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Coffee is an integral part of the daily routine of many people worldwide. There are hundreds of billions of cups of coffee consumed in a year in America, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

Coffee is a beverage that is consumed on a regular basis, so we choose ten best Starbucks coffee beans whether it is at the start of the day or to be awake after bedtime.

Coffee has caffeine in it which helps people stay awake longer, focus better as well as calm their nerves.

It also has several health benefits and has been shown to improve longevity in people across the world according to several studies. Coffee is also an antioxidant and helps in improving the health of the liver.

While a good cup of coffee can lift the mood and act as a social drink as well as a winter drink, a cup of coffee that is not according to your taste preference can do the exact opposite.

That’s why it is imperative that you buy your coffee from a good source. To boil water we suggest looking out our top choice of a tea kettle, you must use fresh healthy water by filtering.

What is Fresh Coffee?

Fresh coffee refers to a coffee that was roasted not more than 14 days ago. It is the period when the flavor of the coffee is intact. After this period, the coffee starts losing the flavor.

The coffee does not go bad after this period and still can be used for many more months, but the difference in the taste will be significant.

How should I store the coffee?

Coffee should never be refrigerated. If the coffee comes in degassing bags, it can be stored in them, and no additional storage would be required as they help in maintaining the freshness for a more extended period.

However, if you do want to store your coffee somewhere, it needs to be stored in an airtight container.

In the case that you want to store the coffee for a much longer time, which is any period more than four weeks, then you may store it in the freezer in the degassing bag or airtight container.

It should, however, be remembered that it will still lose the freshness and the difference can be significant. This is why it is better not to store the coffee for longer than a few weeks.

How do I choose among the roast levels?

As mentioned above the roast of the coffee decides the flavor it would have. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a roast that you would like.

The dark roast can be very bitter and is an acquired taste while a light roast can be very bland and have no taste at all.

It is better to start with a medium roast or a medium-dark roast if you do not have a preference and then, according to your liking, you can move up or down the roasting levels.

Comparison Table of Starbucks Bean Coffee

ImageBrandview Details
Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee, Smooth & Balanced, 12-Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)
Starbucks French Roast, 40 Ounce Whole Bean, Intense & Smokey
Starbucks Caffe Whole Bean Verona Dark Roast, 20-Ounce Bag, Roasty Sweet & Dark Cocoa
Starbucks Espresso Whole Bean Dark Roast, 20-Ounce Bag, Rich & Caramelly
Starbucks Sumatra Earthy & Herbal Whole Bean, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, 1lbs, Special For Occasion
Starbucks Christmas Blend Whole Bean, 1lbs, Spicy & Sweet
Starbucks Caffe Dark Roast Verona, 1lbs, Roasty Sweet & Dark Cocoa
Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee, 2.5 lbs, Rich & Lively, 100% Arabica Coffee
Starbucks French Roast Dark Roast, 1.25 lbs, Intense & Smokey, 100% Arabica Coffee
Starbucks Decaf Espresso Rich & Caramely, 1 lb, Blend of Decaffeinated

Many people prefer to go out for a cup of coffee. Starbucks is a popular coffee shop around the world.

However, it is not always possible to go to a Starbucks to get the caffeine fix at all times, which is why here are the ten best Starbucks coffee beans for you to get the same quality of coffee at your home.

10 Best Starbucks Coffee Beans Reviews

Coffee Beans That Help You Recreate the Starbucks Coffee Menu at Your Home

01. Starbucks Pike Place Roast Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Well-rounded Medium Roasted Coffee beans
  • Properly roasted
  • Smooth and Balanced
  • Undertones of Nuts and Cocoa
  • Single Origin Latin America Coffee
  •  Unique and perfect taste
  • Tremendous flavor

A medium roasted coffee bean with a smooth and balanced taste to it will lift up your spirit and enlighten your mood.

The majority of the people can’t get out of their beds unless they have a nice steaming cup of coffee.

Once you have a well-balanced pike place coffee, the craving for pike place roast coffee will urge you to make a hot steaming cup of coffee for yourself in the morning.

Pike Place Roast Coffee has a subtle hint of toasted nuts and cocoa to complement the taste of the coffee.

