In the present day, the photo-sharing app, Instagram, is one of the most highly acclaimed and most accessed after Facebook. It is difficult to believe that the sister and immature version of Facebook has now taken the world by storm. As per statistics from February 2019, Instagram obtains 1 billion active users. However, 500 million of them use stories to update their following every day.

In addition, the popularity has now compelled businesses to adopt Instagram as one of the significant revenue-generating tools. The recent statistics reveal that the photo-sharing app has 2 million advertisers and 25 million business profiles.

The number of brands that exist on Instagram with a strong presence is skyscraping. Around 71 percent of businesses in the US operate a business from Instagram, as per an estimate from Oberlo. From this point, it is clear that the photo-sharing app isn’t only for personal use. It is a global platform. It allows brands to generate unique content, engage new talent, place products, inspiring audiences and get 10k Instagram followers.

Instagram helps the brand in growing brand awareness and launching new products and services. Every other month, 130 million users take part in shopping content on the app. It helps brands to promote their service or product in a friendly way.

Even with all the stats, it’s difficult for some people to analyze from where to start. For this reason, we have created the guide, helping you to walk through all the important details.

Why Is It Important To Market Your Brand on Instagram?

Instagram is a visual app, which makes it significantly popular as compared to other social media platforms. If you own a business that benefits from the product design or service that is noticeable, the photo-sharing app is the best platform to display the content.

Video, pictures, and illustrations are the perfect fit. But it’s your marketing capability that decides what to publish and when to publish. When you create a strategy before, it helps you in focusing your goals and your audience. With a good following on Instagram, your brand can reach far. This is one of the reasons why businesses opt to buy followers on Instagram.

Tips to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Here are the ten best tips for Instagram that will help you grow your brand on Instagram.

Opt For a Business Profile

Just before you create a marketing strategy it is crucial to opt for a business profile ASAP. Make sure you switch your current account to a business account, which is easy. Quite clear benefits are related to an Instagram business profile.

For instance, when your followers click connect button on your page, they would be connected to you instantly. The profile helps you in creating and publishing ads without having to get hold of advertising tools. You get access to analytics on your app and gain insights into your post. In turn, you can track your numbers and target your audience.

Opt For Free Marketing Tools

A business profile on Instagram isn’t different from that on Facebook. With the insights, you can view figures related to your engagement data, impression, and much more. You are allowed to get a hold of the demographics of your data, including age, active hours, location, gender, etc.

Additionally, insights are always generalized. You can opt for specific insight on any of your posts. Therefore, the free tools are helpful, and you can use them to understand the audience better. In turn, you can enhance your content and improves your engagement.

Post Teasers of Your Products and Services

Undoubtedly, the photo-sharing app is a great place for sharing teasers, only if you play your cards right! In turn, users won’t be annoyed. However, you have to stop being a push. In such cases, followers drop in a minute.

Product teasers are simply to talk about your product and boost up excitement.

Generate Sponsored Ads

Instagram ads are common practice these days. The best part is that you have control over it if you set a budget. You can present sponsored ads or numerous ads with the carousel element. In turn, this offers the brand ability to target its audience.

Before sponsored ads, the brand post was displayed to its following only. However, with this, you can now promote services to your targeted audience. In turn, it enhances your reach more than ever.

Upload Instagram Stories

Are you up for generating leads organically? Then, upload your Instagram stories.

The feature is different and comes in a slide show format. The stories are up for a day only but can be saved and reused later. It doesn’t appear on the newsfeed but available on the top. Additionally, similar to snap chat stories, giving it a competition.

Join Hands with Influencers

If you wish to get a potential audience for your brand, the best way is to partner with influencers. This is because they already have a large following. The audience trusts them and opts for products and services from their recommendation.

However, at first, try to find an influencer that caters to your brand accordingly. If you create a strong relationship with an influencer, you can create brand awareness in the longer run. Additionally, if you play cards right, you might work with a celebrity influencer, gaining millions of followers.

Post-User-Submitted Content

The best way to engage the audience with your brand is to ask them to create content for you. You can leverage your audience to create meaningful content. In turn, it is unpredictable and keeps your following hooked.

Come Up With Unique Hashtags

If you are up for an interactive and engaging audience, hashtags are your way! Customers opt for the hashtags and then post their content. In turn, this allows users to reach every post linked with your brand. Additionally, if someone uses the same hashtag as yours, they expose your brand to their buy followers.

Never Over-Post On Your Feed

Over-posting is a turnoff for the audience. If you are all over on the news feed of your audience every time, they open the app they might unfollow you right away. However, post on peak hours and days consistently, so you are shown regularly.

Make Sure You Keep an Eye On Metrics

You can never enhance your performance if you aren’t aware that how well your post is performing. With measurable results, it will be easier to conclude. Next, measure engagement rates. Keep in mind that if you have a small following, your engagement rate should be higher.

If you know how to use Instagram to market your brand, it can turn out to be a massive tool for you. Either work on generating followers organically, which usually takes time, or you can buy Instagram followers, as a first step to building your brand on Instagram. With a good number of followers, other benefits will follow.