Regardless of your kitchen’s space, big or small, you must always maintain its cleanliness and orderliness to make your home safer and healthier. One of the kitchen essentials that will help you achieve an organized kitchen is installing storage solutions that emphasize purpose and style. With this, you’ll hit two birds in one stone.

Today, innovations in storage solutions for household kitchens are practically economical. There are cabinets that have the capacity to contain numerous stuff and personalized storages built to fit in specific areas. However, selecting the appropriate storage solution for the kitchen can be daunting, especially if one hasn’t any knowledge about kitchen storage.

Thus, below are 10 of the best storage solutions you can purchase and install in your kitchen!

Assembled Cabinets

If you’re always in a hurry and don’t have the time to assemble the newly purchased cabinet, assembled cabinets are perfect for you. Assemble kitchen cabinets are delivered directly to your doorsteps completely by the manufacturer. As a homeowner, you will no longer have to assemble every piece all by yourself as drawers and components are already built.

If you plan to buy assembled kitchen cabinets online, the Kitchen Cabinet Kings is the ultimate go-to site. They have a wide array of choices from the color, texture, etc., that fit your budget and style. Most importantly, their products are made from high-quality materials that will never let you down and will go in the long run.

Utensil Drawer

No one likes to see a scattered spoon, forks, and other silverware on the tabletop, right? As a storage solution, you will definitely need a utensil drawer in your kitchen. Typically, utensil drawers are included in the kitchen cabinet, but not every set has them. Therefore, before buying a cabinet for your kitchen, make sure that it has a utensil drawer to keep the utensils from being cluttered and infested with cockroaches.

Under Sink Drawer

The dark and blank space underneath the sink attracts insects like cockroaches and becomes their breeding ground when left unattended. As a result, creepy crawlies show up and roam around the kitchen area, and spread bacteria on the kitchen essentials. In order to prevent that from happening, utilizing the space by installing it under the sink drawer is the solution.

The under-sink drawer is a pull-out type of drawer or cabinet that can be used as a storage for aerosols, insecticides, dishwashing liquid, etc., that are harmful to children. As a reminder, remember always to clean the under sink drawer and remove the water drippings to maintain the material’s quality.

Custom Pantry

Are you having difficulty finding a specific ingredient for your dish? Or a problem on how to fit everything you have purchased from the market? Well, you need a customized pantry in your kitchen. It’s a bigger type of kitchen cabinet wherein you can personally ask the builder to put additional drawers or components for various stuff.

A custom pantry is an excellent storage solution in the kitchen because it has space that allows you to enter and oversee the things in it. With that said, you can easily identify all the goods because everything is stored correctly, and it helps you distinguish the food that’s almost in its expiration date.

Pull-Out Trash Can

A clean and orderly kitchen means that the food and kitchen essentials are free from bacteria and dust. Hence, it ensures your family’s health safety. The pullout trash can is a storage solution for garbage as it hides the garbage bins from your sight, prevents the pungent smell from permeating the entire house, and keeps it from too much exposure that attracts flies.

Pull-Out Shelves

Suspended pots, pans, and cooking tools are common today in most kitchens to save up space. But, as these are exposed in the kitchen, it leaves room for insects to feast upon. As an alternative solution, putting up pull-out shelves in the kitchen assures you of having organized and insect-free pots and pans. Since it’s easy to access, you can use the kitchen utensil you need right away!

Baking Sheet Drawer

Baking has been popular these days due to pandemic. It has become a source of income to some and a family activity to many. However, some of the baking tools occupy much space, especially the baking sheets. The baking sheet drawer is a pull-out type of cabinet made for baking sheets in various sizes, and you either stack the sheet pans or arrange them vertically.

Appliance Garage

The appliance garage imitates the function of the house’s garage. It’s a storage solution that’s built in the end corners of the countertops. Its purpose is to hide and contain larger equipment, such as coffee maker, blender, oven toaster, food processor, etc. Now that you have hidden the kitchen equipment that usually takes up space, it gives you a wider area for food preparation and other kitchen activities.

Dish Drawer

Are you afraid that your expensive dishes would fall during an earthquake? Worry no more because there’s a storage solution that will take your fear. The dish drawer is a sturdy and deep drawer that can carry large quantities of servewares. Furthermore, since this drawer has divisions, organizing the placement of the dishes, such as from frequently to often-used items, is more manageable.

Portable Kitchen Cabinet

A portable kitchen cabinet is a moveable storage solution that has built-in drawers, divisions, and trays. It is more likely a kitchen island since you can also use the countertop for food preparation.

Also, when you plan to eat outdoors with your family, you can just move it outside like a trolley outside and do all the preparations without going in the kitchen back and forth. You can use the drawers to put the necessary utensils for cooking and the trays and cabinets for bowls, pans, and ingredients.


In a nutshell, installing storage solutions like cabinets in the kitchen will create a safer and healthier home for the family. It promotes a clutter-free environment where children can run free without harm, and food preparation is healthy because the food is properly stored, and the kitchen equipment is free from insects.