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It is an important read for everyone to know how to purify water. Water is very important in today’s life. In our article, we try to find out the best possible water purification system. Water is a kind of material which dissolves almost everything.

Different Types of Process – How to Purify Water DIY

01. Water purification using a filter

Water purification by the filter is the most widely used purification system. This excellent purification system works in two broad categories to remove dirt. One of the systems is the physical system and the other is a chemical system.

Before buying a water filter, you have to consider the following parameters such as

Water quality

Water quality should be the prime requirement for all the important filters. Based on the quality of the water you can pick the filter. Sometimes municipal water contains different kinds of contaminants and old lines have lead contamination.

The chemical and physical filter cancels out all kinds of contaminants to provide excellent quality water.

Flow rate and ratings of microns

Flow rate is also important to pick right filter out of many available solutions. These excellent flow rates and ratings are essential in determining the highest quality flow rates.

In order to have an excellent quality of water, you need to check these important parameters such as flow rate and ratings of microns.


Space is also a very important aspect to produce high-quality water filters. In order to achieve a higher order of filtration process, you need to have sufficient space. The size of the filtration process often determines filter quality.


There are a lot of products. Cheap solutions sometimes do not provide the necessary performance. Meanwhile, extra money may not bring the desired success and potential benefits. So you need to pick and balance between the quality and price of the systems.

Other than filtration process by a filter there are some other processes.

02. Boiling

The science of purification of water is very simple. The water collected from different sources may contain different kinds of bacteria and other contaminants.

Boiling the water kills all the necessary bacteria or other contaminants to a great extent to produce excellent quality water.

water boiling

The major advantage for this purification is this purification system is safe and effective. Another benefit is the low cost or almost cost-free solution.

This system is beneficial for better usages and portability. In order to have better performance. You can rely on this type of purification process.

But there are some disadvantages to this purification process. Boiling water does not alter the taste. Moreover, water boiling does not stand a chance against chemicals.

The smells and odors of the water do not improve to a certain extent to produce quality water.

03. Water purification by reverse osmosis

This purification is widely used for transferring a large quantity of water passing through a semi-permeable membrane. In order to have an excellent quality filtration process, this filtration process is ideally suited and performed.

Osmosis is one of the key phenomena in modern physics. In this process, the saline water from low concentration moves to high saline water through a membrane.

Reverse osmosis is different from normal osmosis. In this osmosis process, the salt is added with pressure to produce high-quality pure water.

The performance of the reverse osmosis process depends on feed water pressure, permeable pressure and most importantly temperature. Based on these criterions, the performance of the water purification can be handled.

water filter system

04. Water chlorination system

This is a very emergency water purification system. In this process, bleach is used for the water purification process. In order to have purification, the bleach is widely used. Bleach contains 5 to 6 percent chlorine.

This excellent water purification is an excellent quality product but it has some limitations. If any kind of additives is mixed with water then it will produce low-quality results.

That is why the bleach without any kinds of additive needs to use for satisfactory results.

05. Desalination

Desalination of water is one of the primary methods to secure freshwater from saltwater. The desalination process can take place using solar thermal energy.

There are different technologies called single basin and multi-basin technology. In order to have different performances from solar thermal energy, we will need to build different kinds of shapes.

Solar stills are also a water purification process. Other than solar thermal energy, different other technologies can be used to have a desalination process.

Some very good heating, electrical and mechanical energy can be used to have desired results.

06. Ionization

This technology is widely used by European countries. In this technology, the blue ozone gas is mixed with water to deionize different kinds of microbial, chemical decomposition to produce high-quality water by removing all kinds of pollutants.

Most of the filter uses ionization as a method to purify different kinds of waters. The water can be improved greatly by the clever use of ionization technology.

In order to have sufficient improvement, we can use ionization as a tool for water purification system.

07. Iodine Treatment

Iodine treatment is one of the least used technology. This technology used for portable applications. Some of the important pollutants can be reduced by iodine treatment.

