Best night light for toddler

Are you looking for the best night lights for nursing? This comprehensively compiled reviews will guide you through the purchase process.

Our specially picked night lights for toddlers come with a combination of moderate, warm lights.

In addition to the lights, some of these night lights produce or come with soft music and other comforting sounds to promote a good sleep routine for your baby.

When your baby sleeps well, it enables the proper development and functioning of the hormones that are responsible for your baby’s growth. When your baby’s hormones are correctly built, it gives rise to healthy development.

What are the best night lights to go for?

The top night lights on the market today are what we have listed in this article among them VAVA is one of the best lights available on the market. All you have to do is to carefully study the material and pick the one that is suitable for you.

Which of the power option should I consider?

This is solely a personal decision to make. Consider your options, weigh them accurately to reach a deserving conclusion.

A night light that runs on rechargeable battery ensures you can move around with the device quickly, and it also encourages uninterrupted usage in the case of a power outage.

The night lights that are powered when connected to the power source means you can make use of your device while there is a supply of power without having to think about battery replacement. In the end, it is all about a matter of preference and budget.

Comparison Table of Night Light For Baby

Hatch Baby
Tecboss Baby
RTSU Bedside Lamp
Mushroom Kids
Plug-in Night
LED Nursery

Some of the top brands on the market today are VAVA, Hatch Baby, Tecboss, RTSU, LOFTER, LumieWorld, and FC-Fancier. All of these brands are represented in our list of best night lights to choose from.

The following are the best night lights for toddlers you can go for:

10 Best Nightlight For Nursing Reviews

01. VAVA VA-CL006 – Easy to operate night light


Highlighted Features

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • LED light
  • One hundred percent safe
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comes with a timer

One of the major considerations while developing this amazing product is safety. It was produced with materials that are friendly to both adults and kids.

This night light guarantees a hundred percent safety for your kid when it comes to learning and playing with it.

As we all know, every stage of a child’s development is essential, and all body parts must be protected.

VAVA VA-CL006 comes with an anti-blue light LED to ensure your child’s eyes are not affected by the ray and reflection of the light it produces.

This fantastic night light comes with different components, and each element has a unique function. For example, the logo engraved on the light is more than what it looks like.

The logo serves a special purpose. Apart from beautifying the product and telling you its brand, it also serves as a timer. When you place your hand twice on the logo, the timer comes on and is activated for an hour.

“VAVA VA-CL006 doesn’t come with an adapter. So you have to get this component yourself”

The night light itself, when you tap the upper part of it for about 0.5 seconds, the night mode becomes activated. This gives you the perfect reflection for the night.

Also, it is easy to charge, thanks to its convenient charging base. All you have to do is connect the bottom to the USB cable that comes with the pack.

You can make use of VAVA VA-CL006 both in the house and outside the home. It comes with a silicone handle, and it is water-resistant.

Another way you can deploy this product is by using it as a light for camping or hiking.

Lastly, the battery life is impressive. All you have to do is to recharge and use. When the light is on its dimmest, the battery can last up to two hundred hours. And on its brightest, the battery can last up to six hours.


  • Doesn’t come with an adapter

02. VAVA VA-HP008 – A night light with a longer battery life


Highlighted Features

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Durable and easy to handle
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Kids and adults friendly
  • LED light
  • Perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor Use

This design of night light goes beyond an ordinary light for the kids but also serves their playmate. This amazing product comes with up to twenty facial expression stickers.

These stickers are accessible to your kid, and in no time, become your kid’s new companion. These stickers add extra fun to the LED light, and also give it that unique appearance that is appealing to mothers and kids.

The LED light is energy-saving, and it also ensures your baby’s eyes are not affected by its brightness. Impressively, you can switch the view between two colors.

These colors are warm white and cool white. To change between the light colors, all it takes is a simple tap or touch on the logo.

After it might have served its purpose, to turn off, all you have to do is to touch the head of the light two times.

When you make use of this product while the light is dim, it can last up to 80 hours of use. When the battery is running low, all it takes is to recharge it.

