best photo scanner reviews

You need the best photo scanners for your professional or home use. Are you confused about which one is the best to pick?

We hope our buying guide will help you to decide which one is best for you.

There are a lot of variations of photo scanners having different types of features on the market. Picking one is difficult for beginners.

Well, our survey has come to an end with the top 10 photo scanners, which provides superior quality performance, reasonable budget & excellent durability.

We got DOXIE, EPSON, CANON, FUJITSU scanners are the best photo scanners with auto feeders on the market.

To most individuals, having their photos and other related documents scanned is one of the most challenging things to do.

This lack of interest makes the task of scanning appear like a big deal when these uninterested individuals decide to take part in it eventually.

Why do I need a photo scanner with an auto feeder?

With an auto feeder enabled scanner, you save yourself from the unnecessary stress of loading your photos and documents in the scanner one after the other.

An auto feeder enabled scanner ensures you can quickly load the documents or photos to be scanned up to the capacity of the feeder.

This feature automatically allows your documents to be inserted into the scanner one after the other. This gives room for other things, saves time and energy.

How do I know if a photo scanner is of excellent quality?

Now that you have carefully followed this comprehensive review on the best photo scanners with Auto Feeders, then you do not have to worry yourself as regards this topic.

There is no way you go for any of the listed brands on this list without getting value for your money.

Carefully study the brands on this list and choose the one that fits into your choice of a scanner.

Top Photo Scanners Comparison Table

Portable, Rechargeable, Memory​, No computer
Epson V600
6400x9600dpi, Built-in Transparency, Film Scanning
Fujitsu S1300i
Duplex Color Scanner, MAC, PC, Intelligent Correction
Canon LiDE220
Best Budget
2Sec, Auto Crop & Deskew
Epson WorkForce
Heavy Duty
Avision Is15+
Built-in Image Processing, Low Budget
Brother Multi-Page Scanning
Multi-Page Scanning, Color Touchscreen, Commercial Quality
EasyStitch, StoryScans Talking Images
Brother Mobile
Compact and Lightweight

But, with the best photo scanners with auto feeders, this process of scanning, which is believed to be annoying and stressful, takes a new and favorable shape.

Sometimes, the situation isn’t as bad as envisaged. The better your photo scanner, the better the process, the better and satisfying the result.

It doesn’t matter what type of photos or documents you are trying to protect from being damaged, or the pictures you are trying to print.

Is it the photos of your project works? Is it those beautiful family photos? Is it those relevant business documents?

Is it those amazing moments? There is always a photo scanner out there to fit your definition of a perfect photo scanner.

Are you a professional photographer? You can as well read along to see the option that offers what you are looking for in a photo scanner, a photo scanner that was exclusively made for you.

Generally, a photo scanner ensures you free up unnecessary space in your filing cabinets, eradicates the stress and loss of time that comes with the search for relevant documents or photos.

It is also essential to know that photo scanners are very easy to use.

With this fantastic device, you can smoothly go through your photo collection in little or no time.

Also, the sharing and storage of photos have been made easier by this fantastic invention called a photo scanner.

Now, having a photo scanner shouldn’t be an issue of debate; it is a tool everyone has to equip their home and their business with.

With a photo scanner, your valuable photos and documents are permanently safe from any unforeseeable circumstances without tampering with the quality of the original images and texts.

All you have to do is scan, save, or share. There is no other adequate preservation tool for your photos and other associated documents other than a quality photo scanner.

To avoid making any form of mistakes associated with the purchase of a photo scanner, we have designed a list of the best photo scanners that come with auto feeders to ensure.

You get the perfect one for whatsoever you intend to use it for like we did reviews of best quality air purifier for smoke or top quality inline water filters if you have time you can check it out.

It doesn’t matter if you are a home user or a professional user; our aim while compiling this list is to make sure you get the perfect scanner that fits your specifications.

Avoid the mistakes everyone else has made in the past. Be enlightened. Getting value for your money is so important to us, just as it is to you.

As you read along, ensure you take your time to understand the uniqueness of each scanner on this list.

