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If you maintain your Pax 2 vaporizer, it will extend the life of the battery and the life of your device. Try to charge it completely before removing it from its charger and using it to clean all the nooks and crannies of it.

This will help to extend the battery life, allow you to have longer evaporation times, and keep your evaporator in optimal working order. If you are looking for a portable vape that lasts long and has a good battery life, you have to buy the Pax 2. It is one of the best vapes out there, so try it and try it, it won’t disappoint you.

It is important to remember that it is not only aesthetics that are important, but also the right attachments. The Pax 2 is not suitable for steam or liquid, but only for dry herbs. Make sure you clean your evaporator and take care of it as much as possible, especially if you are evaporating.

Before you sit down to clean your device, it is important to check exactly what you need. You don’t need many materials or special equipment to clean your Pax 2, but even if you do, you’ll need to use them.

Before you start cleaning your Pax 2, you should collect the above mentioned PAX 2 detergents, prepare a workstation (preferably a desk or desk) and start dismantling your PAX2 unit. Here we will guide you step by step through the process and see how you can prepare your Pax 2 for cleaning, saving you time and effort. If you already have your cleaning supplies, take the time to clean any other appliances or vapor equipment you want to have cleaned.

If you still experience a weak blow, flush the airway in the mouthpiece with a pipe cleaner. Turn off the screen by slowly running the pipe cleaners through the steam pipe and then back into the mouth.

Another advanced PAX 2 clean-up tip is to soak the pipe cleaners with a little isopropyl before soaping the airways. Remember, PAX recommends soaking the mouthpiece in iso soapy water to prevent any form of accumulation. You can also clean the chamber of the PAX2 with a q tip dipped in alcohol or with a small amount of water and a tube cleaner.

You can also clean the outside and inside of the mouthpiece and mouthpiece with pipe cleaners, which are moistened with isopropyl alcohol and warm soapy water.

Pax recommends putting the mouthpiece in the oven screen at least once a month. If so, you should wait a few minutes for the device to cool down before cleaning the body of the oven.

When the mouthpiece is removed, make sure that the LED indicator, which shows the current temperature – setting color – is disabled.

PX 2 needs to be cleaned well to stay at the top of performance, and it offers a handy cleaning guide that is located under the User Manual tab on the left. PAX 2 is cleaned before use, checked regularly, and paid special attention to the mouthpiece, steam path, sieve, oven, etc. If supplies are tight, take a replacement PAX-2 cleaning kit with you; I have used at least a dozen of them and used all of them.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a large selection of cleaning agents to clean your vapor, but inspect your parts regularly and tell them when they need cleaning. With such a technologically advanced device, you have many small parts and they all need to be cleaned, so check them regularly.

Here is a list of the materials you need to keep your PAX 2 in top shape, as well as some tips and tricks to clean it.

One of the advantages of a PAX 2 over a normal PAX 1 is that it requires less maintenance. We have received many questions about how we know if your PAX needs cleaning and what we can do about it.

We have heard of people who vaporize a PAX 2 for 20 sessions without cleaning it, but we would recommend cleaning it to ensure it performs at its best and that the airflow remains nice and open. You can start to feel your PAX Googling and your airflow – the flow becomes tighter as you steam, especially in the first few minutes of steam.

Depending on how long your personal vaporizer has been in use without cleaning, you may need to use more than a few cotton swabs for thorough cleaning. There is also the question of using a proper cotton tube cleaner, as not all synthetic ones can get stuck in the air stream and melt when heated again.

Immersing the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol is certainly an important step, and the temperature button on the mouthpieces can help keep the vapor in top shape. Before you complete your PAX 2 cleaning session, make sure the mouthpiece and oven screen are completely dry. Return your oven screens to the oven, place one end furthest from the steam path and gently place the screen down the rest of the way.