The internet is a dynamic place. A recent study reveals that almost one in every three uses is on Instagram, and that means there are always new and interesting audiences that are rising out of the internet’s ether.

In that scenario, how can real estate businesses take the full advantage of social media, especially Instagram, to leverage and make the platform a powerful source for leads? How can real estate businesses make the most out of Instagram? What are some key ways to improve your Instagram strategy that generates a buzz, engages people, and inspires action?

This article looks at impactful ways Instagram can generate real estate marketing ideas and improve your Instagram brand presence.

Know your target audience and your niche

Scaling a real estate business on Instagram requires time, effort, and patience. The first step to improving your Instagram strategy is to know who your audience is.

Instagram is a place for people from all walks of life. From a teenager just about to go to high-school to an entrepreneur looking to purchase a new mansion. Finding your niche and sticking to it is crucial if you want to grow your real estate business page.

There are many different segments and audience sets on Instagram who might be ideal target audiences, but establishing who is your preferred audience based on your niche will help you improve your marketing and strategize better.

For instance, some people are looking to purchase a bigger home to accommodate their family. For them, neighborhood, civic facilities, distance to school, and parks matter more than anything.

On the other hand, a young business leader would look to purchase a high-rise apartment in the city’s heart closer to nightclubs, gyms, and recreational areas. Understanding your target audience and serving them with the most relevant content makes Instagram highly profitable for real estate businesses.

Look at other digital channels where you already have a presence. Learn where your business comes from. The people who already follow you on social media are in the perfect set of people to target.

Speak to your audience in a valuable manner, and with helpful posts, show them what you care about. First, choose your target audience, and your content strategy will be clear.

Quality of Content over Quantity

  • Becoming the top real estate business on Instagram is not a tough road if your content strategy is strong and valuable. Earlier to rise on Instagram, you needed to keep posting content, videos, photos, snippets constantly – but that has changed!
  • People now care about the quality of content you put up rather than the quantity. Yes, the quality of the imagery (in case of photos) and the quality of production, editing (in case of video) matters, but not as much as the post’s quality itself.
  • Few know this, but it’s necessary to increase the watch time of your Instagram post. That works well with the algorithm as it means to Instagram that people are finding your content relevant and useful.
  • The longer time people spend on your post, recommendations to people similar in your target audience will go up, increasing your reach and impressions.
  • Another strategy to increase your watch time on Instagram posts is to write longer and more valuable descriptions that work for your audience. Showcasing a new property? Write about the history of the property, the location, and some interesting facts.
  • Relevant, valuable, and thoughtful content encourages people to engage with your post, which means your page hits more viewers, more likes, and more followers – simultaneously taking your Instagram strategy to the next level.

Leverage Instagram Insights

  • One of the key benefits of using social media is to harness the power of analytics and find insights. What makes your followers tick? Which type of content engages them the most? What do they do after they engage with your posts? Where do your most followers come from? These are some questions that earlier needed hours of survey and research to find, but with Instagram, you can find all of this data at the click of a button.
  • To view Insights, you need to switch your Real Estate Businesses page from Personal to a ‘Creator’ or ‘Business’ account. You can do that by — Going to your account screen and then clicking the three horizontal lines, choose ‘Settings’ then ‘Account’ and switch to ‘Creator’ or ‘Business’ account. Once that switch is complete, you can see a tab called ‘Insights’ on your page.
  • Insights are raw data that give you an overview and an in-depth view of how well your Instagram posts have done. You can see related data for your content, activity, and audience. You can also see specific data – for individual posts or videos.
  • Viewing your page and posts’ insights is helpful because it shows you single-handedly what works for your audience and doesn’t. The idea is to generate insights from this data to understand peoples’ tastes and preferences and use that insight to create content that will be more relevant and engaging for them, driving more traffic and sales leads for you.

Use Instagram Stories and IGTV for a personal connection.

  • Real Estate Businesses can, at times, feel like faceless brands talking to people. People connect more with a brand that has a face and interacts with them regularly. Instagram Stories and IGTV are the perfect media to make that happen.
  • The power of Instagram Stories lies beneath the raw uncut version of personal narrative. People get to see what was behind the scenes, what your business is about, who are the people and a real estate listing walkthrough that shows you the entire property with no magic cuts or great decoration is useful. It is the power of being real and personal. Instagram stories are a sure shot way to get free Instagram followers.
  • IGTV, on the other hand, is a great tool to make people experience the environment, the neighborhood, and the people near your listing. IGTV videos are rich multimedia content that is highly shareable. Visual and engaging is what works best for making an IGTV video. Instagram ranks video content higher on its newsfeed, and that means your content has the potential to reach more audiences.
  • Creating IGTV videos is as simple. It is a great way to make a faceless brand connect personally with your audience; however, make sure it is short, interesting, and beneficial.

Inspire people to take action

All strategy on Instagram is meaningless if it doesn’t inspire people to take any action that helps your business. To take action, you need to give people helpful nudges. Real estate marketers can do this by creating a sense of urgency, and posting content inspire people to put things off and make a decision now.

If you want to grow your business, highlight aspects of your work that motivate people to do what you need them to do – show a listing of fast selling houses, conduct Q/A discussion, share customer testimonials, join local events, and keep doing more.


Improving your Instagram strategy is crucial as it can help you through the real estate sales funnel – kindling interest by providing helpful content to inspire action. The strategies listed above work in tandem with each other and need to be constantly refined and reviewed based on feedback.

The key to success is to use the power of Instagram smartly: Generate interest, engage with content, connect with the target audience, leverage insights, and take action. Using Instagram for marketing your Real Estate Businesses can improve not only your reputation, generate more leads, but also help you reach an audience you could have never thought of otherwise.