An attractive deck can add years of enjoyment to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Homeowners in this region are looking for ways to create welcoming outdoor living areas that bridge indoor and outdoor living experiences.

Create a Gathering Spot

Your deck can be more than a place for dining and entertainment; it can become a gathering space that brings family and friends together. Many deck builders know that you will be interested in anything from hosting an outdoor movie night to enjoying morning coffee while watching the sun rise – whatever it is, they know that these deck ideas will surely give you inspiration and are sure to help you get it.

Tiered decks ( provide multiple seating options and breathtaking views, which make them the ideal place for relaxation or socialization. A built-in outdoor bar adds convenience and style to Carlson Projects’ deck design; additionally, a Sup Board Storage area will make accessing water easier for you and your guests.

If you are seeking to create a soothing retreat, why not create a meditation or yoga space? Practice your favorite poses while stretching to the rhythm of your own breath in nature’s soothing ambiance – soon enough, you will feel refreshed and revitalized!

An inviting reading nook on your deck provides the ideal spot for unwinding with a delightful book. Set this space apart with outdoor rugs, throw pillows, and some plants for an inviting reading area that encourages relaxation.

Create a Relaxing Spot

The vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest inspires an overwhelming sense of awe and an intimate relationship with nature that pervades culture in this region. This outdoor-oriented mindset can be seen everywhere, from Seattle’s active hiking and kayaking culture to its emphasis on sustainable design like the ones at this site – as well as being visible in aesthetic features like totem poles and woven fabrics to Scandinavian furniture with rustic-chic lodge vibes.

Introduce an outdoor lifestyle into your indoor space with decor inspired by the Pacific Northwest style. Instead of opting for brightly polished brass fixtures and accessories, choose wooden ones instead – especially when it comes to furniture pieces like coffee tables and benches; wooden adds texture while its earthy hues warm up a room. Wood is also an excellent material choice for decks as its durability helps withstand rain, snow, and ice!

Tiered deck designs make efficient use of available space and create multiple cozy spots, like this example from Crisp Architects. A spherical fire table provides warmth and comfort, with built-in benches enabling guests to gather around a conversation pit. A complementary accent wall draws the eye while simultaneously blocking sun rays throughout the day. A sliding shade protects you from harsh sun rays.

Create an Entertainment Spot

Decks provide the ideal gathering spot for friends and family alike, providing ample space for relaxing, dining, and entertainment. Decks now feature additional features designed to make them more useful and useful.

Homeowners have taken several steps to create pleasant gathering spaces in their yards, including installing built-in seating and fire pits with seating benches, custom railings, raised garden beds, and hot tubs. Others have installed outdoor kitchens to allow cooking and eating al fresco. Other additions, such as hot tubs or custom railings, also frequently make for pleasant additions.

One of the key trends in deck design today is using vibrant colors. Gone are the days when decks were limited to earthy wood tones. In fact, many Tacoma deck builders chose vibrant, bright colors to make a statement! Another way of adding splashes of hue to your deck is staining it with an original hue that speaks volumes about who you are as an individual.

Wicker furniture can make an excellent addition to your deck, providing stylish yet durable furnishings that can easily blend in with almost any aesthetic. However, be mindful that it can be more costly than other options available on the market.

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Create a Dining Spot

The Pacific Northwest is best known for coffee and Dale Chihuly’s glass art installations, but more and more, it has earned recognition for its taste. PNW style, which marries Scandi-style clean lines with rustic-chic lodge vibes, is being seen everywhere from One Kings Lane and this year’s HGTV Dream Home to Walt Disney World (look out for Copper Creek Cabins!).

Wood is at the core of the Pacific Northwest style, and you do not have to transform your entire home for it to look its best. Instead, start small by making some simple decor swaps. Try adding Pendleton textiles – their blankets are iconic! Or incorporate reclaimed wood planks found easily at local lumber yards and mills into your furniture designs for instant PNW flair.

Create an element of Pacific Northwest style in your kitchen by designing a built-in dining nook. An inbuilt nook allows family and guests to dine more easily while keeping the main area free for socializing, plus it makes dining less formal than sitting down at a traditional table.

If your space does not offer space for a dedicated nook, try adding a small table and chairs to your deck instead. This solution works particularly well in small spaces as it keeps everything looking unified while simultaneously making the area inviting and cozy.