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Choosing the furniture for your kitchen is not an easy task. The Internet is full of all sorts of styles, shapes, and trends, making the choice quite hard! To help you choose the right kitchen table and the right chairs for it, here is a list of things to take into account in order to make your dining area practical and decorative – in an ideal style suited for your taste!


Square, round or rectangular? To choose the right kitchen table, you must start by comparing all the pros and cons of all sorts of shapes. The choice of shape depends, on one hand, on the space available in your kitchen and, on the other hand, on the number of people who will most likely sit there. Our specialists’ recommendation is to bet your choice items that have around 45 cm /18 in for sitting and around 1.40 m / 55 in for the table, in order to be able to move back from the seats.

After taking the measurements of your kitchen, you can start looking for square, round or rectangular kitchen tables. In an average-sized kitchen, a square or rectangular kitchen table model easily finds its place against a wall or in the center, if the room allows!

In a large kitchen, the round kitchen table is ideal and facilitates movement. If your kitchen is small, think practical! Why not choose a folding / retractable kitchen table or even a versatile model with a serving function? Some other options are also very practical for a kitchen table, for example, extensions when receiving many guests or drawers to store cutlery, napkins, or placemats within easy reach.


The choice of material is essential! It should adapt to your habits. Do you eat there daily, is your family a large one, do you often receive guests? Strength and maintenance are the most important criteria depending on the usage of such interior items.

You should also be able to clean it easily and quickly. Moreover, if you often prepare meals there, choose a kitchen table model resistant to high temperatures and the weight of kitchen utensils (food processor, etc.).

For a kitchen table, each material has its own characteristics and asserts a decorative style, especially if your kitchen is a part of the living room:

  • Wood: in the essence of fir, pine, or oak, solid, the one material that brings a natural and warm charm, and adapts to many styles of kitchens.
  • Glass: easy to maintain, it remains a delicate material. Stylish and very aesthetic, it fits into a more modern decor.
  • Tiling: less frequent, tiling is however very easy to maintain and suitable for a traditional style

Tip: for guaranteed harmony, choose a similar material as that of your worktop for your kitchen table.


Bet on comfort! This is the rule to remember. Some little extras make the difference! A fabric or leather chair model with a padded seat or a high backrest and armrest is very comfortable but also elegant and gives character to a large kitchen.

On the other hand, for a small area, think about saving space and prefer a light and discrete model of the chair (fully transparent chairs, with a central pivoting bistro-style leg or stackable stools).

It’s also very important to remember about the right measures!

  1. To be comfortably seated, we recommend a seat depth of 40 cm / 16 in.
  2. Allow 20 cm / 8 in of space between the underside of the table and your legs and leave at least 10cm / 4 in of space between two separate chairs.
  3. For the setback of your chairs, allow at least 40 cm /16 in behind them.
  4. For a comfortable height, 46 cm / 18 in is suitable for a standard table height (between 75 to 80 cm / 30 to 31 in).

Tip: If you have children, consider a kitchen chair model with armrests and made of easily washable materials (metal, wood, polypropylene, or polycarbonate).

Regarding the decoration, the shapes and materials are very varied and leave room for creativity, like the very popular association of mismatched chairs to better match the colors – almost anything is allowed! Wood, lacquered or metal items are also very trendy.

In any case, do not hesitate to mix up materials, styles, and colors. Their choice is important because chairs and stools will come to dress your kitchen and complete its style. You can start with a shopping session on homeydesignstore.com, where you’ll find a variety of exquisite items just for your kitchen!

What look do you want for your tables and chairs?

  • Whole matte black kitchen, table, and chairs in striking colors – it’s all up to you!
  • Colors in harmony, tone on tone with the rest of your decor, or distinct colors for the originality of a designer contrast? The color palette allows all styles, plus one: yours!
  • Easy-going vinyl seat chair, pure new wool carpet for British luxury, plastic table? All choices are possible, there is plenty to assert your personal desires!
  • Wooden seat structure for the warmth? Metal to emphasize a loft-style? Classic, designer, romantic your interior decoration is in order with your soul!
  • Black “industrial” style table base or white minimalist design effect, pure lines in “rectangles”, rounded angles, or “triangle chairs” for a touch of originality.
  • High, low, square, round tables – shapes, materials, and colors are available to blend elegantly into the ambiance of your decor!

Now, you have all the information and inspiration in hand to make the best choice, all you have to do is start!