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Simple Backyard Ideas For Decorating Your Garden

Are you a proud homeowner, looking for tips for decorating a backyard? Well, if this is the case, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we detail the best ways to do this decorating so that it is easy and fun.

No matter what you prefer, ornate or austere, there is the perfect solution to your decorating needs. Are you looking for loud and bold decorations that declare your personality?

Or do you prefer subtle integration of ornaments? Whether you are on a budget or looking to spend significantly, we will elaborate on your ideal decorating plan so that your backyard stands out from the rest.

Simple Backyard Ideas

Simple Steps

Big projects (like setting up your backyard) don’t need to be complicated. In fact, once you know what you are after, the process is generally straightforward. Be specific about your needs and wants.

It is the best way to achieve success. Of course, we want to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible.  Following these easy solutions will save you time and keep things interesting throughout the decorating process.

Cleaning First

There is no logical approach to decorating a messy back yard. Start by clearing out clutter. If you have pre-existing decorations, take them down and set them aside.

Rake away leaves and mow your lawn. Separate out tools and make a woodpile. The first step in adorning your yard is giving yourself a blank canvas.

It is worth the time to clean house. This way, you know what you need and what you have to work with.

Devise a Theme

The natural next step is to come up with a thematic concept that centrally integrates the design. It will look only foolish if half is floral and the other half is angular modern art.

Figure out what you want the look to be. A great way to approach this is finding one, central piece.

Whether it be a statue or a water feature, a garden plot or a new tree, identify that piece first. Everything else will follow easily once you know where to start.

Whenever you choose a subsequent ornament, make sure that it ties into the central theme.

Set a Budget

It is no secret that home improvement work is potentially expensive. Products for yards are variable prices as well as in quality.

In order to get what you want for your yard (without breaking the bank), set a bottom line and stick to it. Generally, there will be ways to cut costs and still get what you want.

This is only possible, however, if you have realistic spending parameters. Make a list of items you need, followed by the items you want.

Do some market research to learn about pricing. From there, you will have a realistic idea of your budgetary needs.

Less is More

We have all passed by a yard that is so cluttered that, in spite of high-class ornaments, it looks atrocious. This is because, when it comes to decorating, less is more.

When we consider real estate, what we are referring to is space. It is important to the aesthetics of the yard to properly employ empty space.

Open areas, when used correctly, have just as much merit as ornamentation. Learn to properly employ this trick for a classy approach to yard decorations.

Tips and Tricks

Garage Sales and Thrifting

Tastes change. People move. This means that when you are seeking out items for your outdoor needs, it doesn’t have to be firsthand to be good quality.

Sometimes we worry that if it the item is up for sale, then it doesn’t have value. The truth is that the value is in the utility you can gain from the item.

Once you know what ornaments you seek, take a look at local thrift stores; chances are, you are not the first person to share that taste.

Of course, ensure that the items are quality (not damaged or stained). Generally, this method cuts costs and makes more items accessible.

Frugal and Functional

Ultimately, it is your yard and you want to be able to use it to the maximum of your ability. In order to achieve this goal, you must be smart about what you put into your yard itself.

Your first decorations must be functional. Figure out what your needs actually are. Do you require a storage shed for your tools?

There is no greater eyesore than a rusting lawnmower and rakes strewn about the property. Prevent this by making a home for all of your tools. Next, figure out your garden situation.

Make sure that it is easy to access and to irrigate. If you plan on incorporating a water feature, consider placing it close to the plants for double benefits. The overall goal is to have things to be visually pleasing and useful- at the same time.

Plan Ahead

Unless you live in a very temperate climate, chances are your yard will see the change of seasons.

Make sure that your decorations work year-round. If you are planning on including figurines or statues, elevate them so that snow won’t cover them when the season shifts.

Is your yard treed? If it is, and those trees are deciduous, plan for the fallen leaves to come.

Make sure to account for conditions of every season. Set up windbreaks to prevent snow drifts and make sure that there is a sensible walking path if conditions get icy.

Make it Match

Unless you pursue an eclectic design method, it is better to pursue matching ornaments. Don’t shift quickly from gnomes to angel statues.

When choosing plants, make sure the blooms don’t clash. If you plant trees, coniferous and deciduous design patterns are drastically different.

Another consideration is matching the yard to your house. If your home is brightly colored, consider a central design based on that color, and supplement with muted tones so as to keep things simple.

Matching is not always color coordinating; it is about keeping to the central theme. When in doubt, take a look at your central ornament. It will let you know what fits and what doesn’t.

A Final Word

Rules and suggestions are great, but in truth, it is your yard. Let your true colors show, especially considering it will be you that sees the area the most. Find the features you enjoy and functionality that benefits you specifically.

Yards are a place of both work and relaxation; therefore, to gain maximum benefit from the area, find decorations that allow for utility and aesthetics.

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