different types of filter

Before you make a decision on what types of water filter system for home to go for, there are several factors you have to put into consideration.

Some of the things you have to put into consideration are the water pressure, an idea of what the biochemical properties of the water are, your specifications, how much you are ready to invest, the pipe (specs and material), etc. all the listed factors varies amongst every household.

As you read along, this article promises to take you through the various types of water filters that are ideal for your home.

Also, we will as well take you through the advantages and drawbacks of the types of water filters on our list.

In the end, we hope you will have a better understanding of the various types of water filters, which we believe will guide your purchase decision when getting a water filter for your home. The following are the most widely seen water filters in homes.

Different Types of Water Filter Systems

01. Under Sink Water Filter

As the name implies, an under sink water filter is a filtration device that is installed beneath the sink in your kitchen.

Its purpose is to ensure the water that comes out from the tap is safe to use. This is achieved by eradicating any form of bacteria and other pollutants that may be present in the water.

under sink filter

This device is large, and it is not really considered as a portable device. Also, it is expensive.

When compared to some of the water filter system on this list (faucet and countertop), this type of water filter is considered to be more efficient.

In addition, it has what it takes to purify a large amount of water in a very short time.


  • It is a large device, a feature that makes it possible to treat a large amount of water in a very short time
  • It is not visible- it is installed under the sink
  • It has what it takes to handle various forms of contaminants


  • Its installation is considered to be difficult when compared to faucet and countertop filters
  • It is very expensive

02. Faucet Water Filter

This water filter, as its name implies ensures possible contaminants in the water are removed or eradicated before the water gushes out.

The main purpose of this water filter is to ensure you have clean and particles free water for cooking and other domestic uses.

This water filter comes in the small shape and the Installation is quite easy. All you have to do is to install it on your faucet.

faucet water filter

Amazingly, this type of water filter is affordable, a feature that makes it the perfect choice for most homeowners.

In areas where the water is considered relatively safe and free of particles, this water filter enhances the smell and taste of such water.


  • It is a small device (it doesn’t add unnecessary weight on the faucet)
  • It is affordable
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • It may not be a perfect option for all faucets, especially the low faucets
  • After installation, a reduction in water flow is experienced

03. Water Filter Jug

This is regarded as one of the most popular water filters you will see in homes. It is known for its portability and relatively low cost. This type of filter comes with two different parts.

The first part, which is located in the middle of the upper half of the jug contains the activated carbon.

The middle of the upper half is where the water to be treated is being poured.

The result of the filtration (Filtered water) is released to the second part (the lower part of the jug), which allows the treated water to be discharged from there.

As a result of its limited water holding capacity, this type of water filter is considered as a perfect fit for the purification of water which is purposely meant for cooking or/and drinking.

This type of water filter is handy and can be carried along with you.

Its mobility feature ensures you don’t just have access to clean and safe water when you are home, but as well as when you are outside your home. It is considered as a safe and convenient water filter.


  • The cost of purchase is low
  • It is very effective with the removal of chemicals and minerals that may be present in the water
  • It is very easy to use and handy


  • The process of water purification is slow- You have to fill it up with water and wait for it to serve its purpose
  • The Jug can’t hold much water- It has limited/smallholding capacity

04. Showerhead Filter

This water filter has the same installation method as a faucet filter. Installation is simple and easy. All you have to do is install it on the head of your shower.

Its main purpose is to screen the water that comes through your shower head. In a few cases, the filter is sold/ comes with its own showerhead.

filter shower head

In case the water in your area has a very high level of chlorine and fluoride, it is advised you get a showerhead filter; especially if you are an individual with very sensitive skin.

Water with a very high level of chlorine and fluoride is believed to bring about dryness and irritations in people with sensitive skin.

According to various reports, users of showerhead filters have come out to talk about the benefits that are attached to the use of a showerhead filter.

Some of the benefits are a reduction in hair loss and very smooth skin.


  • Eradicates any form of simple contaminants in the water
  • Brings about an improvement in hair growth
  • It improves the skin by making it appear smoother
  • It is affordable and easy to install


  • Water flow rate is reduced after the installation of this device

05. Countertop Water Filter

This is considered an upgrade over the water filter jug. It completely eradicates the emptying and refilling of water in the case of a jug.

It is an amazing device when it comes to the purification of the water that flows through your tap. It is easy to install.

All you have to do is to connect this small device to the faucet. Once you turn on the tap, the purification process starts. In a few cases, this filter may have its own faucet attached to it.

countertop water filter

Generally, countertop filters are known to be small. As small as they appear, you still have to create some space for it on your countertop.

As a result of the space requirement, this makes a countertop filter a no go area for homes without enough space on their countertop.


  • The process of water purification is super-fast- Water filtration occurs immediately the tap is turned on
  • Pricing is considered to be mid-range
  • Filtration is faster and more effective than in faucet filter


  • It requires some space- there is a need for extra space to accommodate

06. Whole House Water Filter System

This is an entirely different water filter system when compared to the first five we have on our list. This water filter system is mainly developed for homes where tap water is not considered as an option.

whole house filter

This filter system is installed to the water tank. The water tank as a system, connects directly to the main water supply pipe, therefore purifying water that passes through it before it gets circulated to all the areas in the house.


  • Water purification/filtration occurs right from the main pipe. This eradicates the need for a filter device for every tap and other water sources in the house
  • The filter system is considerably large, an attribute that makes it possible for it to get rid of different forms of contaminants effectively
  • It is considered a long term investment. In the end, it saves money on clean water


  • Installation is difficult. You will need the help of a professional
  • It is very expensive

Bottom line

Ensure that the water filter system you have installed in your home brings about an improvement in the quality of your water in terms of taste and smell.