Best sewing machines for quilting

Are you someone who is very wild in creating beauty, or do you admire ethical fashion? It looks like you’ve decided to make your own clothes, so they go-ahead to speak precisely what you imagined.

That’s really smart, but it would make a lot of sense if you got help. And that’s precisely what we’re here to do. You need to buy the best sewing machine for quilting.

Whether you are a beginner for sewing or an expert who’s versatile and finds pleasure in unusual styles, designs, patterns, and seams, then you should know this.

We don’t encourage buying products that don’t get you satisfied or at least meet your need, so this post is out to help you find that sewing machine that best suits you and brings out the creativity in you.

We have taken quite some time to examine machines, and we finally came up with this list that has ten sewing machine models that have proved amazing and also come with new prices. They undoubtedly will guide your purchase!


Comparison Table of Sewing Machine For Quilting

Brother Sewing Machine
Singer Sewing machine
Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701
Janome Sewing Machine
Singer 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine
Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine
Brother Computerized
Singer Quantum
JUKI TL- 2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine
Brother XR3774 Quilting Machine

Now, what is a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is one that helps you stitch fabrics together. It makes use of the thread and needle to join your materials so you can get your desired outfit, decoration, or object in a good time.

There are both mechanical and manual types, all working to produce neat and functional shapes. Check out our several product reviews such as iron, fan, cooktop, etc.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Reviews

01. Brother Best Quality Sewing and Quilting Machine 


Highlighted Features

  • In-built Free Arm
  • An extensive table
  • Regulatable Sewing Speed
  • 120V AC
  • Free technical support for life

If you’re the kind of person that does a lot of sewing that involves making buttonholes, creating invisible seams, and a whole lot of projects when it comes to joining fabrics, this is the product to go for.

Brother International carefully constructed a machine that moves with your desired speed, gives you extra space on a full table, and has incredible features that help you create your dream style.

With a stitch selector that allows you joggle between up to twenty-seven stitch types and shows you what you’ve selected on an LCD screen, the CS6000i has a threader that makes threading so easy.

It’s not only a beginner that gets to enjoy threading by a mere tap on a lever.  And that’s not all; there’s a built-in-arm that makes sewing sleeves and other parts of your clothes stress-free.

The machine case that comes with the box makes it safe while not in use, and of course, easy to carry anywhere you want, including dark alleys since the sewing area comes with a bright light too.

At an unbelievable rate, you would enjoy using a quilting machine that has presser feet for monograms, buttonholes, blind-stitching and many more.

02. SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Highlighted Features

  • Automated Threader
  • Drop-in bobbins
  • Automatic Reverse
  • Suitable for all fabric types
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • High Speed
  • Complete Accessories

For ease in sewing just about any type of fabric, you should consider getting the Heavy-Duty machine by trusted SINGER, in your home. From simple clothes to elaborate styles with a lot of embellishments, you are covered.

The frustration that comes from threading a needle is eliminated with the built-in threader. You also get sewing completed in no time with a speed of 1100 stitches each minute.

And you don’t have to be scared of overloading the machine which was actually built to take materials like denim, and even canvas; all you have to do is adjust the presser foot. And bobbins? They can be easily inserted and removed.

The stability that comes with this product is so high that you would be proud. Accessories like a seam ripper, spool pin, bobbins, screwdriver, an all-purpose foot, and others all come with the package to make sewing easy for you.

So, whether you are out to make quilts, cords, pipes, or large projects, you can rely on the stitch types that are featured in the product, which lasts long and carries some years of limited warranty.

To enjoy using the machine, just follow the simple instructions in the manual and you’ll find amendments and sewing from scratch super easy, fast and fun.

03. Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Sewing Feet
  • In-built stitches
  • Well-lit Sewing Area
  • User-friendly
  • Full-featured
  • Online technical support for life

Whether you’re an expert at sewing or someone looking to practice a newly acquired skill or even start learning, this is the sewing machine for you.

The instructional DVD that comes with it helps you figure out how to use helpful features like the free arm, which makes doing any type of sewing possible.

The XM2701 has up to 27 stitch types that can be used on any fabric of your choice. Zigzags, invisible hems, blind stretches, and many more can be made using different foot types.

The tangling that occurs and leaves you frustrated while sewing is expelled by the existence of the jam-resistant drop-in bobbin feature.

Even threading a needle is made strain-free when you touch the threading lever. Yes, it threads the needle itself!

The sewing machine has a well-lit work area that allows you to work on dark fabrics without having to strain your precious eyes.

Sewing a buttonhole is super easy when you make use of the machine feature that makes perfect buttonholes in just one step.