Top 10 Best Photo Scanners Reviews

01. Doxie Go SE by DOXIE – Best Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery & Intelligent Adjustment


Highlighted Features

  • No external devices are needed- functions independently
  • Easy to carry/handle
  • Large storage capacity
  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Can be used in and out of home/office
  • High-quality scans
  • Ease of navigation/search across thousands of scanned documents
  • Active synchronization with favorite apps
  • Amazing scan speed

Making an appearance on our list is this smart design from Doxie. Doxie Go SE is a unique type of scanner with several exciting features.

It is easy to handle, and it can be taken along with you to the destination of your choice.

This means you can either make use of it in the office or out of the office for business or personal/ home use.

Additionally, its portability ensures you can quickly put in inside its bag of the provided space after every use.

The scanning process is not complicated; it is a smart design that can be operated easily with no stress.

With this unique photo scanner design, you do not need a computer to access its functions. It runs and functions independently.

It takes Doxie about 8 seconds to scan full-color pages of inserted documents, all at 600 dots per inch, with no interference in the original quality of scanned documents.

It is super-efficient in archiving and sharing of documents after every scan.

It runs on batteries, which can be easily charged upon depletion or near depletion.

Also, it comes with adequate storage capacity to store up scanned photos and other related documents.

While running or operating on a fully charged battery, Doxie can process/scan up to 400 pages of documents, all of which are processed at a fantastic rate.

Additionally, there is never a need for synchronization until the storage capacity has held up to 4000 pages of scanned documents.

With its fantastic configuration and unique software, you can quickly get scanned documents across to the app of your choice in little or no time, thanks to its excellent feature that synchronizes scans with apps.

Scanned documents can be saved in various formats ranging from PDF to PNG and JPEG.

Also, you can easily navigate or search through thousands of documents with ease. All you need is a text from that particular document or file that you are looking for.

Scanned files are saved in PDF format that can be searched with ease. The technology which aids a stress-free document searching process is called the ABBYY OCR technology.

While using Doxie for your scanning tasks, it offers you the best way to scan and organize your documents by ensuring every completed scan remains as amazing as ever.

02. Epson Perfection V600 – Best Color Quality Photo Scanner


Highlighted Features

  • High Performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to start
  • Enhances photos and films quality
  • Perfect for all forms of documents
  • 6400 by 9600 dpi

Take your documents to an amazing level with the V600 scanner by Epson. The Epson Perfection V600 is one of the top performance scanners that we have on the market today.

This fantastic scanner ensures you get those exciting touches on every document that goes through it.

It ensures the result of the scanned documents looks even better than the original document. It comes with a dpi resolution of about 6400 by 9600.

This remarkable dpi ensures it produces up to 17’’ by 22’’ accurate film scanning, which guarantees a bright and brilliant result/outcome.

This fantastic design of the scanner is perfect in executing photo scans for documents such as invoices, receipts, photos, and even without leaving out those objects that are in 3D.

Amazingly, it restores a supposedly damaged picture to a perfect form by ensuring associated damage factors are eradicated or completely removed upon the outcome of the scanned copy.

This restoration ability extends to film by eradicating any form of limitations from the original copy from reflecting in the processed or scanned copy.

This fantastic turn around in both photos and films is, as a result, a feature called DIGITAL ICE for prints and movies that come with this excellent scanner.

Additionally, it comes with another feature, which is known as Epson Easy Photo Fix.

What this feature does is to restore photos with faded color back to its original form with just a single touch or command.

The outcome of every task carried out with this design delivers excellent results.

“As fantastic as this design is, it does not come with a memory slot. Also, it doesn’t work independently, so there is a need to connect it to a computer using the USB cable that comes with it before it functions.”

V600 consumes less power and kicks into action instantly and also scans as fast as possible on every use.

The scanning efficiency and low power consumption are a result of the presence of the LED that comes with it.

This scanner ensures you have various options to pick from after the completion of every scan.

After every successful scanning task, you can either choose to copy, share, or create PDFs for every scanned document.

Also, you can directly scan your document to your preferred location.

With the presence of ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR, you can easily convert all scanned documents into text that can be easily edited.

To power it on, you have to have to plug the power cable to an electrical outlet.

