Privacy Policy

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Compliance with the FTC Guidelines

To the barest minimum, we are committed to putting in our efforts in order to abide by the most recent FTC protocols as well as principles guiding product reviews and also customer testimonials. Hence, it is perceived as important for us to state as thus:

  • The primary aim and objective of this website are to make detailed information available for consumers and as well bring increased resourcefulness to avail them the opportunity of making important purchasing choices.
  • Kindly be informed that this website might receive income from 3rd party retailers that have the intent of selling either their products or services.


Each and every testimonial mentioned on this website was made available by each person only at their own discretion and also through people who’ve attempted the services and products and have given their sincere ideas. It should be noted that these testimonials are not requested and the people that provide them do not achieve anything because they were never really paid anything whatsoever neither in the past, present nor would they be anytime in the nearest future.

Supplementary Testimonials

Verily, on few occurrences, we might include some supplementary testimonials that were retrieved and made use of through appropriate permissions from top online merchant stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy informs one about how we make use of people’s personal information retrieved on this website. You’re advised to scan through these policies before you further continue making use of the website or before you submit any personal info. If you continue using this website, it’s believed that you’ve accepted the terms and conditions as described herein in this information.

However, the acts might be subjected to changes anytime, although, such changes would be made known and besides, it’ll only be applied on a progressive basis and not in contrast. You’re advised to always check the privacy policy every time you visit this website in other to be assured your genuine understanding of how any personal detail you supply would be made use of.

Caveat Emptor: The privacy principle as written here on this platform is for this site alone. Upon any link to other sites, whatsoever, you’re advised to check through their privacy policies.

Gathering of Information

Ours is to receive and gather personal verifiable details such as names, state/country, Address, e-mail, postal details et cetera as they get submitted at the visitor’s free will and personal conviction. Every detail provided are basically used to carry out your request and except you exclusively grant us the freedom to make use of these details in specific dimensions—adding you on our mailing list for instance.

Accepting/Rejecting Cookies

A worthy thing to mention is that the website might make use of the cookies tracking technology before it is been accessed. Although, this is subjected largely to the kind of features that is in the loop. The cookies are being used to gather info like browser type, operating system, visitor’s tracking and to show how visitors explore the site.

It could as well aid in the customization of the website for impending visitors. Statutorily, personal details can’t be obtained through the use of cookies and several other tracking technologies but should you had given out traceable details ab initio, cookies might be attached to details like those and as a result, a collection of cookies and tracker details might be shared with other people.

Google Analytics

We use google analytics, google tracks data according to their policy for the traffic monitoring system.

Information Sharing

It should be noted that we might decide to give out details on request to governmental agencies, and some other establishments with reputable pedigree and integrity in the bid to assist in the prevention of fraud or for the solid process of inquiry. This may arise as a result of the following:

  • whenever it is required by the law.
  • whenever it tries to give protection to or against the prevention of illegal and fraudulent transaction processes.
  • whenever there’s an inquiry to fraudulent activities that’s been carried out ab initio. These details, however, are not given out to the above-named companies for any business promotion or marketing purposes whatsoever.

Data Protection and Security

Every single traceable detail provided by you is kept highly secured and protected. It is only verified and authorized employees or contractors—who’ve concurred and sworn to protect confidential details; Every electronic mailing and newsletters emanating from us gives you the choice and freedom to either accept or reject them so as to stop further mailing correspondence.

Child Protection

It is our belief that it is imperative to create additional security for minors surfing the net online. Parents and guardians are advised to monitor their wards on what they do on the net in other to avail them the opportunity to see, perceive and possibly correct anything bad in their online presence. We do not acquire any traceable details from minors below the age of 13. However, if any parent or guardian feels we have personally-traceable details of a child under the above-mentioned age, kindly contact us so that we can swiftly make expiation for such.

Mutual Consent

By continuing on this site, it is believed and assumed that you have automatically agreed with our privacy policies and consents to its terms and conditions.

Our Privacy Contact

Should you be worried of any details that are partially or totally not clear to you, or you’ve got a couple of questions, fears or comments to ask or make about our privacy policy, you can always get to us through the contact us page.

We uphold the sole right and responsibility to make amendments to this policy at any time the need arises. Any effective changes made to this policy will, however, be communicated here.