The escape room booking platform market is currently dominated by a few major players, notably Escape Hour. It is used by all the popular escape room in Edmonton, Canada, and has a strong presence in Europe. There are a few escape room booking platforms, but most escape rooms have been integrated with Escape Hour. Here are some reasons you should choose Escape Hour for quest room platforms.

Simple and Easy to Use

Escape Hour provides all the major features that you would want in a quest room booking platform. It’s simple and easy to use, has no learning curve, and is intuitive. Most importantly, it doesn’t bombard users with unneeded features. The most important feature of an escape room booking platform is allowing players to book a quest room reservation quickly.

High Availability and Fast Booking

There is no point in having an escape room booking platform that doesn’t allow players to book a quest room immediately, at least not for most escape rooms. This is why Escape Hour’s availability and speed of booking are essential features. The faster your users can make a booking, the better. However, it should be noted that this doesn’t mean Escape Hour is not compatible with game types that require more time between bookings.

Quick and Simple Payment Process

The speed of our payment process is essential if your escape room’s main focus is on the quest itself. The faster players can pay for their reservations, the better. This also means you won’t have a lot of no-shows as users will be less likely to go through making a payment unnecessarily if they know they don’t have anywhere to be after the quest.

Integration With All Major Social Media Networks

Another feature of our escape room booking platform is integrating with all major social media networks. This makes it easier for escape rooms to get exposure and a large population of users from social media. We also promote all our clients on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other major social media sites to help spread the word about your escape room.

Quest Room Builder

Escape Hour provides an industry-leading quest room builder that allows you to customize the quests in your escape room for free full. Our quest builder is one of the most powerful in the industry, and we continue to add new features based on user requests and feedback.

Geographic Availability

Not only do we have clients worldwide, but we provide support in multiple different languages covering widespread global markets, including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese (Brazil).

Whether you are looking for standard escape rooms or more advanced augmented reality escape rooms, we have got you covered at Escape Hour! Contact us at +1 403-975-8999 or reach us through our website.