Bedroom Closet & Kitchen Cabinets Organization ideas

You have plenty of items to store, so now you are seeking out the top secrets for closet organization.

Great news- this beginner’s guide to efficient storage will teach you all the tricks used by experts in organizing.

Whether you are setting up your closet for a bedroom or kitchen, bathroom, or hallway, this universally applicable advice is sure to make stowing and packing a breeze.

Keep your valuables out of sight and tuck away your items so that you can reach them without clutter. Life is short, and anywhere we can save a few moments (or make them easier) is a huge win.

We detail all the necessary knowledge and hidden gems of closet organizing so the process can be more than just simple- it becomes enjoyable.

Bedroom Closet Organization

Clean First

The first step to organizing a closet is identifying the space you want to optimize. Are you overhauling all of your closets? Or just those in select rooms? Answer this question before proceeding.

Now that you know the spot you want to perfect; the first bit is straightforward. Empty out the contents- even if you are certain that you will replace them shortly.

Once space is free of items, grab a bucket full of soapy water (and a rag) and wipe down all of the closet’s surfaces.

If you plan to use the area for food storage, steer clear of chemical cleaners and try a natural alternative. These cover everything from baking soda, essential oils (orange is great), and vinegar.

When you keep everything food-safe, you can rest assured that there is no chemical contamination.

Once all the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, dry them and leave the door (if any) open for a couple of hours to prevent mildew and mold.

Clear out Clutter

So, now that the closet is spiffy clean and bone dry, it is time to start organizing. Remember when you took all the items out of the closet? Now we take a good, hard look at their actual value.

If you prefer making lists, take a written inventory. If you are discerning by nature, now is the time for brutal honesty with yourself.

Are there unused items? Broken parts? Something with ‘sentimental value’ that you cannot seem to recall?

Now is the time to throw these items away.

If the products are high-quality (just underused) consider donating them to your local thrift store. The key to organizing is efficiency, and clutter precludes this goal.

Bring over the trash can and fill it with any items that are no longer necessary. It will sere you in the long run.

Prioritize your space

By now, you should have a good idea of what your closet space looks like, as well as the items that you plan to use to fill the shelves.

Of the items that remain, determine which ones you use the most frequently.

Chances are, your turkey roasting pan sees less use than your salt and sugar. Be realistic and truthful.

If you are too busy to cook, don’t prioritize items meant for fancy meals. If you cook regularly, don’t prioritize take-out menus. Use logic when prioritizing.

All storage areas have both easy and hard to reach areas. If you are short, then it is easier to reach bottom shelves.

Put less-used items towards the top. If you are a taller individual, chances are that crouching is uncomfortable.

Keep less-needed items towards the bottom, should this be the case. Like in shopping markets, the best spot is right in front of our eyes.

Identify this shelf- it is your prime real estate. This is where you put the most frequently used items you plan to store.

Arrange your Items

Now that you have done the groundwork, the next step is to place your items in the closet. First, place awkward, uncommon items in the nooks and crannies which we discussed.

Make a mental note as to where they now live (after all, out of sight, out of mind- and we don’t want to lose our roasting pan).

Once you’ve shelved all the unusual items, place the common parts back on the shelf. Center these so that they are readily apparent for use.

Lives improve when we can easily access our necessary items. Place these in clear sight and face the labels.

Make sure that items that expire sooner are in front of those with longer life spans.

Find a System

Congratulations, now that your items are in place, you have a well-established closet. That said, it is only as valuable as the use it gains us.

In order to get proper use from your closet, you need a system. Over the next few days, get an idea of what you use and when.

Make sure to replace all the items as soon as you use them. Within the first week, some required changes will become clear.

Whether it is a tucked-away tool which, as it turns out, you often use, or if it is an item that you thought was popular and actually isn’t, you now know the adjustments you need to make.

Shift items according to your experience for an optimal storage experience.

Maintenance is Key

Upkeep is the secret to a proper storage experience. This means that, in order to benefit from your storage space, you need to keep the area clean and sorted.

If there is clutter after a couple of weeks, consider an organizer. They do not need to be high-end (sometimes, even a shoebox works).

The trick is to find a regular interval for upkeep and stick to the schedule. Wipe down the closet occasionally, and keep items faced and sorted.

Special Considerations

There are some components of closet sorting that are straightforward. The foil of this truth is that there are tricks that come as a surprise.

These come with some strange guises, things like broken shelves, damaged fixtures, spills, breakage, and hidden areas. Keep an eye out for space restrictions caused by things like plumbing.

If there is a spill or a break, make sure to fix the damage right away. Clean hidden nooks regularly to prevent mold.

Kitchen Cabinets Organization

In most homes, the kitchen is not showered with the necessary appreciation as it should be.