That’s not all that’s made simple for you, you can always call on the Brother International Company at any time to provide technical support for you, and you don’t have to pay a dime.

04. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • Adjustable Thread Tension
  • Automated Bobbin Winding
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • A Free Arm
  • Work Area with LED

Another machine you should consider getting is this one. The experience you get from using this particular product is amazing. It’s not only simple to use; it allows the creativity in you burst out without stress.

At a price so friendly, you can get sewing done with ease. You can adjust practically all the settings to suit your taste and type of fabric. Its 12-stitch selection allows you to choose just how you want your seams to look. And, both width and length of stitches are adjustable to preference.

Threading and cutting of threads are things you don’t have to bother your head about as this mechanical machine was built just for your comfort at sewing.

It has an automated way of winding bobbin, and you sure can control the tension and reverse.

The 14 by 7 machine does not take much space in your home but sure does a lot for your home. Pillows, skirts, buttonholes, and just about any sewing you want to do is possible.

All you have to do manually adjust to fit your desire. In fact, from the box, you get useful items like the needle set, dust cover, free arm, seam ripper, a screwdriver that help maintain your machine.

05. Singer 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine


Highlighted Features

  • A Free Arm
  • 100 stitches selection
  • Built-in threader
  • Automated Reverse
  • Brightly lit surface area
  • An Instructional DVD

Singer 7258 is definitely one of the best sewing machines for quilting. You get so much value and happiness using this machine, and you don’t even need to rob a bank to buy one for your home.

With a selection of up to a hundred stitch types, you can get any kind of sewing done in very little time. Its automated features like the bobbin winding and foot pressure control make it awesome to use. What more do you need than a sewing area that is well lit?

This machine has two bright lights so you can see what is being done on your clothes, and even adjust both the stitch width and length to fit. Enjoy as much as six different styles of making buttons in just one step.

The machine is durable and well protected by a heavy-duty metal frame. Its presser foot lifter is extra high, and it has an in-built reverse system.

Right in the box that brings it to your home, you will find useful items like the buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, a needle set, seam ripper, foot pedal, an all-purpose foot and many more to make crafting, cording, embroidery, and hemming really smooth.

06. Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine


Highlighted Features

  • Free Arm
  • High presser foot lift
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • 18 stitch selection
  • Jam-free bobbin system

You don’t have to be discouraged by machines you have used in the past, those unfit for purpose ones. We’re bringing to you a machine that is truly fit for use.

Manufactured by Janome, the 7318 sewing machine is easy to use. Whether you love crafts, decorations, or even quilting, the machine is right for you!

Ever heard of a machine that marked measurements on a needle plate and helps measure allowances on seams?

Well, here’s one. While sewing, you can view a selection of stitch types on the stitch panel, and a simple turn of the dial gets you going with your choice.

Consistency is critical, and that’s why the stitches are made to come out ideally in the form you choose, without any differences. And when you get to the edge of a fabric, there’s no jamming.

With a see-through bobbin cover, you know when you have to replace a thread. Also, sleeves, cuffs, and legs are made easy to do with its simple to use plates for your darning.

You sure are getting value for your money with accompanying accessories such as the pack of needles felt, zipper foot, lint brush, extra spool pins, and many more.

The drop feed feature makes the use of darn plates easy, and that’s not all that you would find easy with the Magnolia 7318.

You don’t have to screw on or unscrew the foot of the machine, merely pressing a button yanks off the foot.

07. Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine


Highlighted Features

  • As high as a 120V AC
  • Detachable wide table
  • Well-lit work area
  • 130 stitch types
  • Drop-in bobbin system
  • Automatic threader
  • Adjustable sewing speed
  • Life technical support

If you are looking for the best sewing machine for quilting, then you should take a look at this product, which is suitable for all sewing and quilting.

Using only this machine, you can get sewing completed without having to go out of your sewing room or mounting another machine.

For your quilting, sewing, and even monogramming, the machine was made. It has a feed system that accommodates almost any kind of fabric, and you can always adjust your stitch type, choosing from any of the 130 stitch types embedded and shown on the flip chart.

Threading your needle becomes easy, and you can detach your foot controller. It has 8 feet types, which include the zipper foot, overcasting foot, as well as the quilting foot. It also comes with up to 8 styles of buttonholes that are achieved in one step.

Sewing is done and over within a good time since you can adjust the machine’s sewing speed and carry the portable device with you, anywhere you want.

Sewing a dark fabric and paying attention to every required detail is now possible with this machine that has a very bright light on the work surface area.

