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You’ve heard it before: Prom is one of the most magical nights of your high school career.

You want everything to be flawless: from the dress to the hairstyle, from the corsage and boutonniere to the after-party.

Not to mention, you’re going to want all eyes on you.

As frustrating as it can be, everyone has different tastes and styles. And finding the right prom dress may seem impossible at first.

But with many stores selling prom and formal dresses online, finding affordable and beautiful gowns has never been easy.

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Finding the perfect fit: Tips to find your dress

With the proper steps, you can find one that you’ll surely love. Here are tips to learn so you can get the dress that perfectly fits you.

Know your body type and dress style

Before shopping for your dream prom dress, make sure you know what styles look best on you. Try to figure out what body shape you have so that you can choose a type of dress that flatters your physique.

If you have an hourglass figure, you might want to choose something with embellishments on the skirt because this will enhance your curves.

If you’re pear-shaped, try something with less fabric in the waist so that it doesn’t make you look broader than you already are!

Also, remember what style you like best – do you prefer strapless gowns or ball gowns? Or maybe you would better suit something simpler like a sheath dress for your needs?

If you’re petite but curvy, try looking for dresses fitted at the top and flowing out at the bottom. If you’re tall with broad shoulders but smaller hips, try dresses with asymmetrical lines or details on one side of the bodice like ruffles.

If you’re petite, then a long, flowing gown probably won’t flatter your figure. If you have larger breasts, then a strapless dress might not work for you, either.

So pay attention to what works best for your body type and stick with similar styles when shopping for prom dresses. But don’t be scared to try new things. Plenty will work well with your body type — you need some confidence and patience.

Pick a color that you think looks good on you

When choosing a color, you want to pick one that brings out your best features while hiding any flaws or imperfections.

It would be best to review what shades look good with your skin tone and eye color.

The color should compliment your skin pigment and make it glow, not clash with it or make it stand out.

If you have blue eyes and a fair complexion, try pairing your dress with silver jewelry or accessories for an elegant look.

If you have brown eyes and dark hair, try wearing black accessories to compliment your outfit.

And if your skin is darker than average or if you have brown eyes, try wearing bright colors like red or pink — these hues will help make your features pop.

Plan your budget

A prom is an expensive event, so you must plan your budget before you begin shopping.

Don’t just assume that because you have a lot of money saved up, you should spend all of it on your dress.

Prom dresses can get expensive fast; the last thing anyone wants is to waste all their money on just one night of fun and games. You’ll also need other items for prom night, like shoes and accessories.

While some parents don’t mind spending over $1,000 on their daughter’s prom dress, others may have a more reasonable budget. So don’t be discouraged if your parents aren’t willing to spend that much money on a dress.

You can still find fabulous dresses within your price range by looking at online retailers and discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less.

But if you’re shopping online, don’t forget that sizing varies from brand to brand.

For example, if you usually wear sizes small in tops but medium in bottoms, stick with those sizes when ordering online.

If you’re unsure what size will fit better, then make sure reviews are available for each item. Buyers usually share their experiences and let other shoppers know if it runs large or small.

If you’re on a tight budget, stick to stores like H&M or Forever 21 with cheap but cute dresses. If you have more room in your budget, go for something more expensive from stores like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

Shop early, but not too early

You want to give yourself a good deal of time to find the perfect prom dress.

It’s a good idea to start looking for your gown six months before your big night, and this gives you plenty of time to find something unique and special without rushing into a decision.

If possible, try on dresses at least one month before the prom. This will give you plenty of time to make adjustments if needed without feeling rushed or pressured.

However, don’t wait too long, either. Rushing into things can make finding a dress that fits your body type and style preferences more difficult.

If you wait until the last minute, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for — especially if your school doesn’t have a formal wear shop or a large selection of dresses.

Pick a dress that will fit in with the event’s theme

It’s essential to match your prom dress with the theme of your event.

It can be tempting to go with something completely different and unique, but if you want to stay within the boundaries of what everyone else is wearing, make sure your dress matches the theme of the party.

For example, if it’s a formal dance, you’ll want something extravagant and elegant like an evening gown or mermaid-style dress. On the other hand, if it’s an outdoor party, you would better suit an animal print or floral pattern than a full-length ball gown.

Or, if it’s black tie or white tie, then, by all means, go for something over-the-top, but if it’s casual and fun or elegant and sophisticated, stick to those themes as well.

Don’t forget about accessories

Dresses are fabulous for showing off your style and making a statement, but they’re even better when paired with accessories. Think about what kind of shoes you wear — heels or flats?

And what kind of jewelry do you like? Maybe you want some earrings or bracelets to match your necklace and bracelet set.

You can even pair some customized lapel pins from your favorite hobby or activity to add some personal flair to your outfit. They will dress up your look and show off what you’re passionate about.

Don’t forget about glasses. A pair of gucci eyeglasses can make a huge difference!

Or perhaps a clutch purse would look best with your prom dress.

The possibilities are endless — take some time and experiment until you find something that perfectly suits your dress and yourself.

Get help from a stylist

If you don’t know what works best for your body type, bring along a friend or family member who can help you figure it out with style advice and tips on accentuating your best features.

You can also get professional help. A good stylist knows how to help you look your best, which means they’ll know what styles will flatter your body type and what colors work best with your skin tone.

They can help you determine if specific colors will work well with you or if they’ll make you look washed out instead of radiant on prom night. They’ll also help you get the most out of your outfit by pairing it with complementary accessories like shoes, jewelry, and purses.

If you are working within a specific budget, you don’t have to hire one — plenty of online services offer free consultations.

But it’s worth considering if you want to feel confident about your final choice.

Final Thoughts

While finding a prom dress is exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

How do you know what you want with so many different styles and “information” out there? What should you wear and what is suitable for you?

This article points you toward the best style for your body type, personality, and event. So go ahead and check the seven tips listed above for more information.