But all the pollutants cannot be improved by the Iodine treatment plant. In order to have excellent performance, it is not recommended to use it. But in portable conditions, it can be used.

08. Ultra-violate irradiation

This technology is used to remove microorganisms. In order to have suitable performance and high-quality resources, this technology is the cheapest technology in the water purification system.

In order to have sufficient performance and good quality results, this ultra violates technology will provide the best results.

Solar energy with necessary arrangements can be used to provide high-quality performance.

fresh water for drinking

09. Solar disinfection filtration

These technologies are suitable. With the solar disinfection, you can achieve a higher order of performance. In order to have sufficient performance and good quality outcomes, this technology provides multiple techniques together.

Water purification, heat purification, and UV purification are the three technologies are combined with better results.

10. Filtration through cloth

This technology is widely used in different low setting arrangements. These excellent filtration technologies will provide necessary precautions to remove dirt. Cloths are used as a membrane which removes different pollutants to have better results.

These filtration processes help to build super quality performances. This cheap effective solution saving lives in developing countries. Chemical and microorganisms may not be reduced by this filtration process.

11. Filtration through clay vessels

These excellent quality filters are widely used in Egypt and Asia Pacific regions. This excellent technology is ideally suited for muddy water. The technology filters mud by storing below and freshwater are kept in the upper side.

Then this technology is used to provide high-quality performance against all kinds of different pollutants element to provide excellent results.

12. Purification using crab shells and cactus

There is a special type of filtration process is available. These technologies are the most environmentally friendly.

In order to have excellent performance, you can use different crab shells and a special type of cactus which filters different kinds of minerals to produce clear pure water.

13. Flocculation

This technology is used as the last resort. You can have excellent performance with this technology. This technology uses chemical decompositions to have better performance. This excellent quality technology has the highest efficiency in water purification.

But it increases the cost to a certain extent. That is why it is seldom used in the water purification industry. But the process is widely accepted for safety and efficiency.

How To Purify Water Techniques

14. Aeration

This technology is an excellent technology for groundwater purification. This technology clearly eliminates all kinds of irons and manganese and Sulphur contents.

This excellent technology sprayed the water into the air to dissolve the solution to have optimum performance.

In order to have excellent groundwater, this technology has made its mark. The technology a bit expensive compared to other kinds of technology. This technology also eliminates the smells or odor from the water after treatment.

15. Pressure Sand

This water purification system uses a different layer of the sand pile to have optimal performance. The technology is used for removing solid waste from the water.

This technology is very costly. It requires sufficient space to install this purification system. In order to have excellent purification, you can rely on this technology.

Let’s compare these technologies.

TechnologyEfficiencyCostType water
Water purification using FilterHighly EfficientModerateGround Water, Surface water
BoilingEfficientVery cheapGround Water, Surface water
Water purification by reverse osmosisHighly EfficientModerateGround Water, Surface water
Water chlorination systemEfficientVery cheapGround Water, Surface water
DesalinationEfficientModerateGround Water, Surface water
IonizationEfficientCostlyGround Water, Surface water
IodineNot very efficientModerateGround Water, Surface water
UV IrradianceEfficientVery cheapGround Water, Surface water
Solar DisinfectionEfficientVery cheapGround Water, Surface water
Filtration through ClothEfficientVery cheapGround Water, Surface water
Filtration through Clay VesselEfficientVery cheapGround Water, Surface water, Muddy water
Purification by crab shellEfficient but less usedVery cheapGround Water, Surface water
FlocculationEfficientModerateGround Water, Surface water
AerationEfficientModerateGround Water
Pressure SandEfficientModerateGround Water, Surface water, Muddy water


In the water cycle, water mixes with different components. The purification is necessary for this type of water. According to the United Nations, There are several ways to purify water. We have accumulated some of the key purification systems as follows.