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Caring for commercial roofing is as important as it is for residential roofing. If it fails, there could be thousands of dollars in merchandise or supplies that could be ruined. If you are the owner of the building and someone is leasing it from you, you could be on the hook for a lot of money if the roof fails. On the other hand, your home roofing is as essential as any establishment’s roofing for obvious reasons.

There are many companies that you can call to help you maintain, repair, and replace your commercial roof. For instance, Monarch Siding, Windows, & Roofing, Inc. provides speedy and reliable home improvement and repair in the Papillion, Nebraska area and they can help to answer your questions. They are deeply knowledgeable about home and commercial roofs, among other things.

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Maintenance for Home and Commercial Roofing

  1. Keep Maintenance Logs, even for your home – You should keep maintenance logs on your maintenance. This log should include who went up there, when did they go there, and why did they go there: This information becomes invaluable when you need repairs or want to sell the buildings.
  2. Record Your Inspection – When you are up there, you need to record or take pictures of everything that you encounter. This includes the vents, flashing, and everything else that might be up there. This way, you can see what needs to be repaired immediately, what needs maintenance, and what can wait until a later date.
  3. Create a Toolkit to Take on the Roof with You – Create a toolkit that has everything that you will need to take up there with you. This includes your checklist, aerial photos of the roof, roof plans, pencil, paper, flashlight, and tape measure. This way you can inspect your roof correctly.
  4. Check Out the Walls – While you are on the roof, check out the walls. Check for anything that is damaged, such as cracks in the walls, mold, wet paint, or peeling paint. These are usually signs of moisture or leaks in the building/house.
  5. Check Chimneys and Vents – Check all your vents and chimneys and the areas around them for moisture. You might find moisture if the flashing is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced. These are things that need to be fixed quickly to prevent damage.
  6. Check for Leaks – Check for any noticeable leaks and repair them quickly. Leaks can lead to rot and mold, and that would take longer to repair. Call a professional roofer to make any repairs that are necessary.
  7. Wear and Tear – Inspect for wear and tear that includes all flashing, drip edges, fascia, and decking. Look for sagging, corrosion, rot, and missing parts. If you have a flat roof, you also need to look for ponding, holes, punctures, and blisters.


If you are responsible for your home or oversee the building maintenance, make sure that you inspect it often. You want to catch any issues before they cause big problems. Regular inspections will help to make sure that your roof is in good condition.