In this world where increasing industrialization is paving the way for environmental degradation to come forward more than ever, there is also a growing need for people to ensure they are living a sustainable lifestyle and taking care of the environment.

According to TheWorldCounts, environmental degradation is now already a major concern, not just something people could shove off as a low priority. According to recent statistics, each year, we extract approximately 55 billion tons of fossil energy, metals, minerals, and biomass from our planet, the Earth. At the current deforestation rate, five to 10 percent of tropical forest species are bound to become extinct every decade. Each hour, it has been said 1,692 acres of productive dry land are becoming desert. The facts are alarming.

But here is the good news. There are individuals who are gradually becoming aware of the need to protect and take care of the environment, and they are manifesting this through the use of green or eco-friendly technologies, such as gadgets. These eco-friendly products are known to use less energy, and some are even made from recyclable materials. You can refer to ExpressVPN list of eco-friendly gadgets to give you an idea.

However, there is also a growing concern about using these green technologies or gadgets. While they may be sustainable for the environment, the question now is whether they are actually safe and secure from cyber-attacks and threats. Experts find it challenging to spot the match between green tech and cybersecurity. They say the efforts to make technology sustainable and eco-friendly are also posing risks to security. So in this article, we will discuss cybersecurity in green tech. But first of all, let us take a look at the basics.

What Is Green Tech?

Also known as green technology, this is an umbrella term that pertains to the use of science and technology to mitigate human impacts on the environment. Green tech encompasses a far-reaching area of scientific research that includes agriculture, hydrology, energy, atmospheric science, and material science.

What Is Cybersecurity?

On the other hand, cybersecurity refers to the collective methods, processes, and technology that help protect the integrity, the confidentiality, and the availability of computer systems, data, and networks against unauthorized access or cyberattacks.

Some Of The World’s Most Popular Eco-Friendly Gadgets

American historian Howard Zinn once stated, “Small acts, multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” Eco-friendly gadgets may not be as mainstream as the ones you use now, but their reach is increasing. Here are some of the best devices known to protect the environment.

1. Eco-Friendly Laptops

Many people use computers, laptops, and tables. But once these devices are already worn out, people just dump or recycle them. So, they become a source of hazardous substances that harm the planet. So using these eco-friendly laptops that consume less power and do not release toxic substances when recycled will better take care of the Earth.

2. Green Chargers

Chargers of this kind are automatic chargers for your laptops and mobile phones. They have the capability to check whether your device needs charging. When your device’s battery is low, the charger starts charging it. After completing the charge, these chargers will automatically turn off, thus reducing power consumption. It has been said that the average energy these green chargers save is around 80 percent.

3. Biodegradable Phone Cases

Do you remember the last time you made a replacement for your phone case? Perhaps only recently, right? However, it is also true that you cannot prevent not having to replace your phone case from time to time. The world gets rid of around a billion cases every year. Imagine how much plastic enters the landfill from these. But to avoid this from happening, consider buying a biodegradable phone case that causes less to no harm to the environment.

Other popular eco-friendly gadgets are smart thermostats, USB batteries, solar-powered security cameras, home garden kits, smart LED bulbs, electric vehicles, and so much more.

However, Are These Technologies Safe From Cyber Threats?

The question indeed raises a debate.

Challenges With Eco-Friendly Devices

Among the biggest challenges with using eco-friendly gadgets is securing the consumer’s data. These techs, like many others, are generating data. It is why people need to work more to develop a safe and secure cloud management system that can provide secure data protection.

Nowadays, smart TVs, bulbs, machines, fans, and even cars are becoming increasingly popular. Without a doubt, they are making human lives become more comfortable. But what if a cyberattack occurs? What if all the personal data of the user reaches the hands of the enemy? This is surely lethal for the consumer. Moreover, we also need a system that keeps an eye on these cloud servers so they are protected from data breaches or leakage.

The Solutions For Rescuing These Technologies From Cyberattacks

Fortunately, many software and cloud computing companies work very hard to prevent cyberattacks. They possess strong encryption to protect various gadgets from cyberattacks. These are also steps that individuals can take to ensure cybersecurity.

First, people should limit access to the data. Meaning to say they should adhere to the regulations whether they or only authorized people can access the data. Personal, personally identifiable, sensitive, and non-public data must be secured.

Second, an uninterruptable energy supply must be secured. Once power supplies are secured, your data is kept secure as well. This is because data may be damaged if the power supply is not continuous. So, ensuring an uninterruptible power supply will further protect your data.

The third is to keep the software updated. It is likewise essential since many apps are prone to cyberattacks. Additionally, many of these apps often get new patches, so they may stop working on a specific unit. So, there is a need to make sure the software or hardware you purchase supports these apps.

It has been said that companies that manufacture eco-friendly gadgets are not paying close attention to this problem. Why so? First, they find protecting technologies with massive data challenging, unlike mainstream tech giants. Also, most of these companies think that cybersecurity and green technology are two different aspects that do not have any connection. But actually, they are very much connected. However, as of today, these industries have yet to reach the point where the challenges are conquered.


The discussion above has suggested a common thread between green technology and cybersecurity. While some makers of these eco-friendly technologies are recognizing and working toward this, there are some that neglect the aspect of cybersecurity when creating such innovations.

Being vigilant is a must. While it is undoubtedly good that people across the globe are thinking of the environment by using eco-friendly gadgets, we also should not leave the area of cybersecurity. We also have a duty to keep data secure.