For new mothers, this is the right tool for you. When you buy one of these, it ensures your child feels safe always at night and also makes it easier to breastfeed your child at night. It is durable, easy to handle, and even resistance to water.

Apart from its importance when it comes to indoor use, it is also very effective for outdoor use. When next you go hiking, camping, or those adventure trips, you can light up your way with VAVA VA-HP008.

03. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine – More than just a night light


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a lot of functions
  • Very easy to operate
  • Guarantees better sleep
  • Manual and automatic mode of operation
  • Stylish and fun to use
  • Synchronizes perfectly with smartphones

As technologically advanced as this night light is, it is still one of the easy to operate night lights on the market today.

This amazing device can be connected and operated via your mobile phone. In line with your sleeping routine, this design of night light can be customized to fit into it.

Without any stress, the level of brightness, light color, the sound, and the volume can be easily set up and controlled.

Either win a phone or no phone, automatically or manually, Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine can be configured to suit your preferred mode of operation.

With the app installed on your phone, you do not have to physically get hold of this fantastic design to make use of the necessary control functions. Whatsoever way you want to use or operate it, it is very flexible.

To ease the late-night feeding of your child, this fantastic product produces the needed light color (soft light) and appropriate sound (light noise). It acts as a perfect companion for your kid as they grow. Your kid will grow to like it even more.

This product comes with exclusive color and sound combinations, which were professionally put together by the brand’s team of sleep experts to ensure you pick the perfect color and sound combination for your kid.

With no stress, you can design the ideal environment for your child by making use of the amazing functions this design has. To make use of the app, all you need is a standard smartphone.

04. VAVA VA-CL009 – An adorable night light for every one


Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting battery
  • LED light
  • Easy to use and control
  • Fantastic operating memory
  • Very safe for the kids

This design of night light is known for his user-friendliness. It is a hundred percent safe when used around your child.

It is safe to hold, and the light doesn’t affect the eyes of your child. When it is being operated in the night mode, it produces a warm and dim light for the moment.

To activate the night mode light option, all you have to do is tap the top of the light for a very long time.

The memory is amazing. Whatever the settings are before turning it off, that is where it resumes when you later turn it back on.

The battery has a long-lasting effect. When fully charged and placed in the weakest light mode, it can stay up to about one hundred hours.

Whenever there is a need to recharge the battery, the LED indicator notifies the user by displaying a red light.

The LED light indicator does more than just notifying the user in the case of a need to recharge it, it goes as far as telling you the position of the lamp in the dark so far it is on standby mode.

05. Tecboss Baby Night Light – The perfect gift for kids


Highlighted Features

  • Safe for the kids and adults
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to charge and fast charging rate
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Led light
  • Rechargeable battery

Knowing fully well the importance of a child’s wellbeing, this design of night light was developed to support the growth of your child through the uninterrupted supply of light when managed under the recommended standards.

It is every mother’s dream when it comes to getting the right design of night light for their kid.

The materials used for production are user-friendly, which makes it an ideal product for your kid. Also, the safety of use is one hundred percent guaranteed.

With the LCD light, any form of an adverse effect of the emitted light is eradicated. This means the eyes of your kid are safe from being hurt or being damaged.

Talking about getting a perfect gift for your child, Tecboss Baby Night Light is the best option to go for. Your kid would love it and grow up having it as their companion.

Apart from its use in the baby’s room, it can also be used in the bedroom, can be used for decoration, and it can also be used on those romantic nights.

The battery life is impressive and long-lasting. While on the dimmest light mode, the battery can last up to three hundred hours and for about eight hours while in the brightest light way. It is easy to charge, and it costs so fast.

It can as well be used outside of the home. For those late night activities, you can purchase this extraordinary product as your companion.

06. RTSU Bedside Lamp – A product with a guaranteed user’s satisfaction


Highlighted Features

  • Runs on battery
  • Easy to charge
  • User’s friendly
  • Great memory
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to maintain

With RTSU Bedside Lamp, you have a product that cares about giving you maximum satisfaction. It comes with an LCD light, an option that makes this device users friendly.

It goes beyond having or buying it for your child’s room. It can also be used in the dining room and your bedroom.

