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Casino games are designed for entertainment and relaxation. Excitement is generated by the desire to win money or to have a positive experience, but there is also a chance that you might lose everything instead of winning. Players make wagers in the hope of making a profit based on the probability of winning. 

Casinos profit by offering games of chance in which players, on average, lose more money than they win. To achieve this result, casinos must maintain a mathematical relationship between wage and the amount paid out in winnings.

Of course, while many focus on this aspect due to their business nature, there are some great casinos that do also ensure they continue to provide a top-class experience to the players that have signed up to their sites. Those that are looking for sites like this would be wise to check out the platform, as this will provide you with all the very best places to potentially use! 

The following section of this article, though, will explain how casinos make money in general.

The Handle

The most crucial phrase for every gaming operator is the handle, regardless of the kind of casino gambling. The handle represents total wagers. When playing a game like craps, every bet on a table counts toward the handle, whether it wins or loses. These wagers can be placed with cash or chips and are paid off at 30-1 for bets like the two and 12 or even money for bets like the pass line.

Frequently, players mix up the handle (total bets) with the drop. The money traded for chips in a casino is called the drop. The total drop in a game like a blackjack is the amount placed in the metal drop box fastened to the table and dumped into which all banknotes and markers are. The words “handle” and “drop” are occasionally used interchangeably.

House Edge

The house edge refers to the casino’s fundamental statistical advantage in each game and wager. Any participant might win at any given time, regardless of who has the theoretical advantage over the other, which makes the game gambling because the outcome is unpredictable.

The total amount that the casino keeps after all bets are paid out is known as the casino win. Any time players win more money than the casino has on hand, this might be a negative number. The hold percentage shows how the casino win and drops are related.

Factors Influencing Casino Handle

What is known as “time on device” impacts casino handling the most? Whatever the wager, there won’t be a handle or a profit if there are no participants. When casinos develop strategies to raise average bets and the length of time any gaming machine, such as a slot machine or table area, is in play, they maximize their revenue.

According to a business model, the total handle is a function of game speed, user capacity, and average wager. Because of this, all players club bonuses are calculated based on your average bet and the number of hours played, not on your win or loss total!


Now that you have a solid grasp on how casinos make money, you should be better equipped to pick which games and when to play them to give you the best odds of making some winnings. You may never be a professional gambler, but understanding how casino income is generated and calculated will make you a more profitable player, and that’s worth something!