A tremendous flavor of each coffee bean is achieved by carefully roasting at an appropriate temperature. It is a single origin brand of coffee from Latin America.

The flavors in the coffee are balanced together so that there is no dominant flavor and you get the hint of all the undertones in every sip.

The medium roasted Pike-Pine Roast Coffee was created in 2008 and named after the first location in the Starbucks chain.

The Pike Place Roast coffee is less bitter and acidic than the dark roast coffees, yet not so bland that you cannot enjoy the strong cup of coffee.

It is the perfect blend for every day at any time of the day. You can have a Starbucks Coffee experience while sitting in your comfortable chair in your home and there is nothing which tops that.

02. Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Extremely Dark Roast
  • Well-rounded coffee beans
  • Aroma of oily coffee beans
  • No bitter taste at all
  • Explosive and pure flavor
  • Intense and Smoky cup of coffee
  • Low Acidity
  • No undertones

One of the most popular Starbucks coffee for decades, this is a dark roast blended coffee bean from Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

It’s roasted to the extreme level and is popular among the masses for the intense smokiness.

If you like a dark roast coffee, this is the perfect pick for you. The addictive French roast whole coffee provides you with immense pleasure in the morning.

It is an oily coffee bean, so you must clean your coffee machine and grinder after using this been.

This ebony colored coffee bean has been popular ever since the 1970s, and its flavor is bold but not too acidic.

Surely Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee is a dark roast blended and bold coffee, yet it is not bitter at all. Each sip of Starbucks French Roast Coffee is a treat for your taste buds.

What’s more mesmerizing is that the aroma of the coffee doubles the joy while drinking it. Such a great coffee is hard to find.

Once you are addicted to the French roast coffee, it will become your all-time favorite, and it is unlikely that you’ll ever change your first choice for a morning coffee.

A nice steamy cup of French Roast Coffee brings the Starbucks taste too you anytime you want in your home. Once you have it, there is no doubt you will crave for it every morning.

03. Starbucks Caffe Verona


Highlighted Features

  • Just perfect Medium Dark Roast coffee
  • Mesmerizing Aroma
  • Bold Flavor
  • Well Balanced
  • Roasted Sweet and Dark Cocoa
  • Provides the best sweetness when combined with dark chocolate
  • Blended Asia Pacific and Latin American Coffee

Starbucks Caffe Verona Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Similar to the previous coffee bean, Verona Dark Roast Coffee is also a multi-blend coffee from Latin America and the Asia Pacific, however, this is a medium-dark roast.

The medium-dark roasted beans become a tasty beverage for any time of the day.

The Verona Dark Roast Coffee was initially called Jake’s blend when it was created in 1975. Starbucks Caffe Verona dark roast coffee was loved by so many that it was officially named after a city named Verona which inspires a lot of people.

In any way, Caffe Verona is the absolute thing of pure romance.

Starbucks Caffe Verona Coffee has a rich and well-balanced flavor with a hint of cocoa. Its medium dark roast allows it to have a fuller or heavier body that is robust and bold in taste.

It is perfectly fine if you don’t want to leave your home on a slightly colder day or your working desk during the intense work to get a cup of Dark Roast Coffee, you can bring the whole Starbucks in your home through Starbucks Caffe Verona Coffee.

Grind the roasted beans before brewing and brew well enough to enjoy the exact taste of Starbucks coffee at home.

04. Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Dark Roast whole beans
  • Rich in caramel flavor
  • Bold taste
  • Perfect combination with milk or cream
  • Sweet Undertones
  • A base for all espresso-based coffees
  • Used for all the Espressos in the Starbucks menu
  • Blended Asia Pacific and Latin American Coffee

The Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee is one of the best Starbucks coffee beans and as the name suggests it is a dark roast coffee with rich and caramel flavor.

Starbucks Espresso Dark roasted coffee is a sweet blend and pairs perfectly with cream or milk.

Espresso Dark Roast Coffee was created in 1975 from the single origin of coffee from Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.

All the espressos in Starbucks are created using this blend.

It can also be savored without cream or steamed milk, and it would still retain the sweetness and the rich texture.

