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Roulette is no doubt among the world’s oldest games, and one of the most popular. It was introduced in Paris in the late 1700s, and by the 19th century, it had spread all over the world. Nowadays, the game is a favorite at many land-based casinos and on online gambling websites.

Roulette is easy to understand and simple to play, so even beginners can join the fun. Although it is purely based on chance, you can use some strategies in order to improve your odds of winning. In this article, we will discuss how to play and win real money in this addictive casino game.

Different types of roulette

There are different types of roulette including European roulette and American roulette. You will find that each type comes with a different table layout that may influence the overall gameplay. The European version contains 37 numbers while the American version has an extra number (00), totaling to 38 numbers.

Although this difference may seem unimportant, it actually affects the house edge of each variant significantly. The double zero in American Roulette tends to increase the house edge of this particular variant. This leads to house edge values of 2.7% in the European version and 5.26% in American Roulette.

Typically, the version of roulette that will give you the best statistical payouts is the European. So, before playing roulette online, make sure you know how much you are able to win and what advantage the casino might have. This will allow you to plan and implement an appropriate winning strategy since the odds are different.

Learn the Odds

Always learn and understand the odds before placing your bet on roulette. Here is one thing about the game. You can win big by betting on a single number, or you can win small by betting on many numbers. However, the more numbers you wager on, the higher your winning chances.

Additionally, if you place your roulette chips on one number, the chances you have of hitting the number are low, so the award is usually large. To maximize your chances, you can divide your bet on multiple numbers, or a column, or a whole row, or even half the board.

Lots of roulette players make the blunder of putting money on a particular number not knowing that it is easier to win by spreading the risk on different numbers. Therefore, if you want to beat the online casino at their own game, you need to first understand how roulette odds work.

Play With a Good Casino

In the online gambling world, things are quite thick. There are thousands of online casinos to pick from. While some are genuine, others are dubious and out to swindle you of your hard-earned cash. It is therefore up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff so that you don’t fall victim to the scammers.

Ensure the online casino you choose is legitimate and has a robust reputation of paying winners. Sites like Platin Casino will point you in the best direction and prevent you from getting swindled. Indeed, if you play at a scam casino site, no matter what strategies you use, you will never win.

Additionally, when searching for a casino, you can check online casino reviews. These reviews normally look closely at casino operators and warn potential players of unethical practices. Therefore, dedicate your time in searching for a suitable casino and then begin your journey at playing and winning online roulette.

Be Calculated

Online roulette utilizes the principles of probability. Therefore, mathematics is a helpful tool in developing a playing strategy. Many roulette players like using the “En Prison” rule when playing European Roulette. This is where you place your even-money wagers “in prison” in case the ball gets into the ‘0’ slot. If you win, you get your cashback.

Other players prefer the Martingale strategy, where only even-money wagers are placed. Using this system makes it quite unlikely that you’ll lose your whole bankroll. There is also the D’Alembert system which is like the Martingale strategy, in that it motivates you to increase your wager if you lose.

The D’Alembert system is also less risky especially if you want to place big wagers. However, avoid the urge of doubling up in order to recoup your losses. Just watch the dealer, focus on the wheel, and monitor the gameplay before you decide to act aggressively.

Be Agile and Adapt

While it is good to implement a particular strategy, you should know that there is no particular one that is fool-proof and that will guarantee you success. Therefore, before jumping on a strategy because it worked for someone else, remember to play knowing that you can either win or lose and always bet responsibly.

Indeed, if you peruse all the literature that offers roulette playing tips, you’ll see that many of these strategies are ineffective. Even those which seem mathematically credible like Martingale, are equally unworkable, especially in real settings. Nevertheless, they cannot be dismissed completely since they have worked for many other players.

What you should know is that despite using strategies, the house always wins in the long run. Additionally, always keep in mind that each betting strategy is different. While some need you to wager less when you win and more when you lose, others need the opposite. What is important is to find a strategy that works for you and stick to it.


All in all, roulette is a great casino game to play irrespective of whether you earn cash or not. Although we would wish to know the secret tricks to win this game, not everyone can beat the casino. However, following the aforementioned tips will help you to improve your winning chances.

Apart from that, always practice with free games before staking your real money. Moreover, make smaller wagers and resist the temptation of investing a lot of money when gambling. This way, you will appreciate the game more, knowing that you have what it takes to beat the house.