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Now more than ever, U.S. residents are choosing to spend their vacations exploring their own country. The United States has so much to offer from coast to coast, but don’t forget to look northward to Alaska. Alaska, the Last Frontier, is the 49th and largest state of the union. It’s also one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you’ve ever felt the North calling to you, here are six great reasons to plan a trip to Alaska.

1. To Take In Majestic Scenery

One of the main reasons so many people travel to Alaska is because of its majestic scenery. Alaska boasts mountains, fjords, hot springs, volcanoes, and glaciers. Alaska is also home to the famous Glacier Bay National Park and Denali National Park, where you can see the highest mountain peak in North America. Whether you travel to Alaska by car, railway, or on an affordable 2023 Alaska cruise, you’ll be treated to breathtaking landscapes as you’ve never seen before.

2. To Observe Wildlife

If you’re a fan of wildlife, a trip to Alaska is an absolute must. Alaska is where most of North America’s bear population lives, and that includes brown, black, grizzly, and Kodiak bears. Polar bears are found along the northern coastline and island areas. Alaska is also home to moose, bison, caribou, orcas, and a diverse population of birds. If you’re traveling to Alaska, taking part in a whale watch or a bear-viewing tour with a knowledgeable guide is the best way to see wildlife safely.

3. To See the Aurora Borealis

One of the most fantastic sights in the world is the Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. Why travel abroad to see the Aurora when you can see it from the United States? The Aurora is visible in Alaska from late August to April. During the summer, the Aurora isn’t visible because of the Midnight Sun. You can see the Northern Lights via guided tours, wilderness lodges, or cruise ships. Top places in Alaska to see the Aurora include Fairbanks, Nome, and Denali, National Park.

4. To Become One With Nature

The only thing better than observing nature is to become one with it. Fortunately, Alaska offers many ways to get out into the wilderness. Hiking is a great way to see the land, and since Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, you can hike in the middle of the night! Other activities include dog sledding and glacier tours. See glaciers firsthand by boat, kayak, or on foot with a guide. If you travel to Alaska during the summer, there are plenty of ocean and lake beaches to soak up the sun’s rays.

5. To Eat Alaskan Cuisine

You might have never considered Alaska as a culinary destination, but it is, especially if you love fish! Alaska has five varieties of the best salmon in the world, and you can enjoy it baked, broiled, or smoked. You’re also in for a treat with Alaska’s famous King Crab, halibut, trout, and oysters. If you’re up for something unique to the region, try reindeer sausage made from caribou, beef, and pork. For dessert, sample fresh berries, cobbler, or Akutaq, an Alaskan ice cream made from fat, snow, and berries.

6. To Have Fun Shopping

After you’ve taken in all the sightseeing Alaska has to offer, shopping therapy can make your trip complete. Of course, Alaska has malls, but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, head to local stores and markets. You’ll find beautiful Alaskan art depicting the Northern Lights and the wilderness. You can also purchase food items such as smoked salmon, berry jam, and birch syrup for your pancakes. Traditional, cozy mukluk boots are also a popular purchase when visiting Alaska.

If you’re planning your next vacation, look to Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun. From its breathtaking scenery and Northern Lights to wildlife and cuisine, Alaska has it all.