In addition to making great espressos, it can also be used to make lattes and other forms of coffees that have an espresso base.

There is no need to leave your tiresome work on your desk and go out for a coffee when you can brew a steamy cup of Starbucks Espresso Dark Coffee right in your kitchen.

One sip of Espresso dark roast coffee every morning and you will fall in love with the fantastic beverage, all over again.

One cup of hot steaming Espresso Dark Roast Coffee and you can come right back to work with open eyes and a refreshing mind.

05. Starbucks Sumatra Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Dark Roast
  • Smooth and Full Bodied
  • Earthy And Herbal Undertones
  • Mesmerizing aroma
  • Almost No Acidity
  • Single Origin Sumatra (Asia Pacific) Coffee

A dark roast whole beans coffee with a smooth and full-bodied mouthfeel taste with a hint of herbal flavors that lingers in the mouth after the sip.

One sip of Sumatra coffee and you will forget all the other coffees you ever had. It’s smooth and full-bodied mouthfeel will surprise you! It can be paired well with savory food.

This blend is a single origin from the Asia Pacific and was produced in Indonesia.

The exotic spicy, subtle flavor and almost little to no acidity helps add to its popularity. Sumatra whole bean coffee is a bit oily and has been used by Starbucks for nearly four decades.

The coffee beans are roasted with great care. Dark coral, green-colored coffee beans are roasted on a specified temperature to reveal the bold flavors of the coffee.

One of the most precious blends from Starbucks, Sumatra whole bean coffee, is appreciated by a lot of people. Nothing beats such a great taste of Starbucks Sumatra coffee.

The taste of the coffee will bring a smile on your face and freshness in your body.

The flavor of the blend is such that it can also be savored without any added sweetness, milk or creamer. It is the perfect blend for a cup of black coffee.

06. Starbucks Christmas Blend Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Dark Roast
  • Spellbinding aroma
  • Traditional beverage
  • Sweet and Spicy
  • No Acidity
  • Single Origin Sumatra (Asia Pacific) Coffee
  • The perfect beverage for the holiday season

One of the Christmas traditions in Starbucks is producing their Christmas blend. Starbucks Christmas blend is smooth and spicy and is made of single-origin Sumatran beans. The tradition was started in 1985 and has been continued throughout the years.

The perfect blend is dark roasted with a hint of herbal, spicy, and syrupy undertones, as well as a spellbinding aroma.

The classic taste of Christmas blend coffee comes from rare Sumatran coffee beans which are aged three to five years.

The spicy and syrupy undertones are achieved due to three to five year’s age period.

Anticipation level to roast the rare Sumatran coffee beans is yet another thing that is unique about the Christmas blend coffee.

Starbucks Christmas blend coffee combines the taste and tradition which enhances the craving for such a beverage.

A warm and cozy cup of Christmas Blend coffee is the only thing you want during the holidays. Starbucks Christmas blend coffee brings a whole new level of excitement on the table during the holiday season.

Christmas blend whole bean coffee is the perfect beverage for perfect holidays, and it will become a tradition in no time once you try it for the first time.

07. Starbucks Caffe Verona Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Bold Flavor
  • Spellbinding Aroma
  • Well Balanced
  • Roasted Sweet and Dark Cocoa
  • Blended Asia Pacific and Latin American Coffee

Verona dark roast is not extremely dark, instead, it is a medium-dark roast with roasted sweet and dark cocoa texture. The dark roast coffee is rich as well as being well balanced.

It is made from the blend of coffee beans from the Asia-Pacific as well as Latin American regions and was produced for the first time in 1975.

Starbucks Caffe Verona dark roast coffee got its name from a city named Verona which inspires so many and loved by a lot of people.

Caffe Verona is the perfect thing of pure love. Grind the roasted beans before brewing and brew well enough to enjoy the exact taste of Starbucks coffee at home.

It is the same as the Verona dark roast whole bean mentioned above. However, Starbucks Caffe Verona dark roast coffee comes in a 16-ounce pack while the one mentioned above comes in a 20-ounce pack.

08. Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Dark Roast
  • Rich in Caramel flavor
  • First-ever high-quality coffee
  • The perfect combination of taste and a mesmerizing aroma
  • Intense and Sweet Blend
  • Blended Asia Pacific and Latin American Coffee

Starbucks house blend coffee is a well-balanced coffee with single-origin from Latin America. The coffee has a medium-dark roast with not too much acidity and a significant body, neither too full nor light.

The medium-dark roast house blend coffee is much better than other dark roast coffees. The coffee is not bitter at all and can easily be used without added sweetness.

It can be made into a black coffee without the need for added sweeteners, milk, or cream.

Starbucks house blend medium body coffee is the perfect choice for making espresso. The house blend coffee also has a hint of nut and cocoa flavors.

Starbucks house blend coffee was the first coffee ever produced by Starbucks way back in 1971 nearly five decades ago.

It was the first coffee made by Starbucks which is the true reflection of Starbucks. Generations of people have drunk this, and now it is a unique blend of coffee for them.

09. Starbucks French Roast Dark Roast Ground Coffee


Highlighted Features

  • Ground Coffee
  • Extremely Dark Roast
  • Finest taste with a great aroma
  • Intense and Smoky
  • Low Acidity
  • No undertones
  • The perfectly Blended Asia Pacific and Latin American Coffee

The only ground coffee on the list. French dark roast ground coffee is made from grinding the Starbucks French roast whole bean coffee.

The coffee captures the oily texture which is released while grinding the whole beans and tries to maintain the unique aroma of the whole beans.

Since the dark roast ground coffee is made from dark roasted coffee beans, it is quite bitter with no hint of sweetness.

The beans are roasted at a pre-determined temperature carefully and just a second longer roasting could burn the beans.

The French roast ground coffee helps you make the perfect Starbucks coffee at home without the needs of a coffee grinder.

10. Starbucks Decaf Espresso Roast


Highlighted Features

  • Dark Roast
  • Rich in caramel flavor
  • A great taste with a fine aroma
  • Sweet Undertones
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Used for all the Decaffeinated Espressos in the Starbucks menu
  • Blended Asia Pacific and Latin American Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee The decaf espresso roast coffee is similar to the espresso dark roast coffee beans, except for the caffeine content.

Decaf espresso coffee is a decaffeinated coffee with the same qualities of rich and caramel texture from the dark roast espresso.

The need for a perfect melding of beans and roast was identified in 1975, and after months of experiments, Decaf Espresso roast coffee was created.

The tradition of roasting the beans perfectly has never been changed since then which is why Decaf espresso roast coffee is one of the best decafs in the market.

Its taste is difficult to distinguish from the caffeinated espresso and delivers the same quality of richness and overtones as its caffeinated counterpart.

Decaf espresso roast coffee forms the base for the decaf lattes, cappuccinos, and other drinks that require a decaf espresso base.

Things to Consider while Buying Starbucks Coffee Bean

01. Buying Whole Beans

Coffee experts agree that buying whole coffee beans is much better than buying ground coffee or instant coffee.

Whole beans keep the flavor of the coffee and freshness intact for a much more extended period.

The whole fresh coffees release carbon dioxide for nearly two weeks which keeps oxygen always, thus keep it fresh.

starbuck coffee beans

Ground coffee, however, releases the carbon dioxide much faster than the whole beans due to the increase in the surface area, which results in it starting to get stale only after twenty-five minutes of being ground and thus loses the original character of the coffee.

During the process of grinding the whole beans, it dries out and becomes stale faster than whole beans if not stored properly.

02. Consider the Roast

The roast of the coffee decides the strength of the flavor. It ranges from a light roast to a dark roast.

Light roast means it is lightly roasted and would result in weak and not bitter coffee. In addition to this, it may not release the same caffeine content as a darker roast.

A dark roast coffee, on the other hand, is well roasted and quite bitter to taste and releases more flavor and caffeine. A majority of people, however, go for a medium roast.

The dark roast generally gained popularity a few decades ago because of its rich quality, but with the increasing numbers of roasters and their evolving techniques of roasting.

The medium-dark and medium roast is gaining momentum as well with new blends available which give out the new aroma, flavors, textures, and acidity

03. Origin

The origin of the coffee also plays a significant role in the flavor. There are broadly three major growing regions for coffee production which are Latin America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Each region has its own climate and processing techniques which make the coffee grown there different from the others.