03. S1300i scanner by FUJITSU – Duplex Document Scanner for Mac and PC


Highlighted Features

  • Corrects the affected areas in any scan operation
  • Two scan options- you can either scan directly to your desktop or cloud
  • Comes with an OCR technology
  • A document feeder which operates automatically
  • About 600 dpi
  • A speedy scanning process
  • Perfect for all types of document

S1300i is an amazing design that ensures all your documents are scanned, stored, and properly organized with ease.

After every completed scan- in searchable PDF format, it makes it easier for you to either have your documents saved on your desktop or have them saved on the cloud drive.

There is no restriction to the size of documents this amazing scanner can handle, a feature that makes it a multipurpose scanner.

For every color page, this fantastic design creates an optical resolution of about 600 dpi, and it can handle twelve (12) 2-sided pages documents every minute.

Also, the document feeder can automatically hold up to 10 documents at a go.

With the presence of a technology called OCR, you can come up with searchable PDFs to a group and organize your files into desired files or folders by using related keywords.

The S1300i is smart and highly intelligent.

“As fantastic as this design is, it does not come with a memory slot. Also, it doesn’t work independently, so there is a need to connect it to a computer using the USB cable that comes with it before it functions.”

These features are evident in its image processing functions. Its image processing functions are made up of features such as automatic detection of color, crop and deskew, and the elimination of blank pages.

Additionally, it has a software known as ScanSnap. This software is used for the proper organization of scanned documents.

With this feature, you can easily take out needed information from scanned documents such as receipts and business cards.

Using related keywords, which can be exported into excel and outlook for receipts and business cards, respectively, all of which can be performed in little or no time.

To power it on, you have to have to plug the power cable to an electrical outlet.

“It is important to note that this design of scanner can’t perform independently.

To make use of the amazing functions that it possesses, there is a need to connect it to your computer via the USB cable that comes with it by plugging it to the provided spot.”

04. LiDE220 scanner by CANON – Best Budget Photo Scanner


Highlighted Features

  • High data exchange and connection speed
  • 4800 by 4800 dpi
  • Ease of operation
  • It comes with an auto-scan feature
  • It fixes all documents automatically
  • It has a high scan speed
  • It comes with a designated button for every operation

This excellent scanner by canon can be operated by simply connecting it to your computer.

Depending on the type of document you are trying to scan with it, LiDE220 selects the appropriate settings or features which are suitable for such a task.

With this automatic scan function, every document scanned come out at its best. With this excellent scanner, the quality or outcome of the scanned document is guaranteed to be great.

To make use of the auto-scan feature, all you have to do is tap on the auto-scan button, which is available on the scanner. That is how easy it is.

It is swift, and it ensures all tasks are performed or carried out within the shortest possible time.

For instance, it takes about 10 seconds to complete the scanning of one letter-sized document.

This means you can scan as many as possible letter-sized documents with ease and without any form of delay.

It is easy to operate as every function that can be carried out on the scanner has its own designated button.

To carry out tasks such as scanning, copying, sending of scanned documents, photos, or data to your cloud, and creating PDFs.

All you have to do is hit on the designated key for each operation on the scanner.

For every document scanned, the auto document fix feature ensures all necessary corrections are neatly carried out from one part of the material to the other to achieve an excellent result.

Its resolution is also incredible, thanks to its 4800 by 4800 dpi. And as regards the transfer of data between the scanner and your computer.

The USB cable that comes with it ensures connections and transfers are done under very high speed.

All you have to do is to plug the cable to the right source, connected to your computer and you are ready to go.

05. Eephoto Z300 photo scanner by PLUSTEK – Quick Only 2 Sec, Auto Crop & Deskew with CCD Sensor


Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a specially designed soft roller
  • It has a CCD sensor
  • It is easy to use
  • Super-efficient and fast
  • Automatic scanning process

The Z300 photo scanner comes with various scanning options. This brilliant photo scanner ensures you can have both your documents and photos scanned effortlessly without any reduction in quality.

It is essential to know that this design was mainly created for photos scanning.