It comes with a long-lasting battery that can be recharged using a universal micro USB cable. So, in case you misplaced the charging cable that comes with it, you can immediately replace it with ease and with no stress.

Generally, the operation is swift and easy. With a simple touch on the top of the lamb, you can smartly switch the light on or off.

RTSU Bedside Lamp comes with an impressive memory capacity, which is evident in the way and manner it processes and stores the last settings performed on it before it gets turned off. This means, on the next use, the previous settings remain untouched.

Talking about the safety of use and in terms of the effect of the light on the eyes, it is considered to be 100 percent safe.

It operates independently without being connected to the socket, a feature that makes it very safe to touch, and the produced light is very safe to the eyes.

07. Baby Night Light, Mushroom Kids Child Night Lights – Giving your room a wide range of color options


Highlighted Features

  • No usage restrictions in the home
  • Diverse light colors
  • 5 different brightness level
  • 4 different lighting option
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • A friend of the environment
  • Users friendly
  • 16 different light colors
  • Energy saving
  • 4 LED bulbs

This simple design of night light amazingly combines the beauty of nature with technology. It is the environment and users friendly, and it maximizes power.

It is built with four pieces of an LED bulb which are covered with a vase-like top. The base, which is made from wood, is wonderful. Its beauty is well pronounced with the makers’ name (Lofter) engraved on the bottom.

This fantastic product is considered to be one hundred percent safe for every category of users and can be easily operated remotely by making use of the remote control accessory that comes with it.

To meet everyone’s specifications, in terms of brightness and lighting options, this fantastic design comes with five different levels of brightness.

It can be easily adjusted between 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 percent by just carefully clicking on the negative sign on the remote control.

“To power on this night light, there is a need to connect it to an adapter, power bank, PC, and other USB cable enhanced devices”

It doesn’t have an inbuilt battery, so it has to be connected to a power source before it can be used. Also, it is not resistant to water and not a great choice or option for outdoor use.”[/su_note]

The lighting option ranges between Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth. Whatever your lighting and brightness preference are, this amazing design ensures they get fulfilled.

With up to sixteen different light colors, you can change the appearance of the room to give a romantic and comfortable appearance.

Whatsoever way you prefer it, you can always create it. The memory is sound, and your last changes are being kept safe before the next use.

The light produces is soft and warm to see at night, and it is also very gentle on kids by ensuring they don’t get affected with the reflection produced while asleep.


  • Doesn’t run on battery
  • No resistance to water

08. Plug-in Night Light for Kids – A shade of different colors


Highlighted Features

  • Intelligent and easy to use
  • Automatic on and off options
  • Comes with 8 different light colors
  • Energy-saving mechanism
  • LED light
  • 100 percent safe for kids

As the name implies, this design of night light comes on when it is connected to a power source. It doesn’t consume much power.

This fantastic design is known as a brilliant piece of invention. It comes with about eight different colors that you can pick from.

To navigate between the light colors, all it takes is a simple touch on the switch until you approach the intensity you are satisfied and comfortable with.

Whenever the room is dark, it automatically powers on. This is also applicable at dawn, as it also goes off automatically.

In case you want to turn the light on and off before it automatically regulates or functions between these two options, all you have to do is plug and unplug from the socket, respectively.

The LED light produced is warm and gentle, which is sufficient enough to see in the dark, and it is also eye-friendly.

It conserves energy. Thus, it adds little or nothing to your electricity bill even after long hours of use. For that easy to use, friendly, and active night companion for your kids and home, this is absolutely a perfect design to go for.

During installation or use, ensure it is kept away from water. This can be done by keeping it totally away from damp areas.


  • Doesn’t run on battery
  • Not an option for outdoor use

09. LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids – Specially made for kids


Highlighted Features

  • Safe, Gentle, and Calm lighting
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Comes with a remote control
  • LED light
  • 100% Safety guaranteed

This night light design comes in a cute animal shape. Your kids will fall in love with this creatively designed product on the first gaze.

When you have this at home, it automatically gives two different impressions and purposes. Your kids have to themselves a toy and a lighting device.