A single blend coffee means a coffee grown in only one origin is used which allows you to taste the flavors of the region the coffee is grown in.

There are also blended coffees which are a combination of specific single-origin coffees to create a balanced and complex flavor different from the origins that were used.

Let us look at some of the main characteristics of the coffee from different regions:

  • Latin America

These coffee are generally light-bodied, which means they feel lighter and smoother while drinking. It should be noted that the coffee from South America is slightly heavier than that from Central America.

The Latin American coffee has high acidity and they have a crisp and bold taste with a certain punch to it.

  • Africa

The African coffees are unique with their exotic flavors and subtly spicy, fruity flavors. The coffee has different characteristics based on the exact location it is produced in and is packed with flavor.

The two major countries in Africa producing coffee are Ethiopia and Kenya. They rank among the leading coffee producers in the world and have complex aromas whose flavor is influenced by several stone fruits grown in the region.

  • Asia Pacific

The coffee from the Asia Pacific region is produced in India and Indonesia. These are ‘heavier’ variants of coffee with low acidity and a heavy dose of flavor.

They do not influence other berries, fruits, or aroma and are not complex. They are cherished for their unadulterated and robust flavor.

04. Freshness

Coffee retains all the natural character and the flavors during the first two weeks after roasting after which it starts to lose the flavor and aroma. It does not go bad, but you can tell that it is not fresh.

People should always look at the roasting date on the packets and try to use the coffee as soon as possible.

While buying coffee in bulk can be a cost-effective method, it is not recommended while buying coffee, owing to the fact that by the time you reach the third, fourth or the last bag, the coffee would have lost a significant portion of its flavor, intensity and, quality and make flat cups.

05. Roaster Identity

While purchasing coffee it is also important to know the exact roaster as they help to ascertain the flavor of the coffee.

A well established and branded roaster would have a uniform consistency across their selection, while an independent or a new roaster may not be able to maintain the standards across the selection.

Frequently Asked Question While Buying Coffee

There may be a lot of questions for people who wish to buy coffee. Let’s look at some of them:

What happens after the coffee is ground?

After grounding the coffee, it is still fresh for nearly 25 minutes after which it rapidly starts to get stale as the carbon dioxide is released very quickly.

That’s why experts recommend buying whole beans rather than ground coffee as it would help retain the freshness for longer.

The additional expense of purchasing a coffee grinder is worth the enhanced flavor the freshly ground coffee produces.

best starbucks coffee beans

Where can I buy Coffee?

Coffee can be purchased almost anywhere around the world at the local stores, however, while buying coffee at the local store the various factors that need to be remembered and asked are the roast levels.

The origins of the coffee, the roaster identity, and much more, which makes it difficult to buy coffee locally like the shop owners may not know the details or even if they do, the coffee may not measure up to the international standards.

To make this easier, you can also order coffee online from E-Commerce websites and online where you will get coffee from the best roasters around the world with the proper information about the product regarding the origins, roast levels as well as the roaster identity.

Since other eCommerce websites mostly ship internationally all around the globe getting coffee from them should not be much difficulty, but even if they do not send to your location, you can always use drop shipping companies.

Wrap Up

Coffee has a wide range of flavors and aroma depending on the various regions it’s produced in, the blend as well as the roast of the coffee. The preference of a coffee depends largely on the palate preference of a person.

The taste of the coffee can be determined by the flavor profile of the buyer and the flavor, in particular, be checked before buying coffee. You can purchase new varieties of coffees which are similar to the roast that you prefer.

It is also good to try new origins and blends of the coffee to get an idea of the vast range of flavors.

Starbucks coffee menu has a wide range of blended and single-origin coffee to provide its customers the coffee, they would like the most.

Starbucks also wants to encourage people to make their coffee at home which is why they sell the best Starbucks coffee beans the same as that is used by them to create the delicious lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccinos as well as the simple espresso.

It will also benefit you to invest in a good coffee machine and coffee grinder to get the most flavorful coffee at home at any time you want.