The sizes of photos the Z300 supports for scanning are the 3 by 5, 4 by 6, 5 by 7, and 8 by 10. And when it comes to paper scanning, it supports the A4 paper size.

Amazingly, this scanner is programmed to deliver on its function in a comfortable and faster way.

To successfully scan your 4 by 6 and 8 by 10 pictures, it takes about 2 and 5 seconds, respectively.

In about four hours, you can successfully convert up to a thousand copies of photos to a digitalized folder on your computer, which makes sharing with family and friends much more accessible.

No matter how old your photos and documents appear, this fantastic scanner brings them back to life by adding the desired touches to them.

To make use of this scanner efficiently and effectively, there is a need to connect it to a computer.

To scan your photos or other related documents, all you have to do is insert the pictures and other associated materials to be scanned one at a time into the paper clip and scan.

Scanning is automatic, and you do not need to hit any button. Once you have your photo or other paper documents inserted into the paper clip, the scanner automatically feels the presence of your text and scan.

To avoid any form of damages to photos and other documents that are due for scanning, especially pictures and materials that are old and possibly haven’t be touched for a very long time, the Z300 comes with a specially designed soft roller.

The soft roller ensures your photos and documents are properly handled to avoid any form of damage.

Also, it comes with a CCD sensor, which is of excellent quality. What the CCD sensor does is to ensure that the reproduction for color images is achieved at the highest point.

To effectively use this scanner, you do not need to be a professional. In the end, you can’t achieve anything less than a great result.

06. WorkForce ES-400 by EPSON – Heavy Duty Duplex Scanner For Office & Home


Highlighted Features

  • A fast and reliable operation
  • Large and reliable auto feeder compartment
  • Efficient for all forms of documents
  • It captures both sides of a scanned document at a go
  • Efficient connection and data exchange rate with the computer
  • Eradicates issues related to missing pages

The workforce ES-400 is a perfect fit for both home and office use. Its scanning process is swift and highly impressive.

It only takes a minute for this amazing scanner to scan 35 pages of documents. It can capture/scan both sides of a paper at a go.

Also, the auto feeder can accommodate up to 50 pages of the document at a go.

This ensures you save time, and also eradicate related stress that comes with instant lifting and feeding of documents into the scanner.

If you always have a large number of documents to scan, this is just the perfect tool for you.

The paper feeding system is beneficial. It comes with an ultrasonic Double Feed Detection, which ensures complete eradication of issues that might lead to missing pages.

Besides, it also comes with a feature that is known as Dynamic skew correction.

It can successfully scan your photos and other documents like your business cards, identity cards, invoices, and receipts.

On every scan attempt, you can directly save or scan to your cloud storage accounts.

The ES-400 ensures you can quickly come up with searchable PDFs, words, and excel files that can be edited at any point in time.

It also has with it a feature that is responsible for the adjustment of image and color in a quick manner. Thanks to its image processing technology

To make use of all the fantastic features that come with this scanner, it is essential to know that there is a need for it to be connected to your computer.

To scan and save to your cloud, there is a need for an active internet connection.

You can easily and successfully connect it with both Windows and Mac computers.

07. Avision IS15 by AVISION – Low Budget


Highlighted Features

  • Relatively fast scanning process
  • It has two storage choices
  • Comes with a memory card
  • Can be operated in the absence of a computer
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Easy to operate
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries

This portable scanner is specifically designed for photos scanning and card scanning.

It can be used independently, meaning you do not need to get it connected to a computer before you can successfully carry out your basic or major scanning tasks.

It runs on rechargeable batteries, and it also comes with a portable memory card of about 4GB storage capacity where you can store every successful scanning task.

Apart from the memory card option, this amazing scanner ensures you also have the freedom to save your scanned documents or photos using another choice of storage.

So why trying to save your scanned documents, you can either choose to do that on the memory card or make use of a USB flash.

All you have to do is to get your preferred or best storage option connected or plugged into the scanner.

After every scan, the result you get always comes out unusually and professionally.

The scanner already makes relative adjustments. You do not need to be a professional before you experience the best the IS15 has to offer.

The resolution stands at 300 dpi, and the documents feeding mechanism is automatic.