The LED light is safe for the kids, and it has no adverse effect on the eyes of your kids. The light produced is soft and appropriately warm.

The soft and warm light produced is perfect for all children irrespective of their ages. It runs on a battery which is easily recharged with the use of a mini USB cable plugged to the power source via an adapter.

Easy to control. This is made easy with the use of the remote control accessory that comes with it.

You don’t necessarily have to move closer to the device before making necessary changes to the settings.

With a tap on the head of the equipment or with the use of the remote control, you can easily switch between the light colors of your choice.

Also worth mentioned is the ease of handling. It is light in weight and can be easily moved around the house by kids of all ages.

10. FC-Fancier Dimmable Light – Lighting up your way with a single touch


Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great fit for different areas of the home
  • Users friendly
  • Great memory
  • Comes with a touch sensor

A perfect fit for all. It is a perfect lighting device for both young and old. Its use is not restricted to the bedroom; it can as well be used in various areas of the house and also for outdoor activities.

This fantastic design comes with a touch sensor that can be found on its head. When you gently push on the sensor, you can activate and deactivate the light.

In addition to the on and off function, which can be triggered using the touch sensor, the brightness level can also be regulated via this medium.

All it takes to activate your preferred level of brightness is by simply holding on the press until you achieve the expected result.

The battery is long-lasting and very easy to charge. It takes about thirty minutes to obtain a full charge.

While still charging, there is always a red light indicator. This light indicator goes off when charging is completed.

The light is friendly and safe for kids and adults. For that perfect bedside lamp for your baby’s room and other areas of your home, this is an ideal design to go for.

Lastly, whatever changes made before it gets switched off, when later turned on, the differences remain the same.

Buying Consideration of Best Nightlight For Nursing

When getting a night light device for your child, the following are points or things to consider. This information ensures you know some of the most important things to look out for before putting your hand into your purse.

01. Power option

The night light devices come with two power options. These options are battery-powered or the ones that are connected to the power source.

So you need to think about the one that seems appealing to you. Automatically, in the case of an absence of a power source or socket in your child’s room, you need to go for a battery-powered night light.

Baby night light

And if you are going for a night light that needs to be connected to a power source, ensure you put into account the distance between the power outlet and your preferred location where the night light will be positioned.

When you understand this, you can easily choose the device with the perfect cord length for your needs.

02. The color of the light

Choosing the perfect light color for your child’s room could be confusing and challenging to denote. The only time you can enjoy the wonders of the night light is when you select the right color.

The right color improves the light’s effect and ensures your child sleeps uninterrupted and peacefully.

Instead of going for a night light that offers a single color, you should go for the ones with different types of color.

With this, after a few times of use, you would have found the right color that matches your child’s body, and that makes them sleep better.

03. The presence of a timer

One of the features you can also put into consideration when going for a night light is the timer.

With this feature, you can instruct the light to turn itself off at a set time, particularly after your kid must have fallen asleep.

Although this feature isn’t a significant thing to look for in night light, in some cases, it is considered useful. A timer helps you conserve your battery and also reduces the rate of power consumption.

04. Changeable bulb

In most cases, night lights come with bulbs that cannot be replaced. The bulb blows off.

Considering the cost of acquisition, initially, night lights that come with bulbs that cannot be replaced are cheaper and cost-effective than their counterparts.

In the end, once the bulb blows out, the device becomes useless.

If you can afford a night light which accommodates replaceable bulbs, go for it. It saves you some cost and ensures you can still enjoy your view for a more extended period.

05. Light brightness

Make sure you go for a night light that can be regulated between various levels of intensity as the situation requires.

This function ensures you can find the perfect level of brightness for every situation or moment. In the end, the target is optimum brightness.

FAQs of Night Lights For Toddlers

Night light

Why LCD light?

Night light with an LCD bulb is considered to produce very safe lighting. With an LCD light, related questions as regards the health and safety of your child’s eyes are addressed. The light is safe for the eyes and overall wellbeing of your child and you as a parent.

Should I go for a remote-controlled night light?

This is a personal choice. It is not a necessity but a factor of preference. Although the ease of handling it provides cannot be underestimated, but the remote control is not a significant feature to consider in a night light.

