Crash gambling has dramatically evolved from being just a niche experiment to being a eureka moment, as it has become a mighty force in the industry of online casinos. One great example of this niche is the crypto crash game.

Crypto crash games may be young compared to other online casinos, but they have swiftly made their mark among enthusiasts. These games are big today, and more and more people are becoming drawn to them.

Whether you are a history geek or not, perhaps you may also be wondering about the story behind crypto crash games. Let’s feed that interest, shall we? In this article, we discover the history and evolution of these games through the years.

Timeline And Summary

Crash gambling has successfully emerged as a groundbreaking concept in Internet gaming. But it did not just end as a concept. Over the last decade, it has gained immense popularity among the crypto-gaming community.

MoneyPot was among the platforms that first introduced crash casino games, but they have evolved since then, offering a unique marriage between entertainment and transparency.

Over the years, this online casino genre has become a popular option for several enthusiasts because of its adrenaline rush, attracting both experienced and novice players. Here’s an overview of what you will find out in this discussion.

  • 2014 – MoneyPot, the first-ever crash game, was launched by Eric Springer.
  • 2015 – Ryan Havar bought MoneyPot. He rebranded it to BustaBit. 
  • 2018 – BustaBit was taken over by Daniel Evans. Also, crash games gained mainstream traction with titles such as Chartbet by Stake and BC Originals. Chartbet is now Crash by Stake Originals.
  • 2019 – Crash games started penetrating popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.
  • 2023 – Crash games have become among the most entertaining online games many players worldwide enjoy.

2014 – The Birth Of The First-Ever Crash Game

It was in July 2014 when Eric Springer, a Canadian developer based in Mexico, introduced MoneyPot, the first-ever crash gambling game, at the forum. is a cryptocurrency forum that is also one of the primary sources of information on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin.

But, interestingly enough, before the launch of’s thread, crash games had already been under development. During that time, the concept was already proven viable, especially with several hundred Bitcoins already within its interface.

Despite their youth then, crash games already had solid betting automation attributes, including fairness and a one percent House Edge, making them very popular among players.

But since the games were generally new to players, Springer thought ahead by ensuring everybody could get the chance to play them and that they would grow in popularity. He listened a lot to his loyal players, even sending them some “bits” so they could start playing the games he created.

Shortly after, in September 2014, crash gambling achieved significant milestones, gaining a whopping 250,000 players, which indicated considerably high engagement levels. The games also saw almost 2,000 users placing bets at over 180 BTC, signifying its quick rise to popularity among gamblers.

2015 – BustaBit Introduced

MoneyPot experienced colossal success shortly after its launch, but could you even believe its founder would sell it? Yes. In 2015, Springer sold MoneyPot, but not because it failed. He did that because he found running and maintaining this game complicated, requiring several resources and massive hard work.

Due to those reasons, Springer handed the platform over to Ryan Havar, one of the members of the community.

Under Havar, MoneyPot went through a series of rebranding campaigns until it became known as BustaBit, bringing forward more innovative features and capabilities.

Somehow, Springer made the right decision. BustaBit quickly became regarded as a favorite “social gambling game.”

2018 – BustaBit Also Eventually Gets Sold!

Unfortunately, Havar eventually also sold BustaBit to a person named Daniel Evans, who was a crypto developer, too. But for something good.

He made various changes to the game, such as offering both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency payment options.

Other changes include removing the bonuses, providing players with investment opportunities into the game, bigger bets, quick deposits and withdrawals, and allowing players to add their friends and send them direct messages like what happens on social media.

Evans also tied up with major platforms such as LeoVegas, which have taken a proactive approach by launching categories solely dedicated to these crash games, further attracting interest from players.

Like how it entered World War II, the United States eventually seized the trend during these times as well, opening more markets and players for these games.

Also In 2018 – The Surge Of Crash Games

Also, during that year, more platforms offering crash games surged into the mainstream. These platforms included Chartbeat by Stake and Crash by BC Originals. They became very iconic because of the casinos’ commitment to fairness and responsiveness to the feedback from players.

Their success were proven to be pivotal in further popularizing the genre of crash games, making them highly omnipresent in both crypto and traditional Internet casinos.

2019 – Crash Games Catch The Attention Of Streamers

Streamers, such as those on YouTube and Twitch, would usually produce content on gaming, particularly online gaming. Being a genre of online games, too, they also wouldn’t miss not featuring these crash games.

Crash games caught the attention of popular streamers and influencers such as Steve Will Do It, Adin Ross, and Juicy. Specifically, Juicy has a video on YouTube where he turned $10 into over $3,000 by playing a crash game.

2023 And Beyond

It did not take a decade before crash games took the world by storm. Beginning in 2023 and until today, crypto crash games have hooked and attached players from anywhere in the world. Their immense popularity will continue for sure in the future.

Crypto Crash Games Are Booming

Because of its distinctive thrill not found in other online casino games, crash games have gained popularity in just a short amount of time.

You learned above that the first-ever crash game was introduced in 2014, but crash games actually began earlier as they were in development.

Early platforms like MoneyPot introduced the concept of social gambling, where several players could bet on the same event simultaneously.

From these humble beginnings, crash games rapidly grew. They spread to several websites – believe it or not, even on the gambling website of the popular video game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” where players wagered to win virtual skins and gear.

The period between 2015 and 2017 was an incubation phase for these crash games. These years saw them introduced to a broader audience and attracting developers who were willing to craft open-source versions of games such as Bustabit.

But, this swift growth also encountered challenges, such as the existence of shady casinos that offer unfair games, exploiting players.

Despite that, in 2016, crash games solidified, and as more developers made such games, they also committed to offering transparency and fairness.

Today, crash gaming is undeniably a thriving industry. These games are hosted by the world’s biggest online casino platforms, providing players with an engaging experience fueled by simple yet thrilling gameplay.