It is a perfect scanner for photos, invoices, receipts, memos, business cards, and other related documents that are within the size range of 5 by 7.

It is pretty fast as it scans your 5 by 7 color photo in about 10 seconds- a speed that is considered as one of the fastest of the scanners available on the market.

08. ADS-2800W document scanner by BROTHER – Best For Commercial Continuous Scan Mode


Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for businesses
  • It has two connection options
  • Excellent interphase and touch screen functions
  • It has a very fast scan rate
  • Several storage location choices
  • It comes with Kofax certification

ADS-2800W is a scanner that focuses on the quality of every scan task carried out on it.

It provides users with a flexible mode of connection. You can either make use of it using the wireless connection option- Wifi or by making use of the wired connection option- USB cable.

At the end of every scanning task, it allows you to save directly to the cloud, to your desktop, to your USB flash, and your other preferred location choices.

It is a perfect fit for all kinds of offices, ranging from the medium offices to the large offices, thanks to the numerous features which are well suited for related office operations and uses.

It comes with a touch screen function, which makes the interface user-friendly.

It comes with two distinct certifications from Kofax, which are Kofax express and Kofax VSR.

These two features ensure scanning quality and productivity reach incredible heights.

The speed or rate of scanning is highly commendable, a pace that stands at forty (40) pages of documents every minute.

During the scanning process, the scanner takes care of both one-sided and two-sided documents and other related materials at a go.

It has an auto feeder that can accommodate up to 50 pieces of documents in its compartment.

It is compatible with various scanning tasks such as photos, receipts, business cards, invoices, Identity cards, and other related documents both in white and black and color.

It can be used with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

09. Flip-Pal mobile scanner by FLIP-PAL – Transform Images Into Stories With Voice


Highlighted Features

  • A high-speed scanning operation
  • A perfect fit for all sizes of documents
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries
  • A memory card and a USB flash storage option
  • It can transform scanned photos into stories
  • It is effortless to use

This scanner is perfect for your photos and other related documents. It takes care of both large and small documents, and it also works for both new and old pictures.

To put this canner to work, you do not need to connect it to a computer as it operates independently.

It runs on batteries, and it also comes with a memory card, which as a capacity of 4GB.

To make use of this portable scanner, you do not need to take your photos out of the frame.

All you have to do is place the scanner on whatever photos, documents, or other objects that need to be scanned.

With the ease of scanning that this offers, it ensures you do not have to go through the stress of loading and unloading of photos and documents to be scanned.

With this, the time that would have been used in going through these two operations can be better invested in something else.

Also, it completely eradicates any form of stress. Scanning is more comfortable and faster. Scanning of documents, photos, and other materials are done in about 7 seconds.

Apart from the memory card storage option, you can as well make use of USB flash to save scanned documents.

This fantastic scanner offers more than just the scanning of photos. Also, it can allow the transformation of scanned photos into stories using the software called story scans.

Storyscans work in a way that it allows an individual to combine various scanned pictures with a recorded voice.

When successfully done, you have more than just pictures, but pictures that speak.

To make use of the story scans software, you may be instructed to download and install it before the fantastic benefits it has to offer to get unlocked.

Whatever the size of your photos and documents is, this fantastic scanner can handle them.

The large size documents other scanners find so tricky or impossible to scan, this scanner will examine them with ease.

In a situation whereby documents to be scanned are very large, the scanner can be used to browse each part of the documents bit by bit and join the multiple scans together after completion using the scanner’s software called Easystich.

The joining and reassembling of these multiple scans are done by this software automatically.

No matter what you need to scan, no matter how difficult or impossible it may look, this amazing scanner is all you need.

10. DS-620 scanner by BROTHER – Compact, Lightweight, Fast & Compatible With BR-Receipts


Highlighted Features

  • Ease of operation
  • Fast scan rate/speed
  • Perfect fit for home, office and for trips
  • Several storage options
  • Light-weighted

This portable scanner is perfect for very fast scanning of photos and other documents like invoices, receipts, identity cards, and business cards.

It is not significant, and it weighs less than 1kg. It is a perfect fit for your traveling bag, and it allows you to engage in any scanning operation on the go.