HC 1850 is very affordable, and of course reliable. Follow the instructions on the DVD found in the box, and you’d enjoy the machine.

08. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine


Highlighted Features

  • Automated Bobbin Winding
  • Snap-on Presser’s feet
  • Mechanical Reverse
  • Twin needle setting
  • Very High Presser foot lifter

Are you a fan of easy to use all-purpose machines that are also easily movable? You should take a look at this product from the trusted SINGER company.

Quantum Stylist 9960 is a unique product that is useful for both home sewing and larger sewing projects. Whether you want to customize fabrics, reform styles, or start a dress from scratch, all your needs have been made possible.

The machine features stitches for decorations, quilting, decorations, stretches, and even crafting. Nearly all its features are automated, thereby reducing the burden that’s usually placed on you.

The needle threader helps thread your needle, a tap helps lock stitches, a press controls the pressure of the foot you choose to use, and in just one step, you can make 13 buttonhole types.

Making up to 850 stitches a minute, sewing is at high speed, and you sure can control that speed. Adjust the width and length of 600 stitch types, and your creativity is shown to all.

And you have enough space to do all your work on an extensive table that has bright lights to aid your sight, especially when working on dark fabrics.

This best sewing machine has a mirror imaging feature and various presser feet like the blind hem foot, bias binder foot, embroidery foot, quilting foot, and a few more. And it comes with accessories like the shank, seam guide, needle set

09. JUKI TL- 2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine


Highlighted Features

  • Mechanical needle threader
  • Extended work table
  • The LED light in the work area

Many people want to work on their machines with no stress, and that is why we recommend one of the best sewing machines to you. The 2000Qi is a semi-industrial machine for your sewing as a beginner or an expert in this area.

There’s no noise that comes from it as it has a low vibration so you can sew on in serenity and be able to think up fabulous styles.

With a vouched for stitch quality, you are free to use the built-in threader that helps thread your needle and a threader that cuts right through the thread when the need arises. The sewing machine easily hems jeans and is very fine for quilting.

It comes with a motion foot and a walking foot that can easily be adjusted. Also, its knee lever makes sitting by the machine and using it very comfortable for you.

Irregular stitches, breaking of needles, overheating, and many more frustrations are eliminated by this machine, which is excellent even on bulky materials.

It sews consistent stitches and its automatic needle down helps smoothen the edges of a quilt. Also, by a press of a button, you can easily load your bobbin case. It’s a must-have for every home.

10. Brother XR3774 Quilting Machine


Highlighted Features

  • 8 sewing feet
  • Well-lit Work area
  • Decorative stitches selection
  • Wide Table

Here’s your chance to get the best sewing machine for an amount so friendly. The Brother XF3774 is a machine embedded with a lot of features that are perfect for both beginners and experts at sewing. It has a lot of uses, and it is super easy to use.

Its free arm helps you to sew sleeves, pant legs, and even cuffs with no hassle. Making use of the drop-in bobbin prevents jam that often occurs with the use of sewing machines and threads.

The machine helps you thread the needle, and the led around the work area enables you to see the perfect stitches being made on your fabrics. And there are 37 of such stitch types!

Making buttonholes, zigzags, decorations, and quilts are easy and enjoyable, especially for beginners who can make use of any of the 8 types of sewing feet that come in the box.

In a minute, as much as 800 stitches are made, so yes, it’s fit for large sewing projects too. In just one step, get automated sized buttonholes for your cuffs and shirts.

So, whether you’re going for plain sewing or home decorations, your machine sure can take it. All you need do is use according to the manual provided in two languages: English and Spanish. Where you need technical support, the company is just a call away, and for free!

Want to Buy One of These Machines? Here’s What You Should Consider

Is it really what you want?

Before you leave the comfort of your house for the store or sit all day surfing the internet, there has to be something you are looking for.

In this case, it’s a sewing machine, and there is something you must have pictured in your mind that you want to see in it or the clothes made out of it.

sewing machines

So, before you choose a particular product, make sure it can do all that you want it to do so you don’t end up frustrated by a machine that only takes space but does not fulfill a purpose.

Check its features like the stitch types available, speed; just ask a lot of questions before you make that deal. It’s your money, after all, and you should get value for it.

Is it right for the money?

Everyone wants something valuable; they want to use every bit of their money on an item purchased.

The perfect sewing machines might be money demanding, but you sure can get useful and well satisfying ones at affordable rates.

That means you have to examine your pocket, know how much budget you have for one, and work with that. You can always compare prices of various stores and brands before you make a purchase.

But we have to remind you here, don’t go for the cheapest of things and expect a great value. Save quite some money and find the right product within that range.

