Download Khan Sir Polity Book [PDF] |Khan Sir Polity Notes Free [Updated May 2022]- All the important topics in Indian and global politics are covered in Khan Sir Polity Notes PDF online. Our main objective is to provide all the possible help to students preparing for their government exams.

These notes from Khan Sir will be a knowledge booster and very beneficial. If you already know Khan Sir from Patna, you must have been familiar with his unique teaching style.

Aspirants who study through Khan Sir Notes will not have any problem while preparing for different competitive exams. These notes based on Khan Sir Polity Book are essential for exams point of view. Polity is an essential part of every exam conducted by state or central government organizations such as SSC, UPSC, State PSC, Police, and SSBs.Khan Sir Polity notes PDF Download

Khan Sir Polity Book | Khan Sir Polity Notes

हम यहाँ khan Sir द्वारा लिखी गई किताब Khan Sir Polity Book PDF और Khan sir Polity notes  का PDF डाउनलोड के लिए देंगे.

Topics Covered Under Khan Sir NCERT Indian Polity Book

  • भारतीय राजनीति का संवैधानिक विकास
  • भारतीय संविधान बनाने की प्रक्रिया
  • भारतीय संविधान की प्रस्तावना
  • संघ और उसके क्षेत्र
  • नागरिकता से संबंधित प्रावधान
  • मौलिक अधिकार, राज्य नीति का मूल सिद्धांत और मौलिक कर्तव्य
  • संघ कार्यकारिणी
  • भारतीय संसद
  • भारतीय न्यायपालिका
  • राज्यों का शासन
  • राज्य विधायी और केंद्र शासित प्रदेश
  • स्थानीय स्वशासन
  • अनुसूचित और जनजाति क्षेत्र का प्रशासन
  • संघ राज्य संबंध
  • संघ और राज्यों के तहत सेवाएँ
  • चुनाव और चुनाव आयोग
  • कुछ वर्गों से संबंधित विशेष प्रावधान
  • विभिन्न आयोग और परिषद आदि
  • भारतीय संविधान और लेखों में संशोधन
  • विभिन्न तथ्य

About Khan GS Research Center

These notes based on the Indian Political system include all the topics that Khan Sir has explained through his online classes. The best part of these notes is that you can download Khan Sir Polity Notes from the link provided here. The knowledge provided to students at Khan GS Research Center is also distributed to many aspirants through online notes.

Khan Sir Polity Notes PDF

The information contained in these notes focuses on recent political events, amendments, acts, and implementations made by or within the Indian constitution.

Those who have been trying hard to succeed in government exams must study Khan Sir Polity Book for better results. Khan Sir Polity notes specifically target the questions that are generally asked in most competitive exams.

About Khan Sir GS Notes

At present, Khan Sir teaches through online and offline modes. Millions of students study through Khan Sir’s online classes, where his teaching method is highly appreciated.

Khan Sir uses his funny tone often during his classes to keep learners engaged and interested in their studies. Making complicated things easy is the way Khan Sir teaches his students.

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