said:

 “In a dynamic market like the U.S, we felt the need to develop a product that is entirely user-centric”. The majority of the review sites follow the traditional patterns, and it is now necessary for us to think outside the box and develop a unique product. As casino players, we understood what we had to do immediately, and our ideas would continually expand to ensure that all our products remain in alignment with the needs of players. 

The industry is continually evolving, and it is necessary to stay relevant. We are aware of the importance of information to remain relevant and on top of the game. And this is what we are offering our users; CompareCasino is the product of the commitment and dedication of our award-winning team”.

The launch of this website indicates a modification of the typical affiliate marketing methods. This new website is based on innovation and a goal of empowering users to get the best value for their money. This product is targeted majorly towards the U.S market and aimed towards expanding the presence of the firm organically in the U.S.

The web development team at CompareCasino has obtained the results from comprehensive player interviews and feedback, and this information has been deployed to create a flexible, easily-navigable, user-centered platform. It offers several exclusive features, offering a unique user experience. This improved customer-centric approach enables CompareCasino to provide players with a highly customized gambling experience that will translate to higher retention of payers at casinos.

CompareCasino offers a wealth of innovative features that provide players a top-notch playing experience. One of the significant features of the Compare Casino website is the Comparison Assistant. This feature allows players to compare up to 4 different casinos at the same time.

To use this feature, players only have to select the opt-in box next to the casino list on the homepage of the website. Then, select the “Compare Now” tab to compare all the features in the selected casinos. The casinos are compared according to the type of bonus, bonus amount, payment methods, software provider, as well as the pros and cons of the selected casinos. With this feature, players can conduct customized searches based on their preferences.

Other features include the Bonus Calculator and a Jackpot Tracker, which allows players to view the state of all the big jackpot games in real-time. CompareCasino also offers In-depth casino reviews, game reviews, and gambling guides that allows players to access a comprehensive analysis of online casinos, including in-depth reviews and rating. CompareCasino has adopted new criteria for reviewing casino games.

Review of casino games as well as free play on selected games, including video poker, blackjack, craps, keno, baccarat, roulette, and slot games are available on the website. Additionally, the website provides detailed gambling guides and news articles on the gambling industry. So, players do not have to go further to find the latest industry news.

CompareCasino’s commitment to customer satisfaction is apparent in the newly improved features available on the website. In addition to providing helpful casino and game reviews, the website also provides players with a customized search delivery with its Comparison Assistant. Players can compare the bonus type, bonus amount, payment methods, software providers, as well as the pros and cons of up to 4 different casinos in a single click.