Support from the company

While purchasing a machine, you must have in mind its maintenance and durability. It makes no sense when you buy a device that has parts that cannot be replaced when the normal wear and tear or mechanical faults arise.

Check to see if the manufacturing company offers some kind of technical support.

Online access to communication with them whenever there is an issue with the product is also enough to give you the satisfaction that there will be a solution to any problem that may arise at any time in the future.

Hold on, see if it’s reliable

To test if a machine would last long or is stable, check the brand records, and the warranty duration.

Why would you purchase an item with no warranty in the first place? The warranty benefit placed on a product speaks to its durability and reliability.

It shows that the company can vouch for their product. And, check that company, too. Do they say something, and you have found it that way over the years?

Our advice: review their records, and don’t settle for a machine with very little or no warranty period.

If a fault finds its way to the top within the given warranty period, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest outlet for a fix.

In essence, you should consider how much warranty is placed on the machine you plan on purchasing, and how popular and trustworthy its manufacturers are.

Suitability for everywhere

Having a machine that can be used at any point in time is cool. So, whether you are going on a vacation or you want to shift your work area to the next room, your sewing machine should allow that.

Always be on the lookout for a type that might have a full work area, but still can be converted to something that is easily carried or moved.

Also, it should be one that can be covered up safely to protect from dust and any other organisms when not in use.

So, before you buy a machine, you might want to look at its size and ability to be moved around if you know that you are the type of person that enjoys walking things about.

Ask how fast it can go

Different folks with their styles. If you’re the type that takes their time on the machine, go for the ones that make just the average number of stitches per minute.

Now, if you love quite some speed or have a lot of projects and perhaps deadlines to meet up, say a costume or Halloween party, you must go for a machine that enables a lot of stitches so that you can get your sewing done in no time.

You don’t want to keep banging on its head, waiting for more stitches to run and nothing happens. So, get it right from the start.

Is it adjustable?

There’s nothing as frustrating as working on a machine that does not respond to your bidding per time. Ensure that you check the features of a tool, and how easily they can tune in to your demands, before making a purchase.

Things like adjustments for stitch length, the stitch width and features that accommodate just about any kind of fabric, should be sought after

Find a simple to use machine

Sewing is enjoyable when you don’t have to exert all your energy to make a simple skirt or pillow. Go for devices that are usable even by a beginner. Instructions given through manuals should be clear and easily obeyable.

Make sure this machine you have chosen is not one that can only be mounted or packed by a technician, thereby rendering you without a hint when you don’t find one.

Automated features are also admirable as they save you a lot of time, energy, and headache while using the machine. So, consider a product’s use and maintenance before paying for it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Sewing Machines for Quilting

As a beginner, how can I improve my sewing skills?

Practice makes perfect,’ they say. That is very true. You have to keep practicing. Try out new styles and patterns.

Make good use of sewing guide books and even YouTube videos. They have been found to be a great help even to experts. And with a perfect machine, improvement is more comfortable and more fun.

How often should I get my sewing machine serviced?

It entirely depends on how often you use the machine. If you’re one that uses it practically all the days of the month, it’s good that you get your device to a qualified technician once a year.

So that they can help you check the parts, remove hidden threads, and do the necessary tuning so your machine can work smoothly.

For someone who hardly uses the device, 3-4 years is an excellent time to take it for some servicing.

How many times should I clean and oil the machine in a week?

Again, if you a regular user of the machine, say you use it every day, ensure that you lubricate the parts once a week. Use if once a week? Then oil it each month.

Even if the machine is not in use, lubricate it from time to time since oil does dry up.  You have to be careful not to lubricate the machine every time, though, as too much of that wears it out.

For how long should I use a sewing machine straight?

It’s a machine, and it has been built to serve you. There really is no stipulated number of hours you should spend on a machine straight up.

You just have to use your discretion and figure out a way to stop. In fact, you’ll most likely get tired before the machine does.

What is a sewing machine, free arm?

You’ll find the much talked about machine free arm underneath the machine itself. It sticks out, and is around the needle, near the feed dogs.

It’s make-up, i.e. the bobbin race, stitch plate, and feed dogs allow you to sew without the need for you to touch anything. Your arms are free while the machine works on.

How does one lift the presser foot or put it down?

All you need to do is locate the presser foot lifter. You’ll find it in the pressure foot just at the side of the machine, or its side, it depends on the brand of such a machine. You move it by either raising or lowering the presser foot lifter.

Is it more comfortable using a computerized sewing machine?

Of course, it’s easier since they mostly have automated features that make your work faster and take the stress off of you.

