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The research on executive function skills is ongoing and growing. As of 2021, there is a wealth of research concerning executive function skills and how they relate to academic success, mental health, and more. We can only imagine what the research will tell us in two years’ time—2023—but one thing is for sure: it will be fascinating! Let’s take a look at what we already know about executive function skills, as well as what may be learned in the next couple of years. 

What Are Executive Function Skills? 

Executive functions are a set of cognitive abilities that allow us to plan and organize our thoughts and actions. These skills also enable us to control our behavior, pay attention, and manage our emotions. They enable us to prioritize tasks, work toward goals, solve problems, make decisions effectively, remember information, and use these skills when needed in different contexts. 

Current Research 

The current research on executive function skills indicates that they can be developed with practice and training. In addition, research shows that students who have strong executive function skills are more likely to succeed academically than those who do not possess these strengths. Furthermore, individuals with better executive functioning tend to be better able to manage their emotions than those with lower levels of functioning in this area. Finally, studies have also indicated that individuals with stronger executive functions are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices than those who struggle with such abilities. 

What Will We Learn by 2023? 

As we move closer to 2023 and beyond, researchers will continue to explore the role of executive functions in our lives. This could include further investigations into how these abilities are formed during childhood development or how they change over time due to aging or other factors. Additionally, future studies could explore new ways of improving or strengthening these abilities through interventions or technology-based solutions such as computer-assisted instruction programs or virtual reality applications. In sum, there will no doubt be many exciting advancements made in the field of executive function skills research by 2023! 

Executive function skills are an important part of human cognition that help us plan our actions and make decisions effectively. Research has shown that having strong executive functioning can lead to greater academic success as well as improved mental health outcomes. As we move closer to 2023 and beyond, researchers will continue exploring the role of these important cognitive abilities in our lives while uncovering new ways to bolster them through technological advances or interventions. It will certainly be exciting to see what this new research reveals!