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Some people think that a cozy room is a small living space but that’s not necessarily true. Medium to large-sized living areas can be cozy too if you know how to decorate and rearrange the furniture. For example, simply adding a recliner sofa or two can make your room cozier. That’s because cozy has nothing to do with size but everything to do with comfort. You want soft furniture and color palettes that make you feel calm.

Today, we’ll be giving you eight easy tips you can use to make your living room a cozy place to put your feet up.

1. Tall Potted Plants with Lamps

Tall potted plants are ideal for living rooms that have high rise ceilings. Plants that have big leaves can fill up empty spaces such as corners. What’s more, some household plants remove odors from your home and add a natural aesthetic to your space.

Studies show that household plants improve concentration and reduce stress levels. To accentuate the plants during the evenings, place tall lamps near them. Tall lamps work well in big rooms with high ceilings.

Pick lampshades that have light earth tones such as beige to complement the green of the plants.

2. A Soft Neutral Toned Carpet or Rug

Adding carpets to your living room is a sure way to make it feel cozier, especially during the winter months. The carpet should be thick and soft to the touch. Neutral tones such as white work well to create a cozier atmosphere so select this color for your carpets.

If you don’t want your living room to be fully carpeted, then simply place a large rug. A rug is a perfect item when creating a floating lounge. They’re also easier to maintain and you can change the rug with a different colored one whenever you want to.

3. Layering on Lounges

Lounge suits are the perfect pieces of furniture to add layering to. Add throws and big square cushions to your lounge sofa or long seater to create a layering effect.

Use the throws to cover yourself when you get cold and the pillows to rest your head when you get tired. The cushions and throws should match the color of your lounge suite or recliner sofa. You can pick throws that have patterns on them so you can add accents with some shapes to your space.

4. Add a Bookcase and a Fireplace

Do you find that when you watch a movie with someone reading a book by a fireplace that you wish you had that setting in your own home? Well, you can create your own if you want to.

If you have a small living space, then add two chairs in front of a fireplace with a bookcase to the side of you. Add a small coffee table in between the two chairs so you have a place to put your book and cup of coffee. Make sure you add a rug to the setting too, especially if you have tiled floors. This is a small intimate setting that’s perfect for you and a loved one.

5. Remove Clutter from Your Space

One aspect that can completely ruin your cozy space is clutter. When unnecessary items are lying around it can make your living space look untidy and disorganized. That’s why it’s important to always keep your living room uncluttered.

To remove clutter from your space, opt for organizers or cabinets where you can store miscellaneous items in order to keep your room streamlined. When using layering techniques for your living space make sure cushions are placed neatly and throws are folded so your space doesn’t look messy.

6. Soft and Natural Lighting

To create a cozy space during the day you should allow natural light to flow through your living room. Open up your curtains and windows to let air and warmth flow through your home. Larger windows, skylights, and glass sliding doors are the perfect fixtures for allowing natural light into your living room.

During the evenings, you should have soft and warm lighting from lamps, pendants, or fairy lights. The glow from the yellow lighting will make your space feel cozier and tranquil.

7. Textured Fabrics for Accents and Chairs

When you’re creating comfort, the texture of fabric is everything. You don’t want to add textured fabrics to your space if they’re going to make you itch. Pick seating that’s covered in soft luxurious fabrics that are comfortable to sit on. The same will apply to cushions and throws.

8. Warm or Neutral Backgrounds

Bright neon backgrounds are hardly used when creating a cozy space. Earth and neutral tones are used when creating a warm atmosphere. Use light beige paint for your walls with white ceilings and window trimmings. Pick neutral-toned curtains such as white to brighten up space.

Final Thoughts

We hope that today’s tips inspired you to create a cozier living room for you and your family to enjoy. How will you be decorating and structuring your living room? Let us know in the comments below. We’d be happy to hear about your ideas.