The year 2020 is considered as the standout year for the best tech gifts on Christmas. This is because; the year has seen the biggest releases concerning the gadgets, which are taken as must-have for everyone.

Based on the release of the products this year, you can easily find inventive items for yourself. These products are designed intricately to enrich your life. From noise-canceling headphones to reasonably priced smartphones with killer specifications, smart headsets, and home do-it-all, you can buy them all.

However, we can’t overlook last year’s releases, which continue to top the sale charts. Thus, to pass on gifts to your loved ones for the upcoming festive season, buy from the must-have techs.

From the biggest industry staples such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., to indie brands, you can opt from any one of them or choose from the ideas listed.

Nevertheless, here is a rundown of the best tech gift for Christmas, 2020.

Ear Buds

Apple AirPods, Jabra Elite, are our top favorites for the year. But, you can’t get away from the fact that they are the most expensive. However, you can opt for other options, available at lower prices alongside some key features of these two.

An Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 wireless bud is nearly as good as these two, available in the market for less than $100. These buds comprise of impressive bass, which consists of 7 years of battery life.

Amazon Echo Dot

The list of best gadgets isn’t complete without Amazon Echo Dot. This is because the speaker comprises of unique features, which aren’t seen usually. The speaker includes a built-in LED display, which exhibits time and temperature. It also includes auto-dim light for night vision. The audio quality of the speaker isn’t top-notch, but it is available at an affordable price.

Wireless Charging Pad

It comes off as a surprise when mobile phones of the present day don’t support wireless earbuds. Additionally, the importance of wireless charger can’t be ignored, and it is included as a common feature in the smartphone today.

Despite its significance, several individuals still don’t have a wireless changing pad. And you can fix this by giving them a wireless charging pad. You can gift them a RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad, which functions efficiently when connected to a QI-compatible device.

Additionally, you can place it on an office stand where it will be uninterrupted for a few hours. Furthermore, usually, a wireless charging pad consists of slower speed. However, this charges it at a faster speed.

Mobile Controllers

In the present day, everyone sneaks out for a round of Fortnite as soon as they get a chance. Hence, you are suggested to gift your friend a Razer Kishi smartphone gaming controller, especially if they are a game lover. The controller includes console-grade controls, which results in enhanced precision.

Image From: Betway

 Subscription For Xbox Gamers

If you have friends who already acquire an Xbox, you can gift them a three month Xbox game pass ultimate subscription. This subscription is considered ‘Netflix’ for video games. It includes 400 games on a low fee.

Additionally, it even included classic games from the past and some of the biggest games introduced in the recent year. Furthermore, the biggest surprise is that your android phone can use this service to stream games directly from the cloud. As a result, your mobile phone is turned into a portable Xbox in a matter of minutes.

Phone Sanitizer

Keeping in mind the current situation, you are advised to gift this to your loved ones on Christmas. Since we all are at stay-at-home orders, we can make great use of it. You can sanitize your phone, tablets, face mask, or any other small object with UV light.

However, due to the current situation, it has run out of stock. Hence, place an order beforehand, and it will get delivered in a few days. Also, while ordering for your friend, don’t forget to place an order for yourself too.


As soon as we came across the word ‘smartwatch,’ the Apple series comes to mind. For this reason, you can gift Apple Watch SE to your loved ones.

However, if you have enough money, we recommend getting hold of the Apple Watch Series 6. It includes additional features and a perfect gift for health-conscious people. It provides constant ECG monitoring, which benefits people with heart disease.

Additionally, it also displays blood oxygen levels, which are essential constituents to monitor these days.

Noise-Canceling Headsets

Whether you are working from home or office, you are always distracted in no time. Thus, the distraction pulls you away from the tasks, which requires mental strength.

Therefore, to get away from this, we recommend you to get hold of noise-canceling headsets. Additionally, you can opt for headsets from Sony. They have the top-picks, created with premium quality.

Coffee Maker

Do you have a friend who is a bachelor but loves their morning coffee? Well, gift them a small, single-serving, sleek coffee maker from Keurig. However, If one lives with a family, they might opt for a larger one.

The Keurig coffee maker includes excellent quality, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. Additionally, make sure your friend keeps it clean, now and again.

Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush gives all the dentist feels, and we all love it. However, when it comes to an electric toothbrush, nothing beats Sonicare. The brush includes ultrasonic vibration to scrub the teeth, which is programmed to guide you through the process.

A timer of thirty seconds is also included, which alarms to move to the next quadrant.

Additionally, the replacements are easily available, so you can use it for several years to come.

The holiday season is approaching; you can gift your loved ones from the above-mentioned list to make them feel special. So, what are you waiting for?