You just have to make sure you read the instructional guide, so you understand how to use the features. Once you do, you use the machine with so much ease.

Which sewing machine type can you prescribe?

Choosing a machine all depends on each user. You have to consider a lot of factors before deciding to go for a particular sewing machine type.

Compare the types of fabrics and designs that you want to make, with the features that the machines before you have, and opt for the one that is most fitting to help you achieve your aim.

That a machine is convenient to use and delivers to its owner is the basis of buying a machine.

As a beginner, which sewing machine type should I buy?

You should lookout for a machine that will easily allow you to learn how to sew. A machine that has speed control and also has the features that a sewing machine should. Look at the machines we have shared, and choose one out of them.

What type of sewing machine to buy?

This depends on your intended use for the machine. Consider the type of fabrics and designs you would love to make and go for one that works with them entirely.

What is a semi-industrial sewing machine?

The semi-industrial machine type is that machine that is suitable for use both commercially and at home so, if you take on large projects or would love to use your sewing machine for commercial purposes.

It’s advised that you buy a machine that is not too complex to use or entirely unsuitable for large productions.

And that is what a semi-industrial machine is, it bends between high performance, as well as being simple to use.

Which stitch length should I use when sewing?

Best machines have a feature that allows you to adjust the length and width of the stitches that the machine gives. Now, to know the stitch length to use per time, you must examine the result you want to achieve.

If you go for long stitches, they might not be tight or strong enough to keep your seams intact.

The same way the short stitches might not allow you straighten out a fabric. So, you might have to opt for medium stitches that have lengths of 5-7mm. Those ones are suitable for practically any material.

What is an embroidery sewing machine?

It’s the machine most suitable for creating patterns on clothes. You can have fabrics branded with an embroidery machine. It quickly makes letters and even images on clothes for your decorations.

Best sewing machines

What is the shipping cost of a sewing machine?

There’s no specific slated amount for shipping machines. It all depends on the store you are buying from, and where you want the device delivered.

However, we don’t think that it would cost more than $200. Usually, it’s a lot cheaper when your location is close to where it would be shipped from.

Which types of sewing machines are there?

There are quite a few. A sewing machine might mainly be an embroidery machine, a server machine, or cover stitch type.

Each of the machines is designed for specific purposes, so it’s expected of you to buy one that suits your intention.

My machine skips stitches, why?

You’d have to be observant. Often times, stitches skip as a result of a damaged needle. The needle might be blunt, bent, short, or not right for your machine. You may need to check how you’ve placed the needle, too.

Just pause to take a look at what is wrong. If after you change the needle and the stitches keep skipping, then you might have to take it to a technician to check what is really wrong with the machine.

Tips for a well-serving machine

Want your machine to last long as the companies have promised? Do these, and your machine lasts long:

Go for one that suits your intended uses

If you have specific purposes like embroidery or cover stitches, buy one that is mainly used for that.

Get the best machine for your use

When you have options before you, only choose the best products as we’ve shown you, don’t go rooting for extreme cheapness that gets you no quality.

Follow the machine’s instructional guide

If you want to find using your machine really easy, and you don’t want to create faults for it, then pick up the manual to read before making funny attempts to fix some things by yourself.

Cover and turn off the machine when not in use

Whenever the machine is not being used, find a covering for it. That way, dust, and other damaging objects would not find their way to it. Also, turn it off when you are away. You don’t want to overheat or cause a power shock to the machine.

Adjust features to suit each fabric

Be careful not to force your machine to do what it cannot do. There are different kinds of materials, and that’s why the companies have made it possible for you to adjust stitches, feet, pressures, and others. Do that when you see the need.

Clean and Lubricate parts quite regularly

Don’t keep mounting on the machine without giving it its food. Regular maintenance makes these things last long. Pick out threads, and oil the joints.

Need to move it? Do so gently

Don’t be careless with the way you carry your portable machines. Drop them carefully, and set them up just gently.

Don’t turn the work area/table to a dumping site

Protect your machine. Don’t turn it to a table for eating, or a laundry place. As much as possible, don’t leave heavy objects and even the seemingly light ones on them.

Visit the technician for mechanical faults

If you make an attempt at fixing an error and you don’t achieve the desired result, just call on a technician, so you don’t make matters worse.

Final Words

From this post, we are sure you’ve been made to realize some things that your mind possibly didn’t go to before while considering which sewing machine best suits you. As you can see, you have to check a lot of things. As questions, study the features.

You don’t have to jump at making a choice. From the list given, you definitely would make no wrong choice picking from one as the machines are of the best brands and would surely serve you for long. So, decide, and make your mark in fashion even from your home!