The kitchen spaces are used on a daily basis, still, a lot of individuals do not bother to learn about what it takes to organize and put it in the right condition at all time.

Yes, there are some basic kitchen rules and ideas you are familiar with, but do you know the practical details?

Do you know what it really takes to organize the various areas of the kitchen spaces?

Do you know those things you need to do to fully utilize the spaces and as well make your cooking routine as easy as possible?

Contrary to general belief, having a great or perfect kitchen arrangement goes beyond having your dishes neatly stacked.

A perfect kitchen arrangement is when you have a smooth system that eradicates unnecessary stress and as well makes things very easy for you.

To ensure you get rid of unnecessary stress and as well fully utilize your kitchen to its capacity, we have been able to comprehensively.

Put together some of the amazing tips on how you can organize your kitchen cabinets, and how you can as well come up with a smart system that works for you.

Make sure the lids of plastic containers used for storing food are kept in their boxes

This is one of the basic approaches to adopt if you are looking for how to keep your kitchen cabinet neat and organized.

Ensure the lids of the plastic storage containers don’t just hang around the kitchen cabinet because they can easily fit there.

If the lids are all scattered in a spot, picking out the right size for your use can be very difficult.

Instead, take your time to simply stack these lids in a neat and separate box, different from other boxes in the kitchen by arranging them from the biggest down to the smallest.

Make sure the things you make use of in the kitchen every day are kept in the cabinets that are easy to access

At all times, ensure you keep your cooking utensils and dishes in cabinets where they can be easily reached.

When the cooking utensils are kept at an easy to reach distance, it ensures you stay away from stress, and you can as well easily find your way around the kitchen.

If you are making use of the plastic storage container to keep your abandoned meal at any point in time, ensure you do not place such containers in the lower space of the cabinet.

The front cabinet and the center cabinet are the right place or positions for such.

Apart from your leftovers, the same approach, the use of the front and center cabinets, should as well be a perfect place for the storage of things you make use of from day today.

To utilize the available spaces of your cabinet, make sure your pegboards and cork boards are hung on the inside of the cabinet door

Keeping your hang hooks, pegboards, and cork boards in the cabinet and not on the inside of the cabinet door is just the perfect move.

The advantage this type of arrangement gives is that it provides additional space for the storage of other things like your measuring cups, dish towel, grocery, serving tools, and recipes.

If this procedure can be fully followed and properly implemented, you will be able to make effective use of all available spaces in your cabinet, and as well eradicate the frustration of searching through various areas of the cabinet.

Make sure your shelf risers are properly stored in your cabinets

If you are looking at ways of having your cabinet space doubled or increased without any stress, making use of shelf risers are all you need.

With the presence of a shelf riser in your cabinet, you have up to “two” of the original space and capacity of your cabinet.

It allows you to store up to two times as many plates, mugs, dishes, and whatever you need to store.

In the case of limited space, you can make use of a rotating tray for the storage of your spices

If you are looking for the perfect way to discontinue the use of spice bottles, which are often a disorganized thing to do, then consider a change.

Make use of a rotating tray for the storage of your spices especially if your kitchen cabinet is not as big as usual.

With your spices appropriately packaged and stored, you can go ahead to stash it in one of the cabinet’s spaces very close to your stove.

Amazingly, with the use of a rotating tray, your things will be properly kept and organized, easy to see and pick, and as well make it very easy to lay a hand on.

You can as well purge

Organizing the kitchen is never an easy task. To ensure you have things well organized, sometimes you have to start the re-arrangement from the start.

All it takes is for you to take out everything from the cabinet and organize it. When you want to purge, you will have to go through the various spaces of the cabinet to see where the mess is.

When you start the re-arrangement from scratch, it gives you a perfect chance to have a clear knowledge of the number of kitchen accessories or tools.

You have and as well provides you with a great opportunity to tidy or reassemble whatever you are putting back into the cabinet, just like intended or advised.

When going through the organization or rearrangement of your kitchen cabinet, ensure you take your time. Remember, there is no reason to rush.

To get everything rightly positioned or arranged into each cabinet, take all the time you need. It could be days or a week. The goal is to have a well-organized kitchen cabinet.

Also, while purging, make sure you are being realistic about it.

Accessories to be targeted are the ones that are damaged or broken, the ones you haven’t used for a very long time, or the ones you no longer feel attracted to.

The aim or goal of purging isn’t about throwing the identified accessories or tools away, the aim is to set them aside to see if they are really useful or not before a final decision is made.

A Final Word on Organizing

With most of the world living in an urban environment, it is more necessary than ever to optimize space.

Use these handy tricks and logical tips to make the most of what you have- both by way of utility, as well as value from your possessions.

When we organize things concisely, we save both time and tedium, so that we can make the most out of our day.