Another notable feature is the scan speed. The scan speed is highly impressive, as it completes about 8 pages of documents or photos in a minute.

To make use of this portable scanner, all you have to do is connect the USB cable to your computer.

It is a perfect fit for home and small businesses.  It is compatible with computers that run on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS.

It comes with a carrier sheet which ensures the smallest documents are scanned easily, and also provides a delicate piece of materials are scanned effortlessly by eradicating any form of possible damage.

After every successful scanning task, you can always save your scanned photos and documents to your preferred choice of location by making use of the scanning software.

Features To Look Out Before Buying The Best Photo Scanners

The only excuse for buying a low-quality photo scanner is when you don’t have the needed information about what makes up a perfect photo scanner.

Now that you have been taken through the list of best photo scanner with auto feeders, there is a need to identify some of the features a good photo scanner must-have.

Take your time to read through this section of the article, as it will be an added advantage to the information you have gathered so far.

The Features to consider on your next photo scanner purchase are the following:

What to Scan

Before you purchase your photo scanner, make sure you have a sound and clear understanding of your scanning needs.

There should be a reason for wanting a scanner. Some scanners are purposely designed for each scanning need.

Know if what you need a scanner for is for photo scanning, film scanning, document scanning, or for every possible scanning need.

Having a clear understanding of these various choices of scanners will help you in coming up with the perfect type of scanner for you.

Scan Rate/Speed

Another question you should ask yourself is the frequency of usage. Are you planning to use your scanner for a massive project? How long is the project going to be?

How much time do you have for the project? Is it for personal use or business use?

How many documents, photos, and other related objects do you have to handle each day?

All of these are questions to ask yourself. If it’s for home use and you have more than enough time and with little photos and documents to scan, then you may not need a faster type of scanner.

If it is for business or a very long project with lots and lots of documents to scan, then you have to opt for the faster type of scanner.

Although the faster types are expensive, the convenience that comes with it is worth the price.

The Design of the Scanner

The design of a scanner that is only developed for photo scanning is different from that of a scanner designed for document scanning.

Generally, a photo scanner is a flatbed as it eradicates any form of damage on your photo, a situation that you can’t control when you use a sheet-fed document scanner for scanning your photos, especially the delicate ones.

Although a sheet-fed document scanner can be effectively used for photo scanning, it is best used for those photos that are not delicate.

To ensure you avoid any form of damage, provide you extremely careful while operating it.

The Resolution

The beauty of every scanned photo or document has a clean and attractive outcome or result.

To achieve the right quality image after every scan, there is a need to go for a scanner with a high resolution.

The lower the resolution, the less attractive the quality of the results or images produced.

For those photos and documents, you needed to back up, upload on the website, or send it to friends and families, a resolution that falls between 300 to 1200 dpi is considered to be perfect.

For the more advanced task, e.g., images or photos to be used as prints, then there is a need to consider a scanner with a resolution of up to 3200 dpi.

FAQ About Best Photo Scanners

Must I charge my scanner before use?

Remember, there are various ways in which your scanner can be powered, depending on its type or brand.

There are some types of scanners that run on rechargeable batteries, some you have to plug to the wall outlet, and some you have to power via the USB cable by connecting it to your computer.

So, you can only charge the ones with batteries before or after use or whenever you notice a drop in the battery level.

What is the best way to properly handle my scanner?

Just like every other object, the functionalities and performances of your scanner depend on how good you can manage it.

Ensure you detach your scanner from any form of connections after every use and carefully pack it inside its bag, pack, or drawer.

Ensure you keep away from dusty areas, and ensure you clean appropriately at the sight of dust. Generally, keep your scanner clean at all times.

What’s next after scanning a photo and other related documents?

After you must have successfully scanned your photo and other related documents, the next thing to do is to save them to your preferred location.

Some scanners come with a memory card and also allow the use of a USB flash.

These options allow you to save every scanned document to your choice of a location quickly.


Some scanner allows you to save/upload your scanned photos and documents to the desktop of the computer or directly to your cloud, apps, and websites.

In the end, your choice of storage is yours to make. The scanner saves your photos and documents according to your command.