Are night lights strictly for kids?

No! Night lights are made for all but specially made for kids because of the friendly nature of light they produce.

Apart from having them installed in your kid’s room, they can as well be used in other areas of the home.

All you have to do is switch between the optimal levels of brightness for each situation.

Are night lights strictly for indoor use?

This question is dependent on the material used for the production of each device and the power option. Ideally, water-resistance and battery-powered night light can be used both indoor and outdoor.

In the case of night lights that are powered by connecting them to the power source, this feature limits them to be solely for indoor use.

If you are looking for a night light that can be used both indoor and outdoor, then go for the one that is water-resistant and battery-powered.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom lighting is one of the critical lighting arrangements in the apartment.

As you spend some quality time in the bedroom, bedroom lighting has an everlasting impact on your mindset.

The design and texture of the bedroom lighting often depend on the inhabitant’s mood, taste, and decorations.

Now in modern lighting, there are several options are available. Among them, dimmable and remote controlling are quite fascinating features for bedroom lighting.

Nowadays people also consider the electricity bill and environment impact as well as quality lighting. That is why we recommend energy-saving lights to use in different bedroom settings.

Some of the key considerations for improving the bedroom are as followed.

Cost-effective solution application

Cost is often considered for choosing lighting solutions. Some people use incandescent lights because of the low cost.

But this is not a recommended approach. Because of cost considerations, you need to consider the life cycle cost of an arrangement.

LED lights are costly but it reduces the electricity bill. Moreover, this excellent lighting arranges a great deal of energy savings.

This energy-saving and environment-friendly approach also reduces heat percentages. The other lights than the LED generate a great amount of heat. This also increases the refrigeration bill.

The room decorations

The size of the room is also a great consideration. If you want a room with adequate lighting, the big sizes of rooms require a great consideration of lighting arrangements.

Clever use of spotlights is a very important addition.

Based on the height of the room, we need to consider the lighting placement. Table lights are also an important consideration.

The color of the room always has an impact on the lighting. LED lights are quite brilliant for spotlighting.

But if you want a light to have wider spreading, than you can go for halogen lights.

Halogen lights have better output than incandescent lights. Halogen lights often get heated. That is why a safe arrangement is crucial.

Dimmer use

Dimmer is very common in modern lighting. From basic to extravagant lighting you need to have some control.

Moreover, this excellent lighting controlling is very important. Nowadays different lighting options are available.

For greater lighting and grand arrangements, the dimmer is quite extraordinary. Dimmer is one of the electronic control.

The dimmer circuit is quite an interesting topic for engineers. Different kinds of dimmers are available.

Some dimmers are used with optocoupler to isolate from different power combinations. There are a lot of products available in lights.

Controlling the duty cycle the lighting can be arranged. Duty cycle controlling the best way to develop dimmer.

The duty cycle can be controlled with excellent pulse width modulation. To have a better controlling mechanical dimmer is also available.

A remote-controlled dimmer is a very important addition in modern lighting.

Remote control usage

The remote control has an everlasting impact on modern electronic uses. The quality of the lighting has improved to a great deal.

To have excellent quality lighting and better control, the remote control is often considered. Infrared communication has been the light bearer for a longer period.

For better control and communication Internet of thing based remote control facilities are available now.

Now we are moving towards a more comprehensive and integrated world. For better quality management and control we are using different lights and fixtures.

To have automatic control and better energy management we need to focus on more controllable solutions.

For almost every remote control is based on a microprocessor. Nowadays the microprocessor controller remote control is replacing with a device with artificial intelligence control.

Portable Reading lights Applications

Reading lights are quite common in modern households. Normally reading lights are kept beside the bed. But newer designs come with different portable solutions.

Portable reading lights are crucial for different usage. To have better quality control and limited uses of light make it an integral part of modern bedroom lighting.

For buying a modern light for improving bedroom lighting we need to have this buying consideration.

The intensity of the lights

Modern lights are great for bedroom lighting. But lighting intensity is often missed by the consumers. Most of the brands maintain a good light intensity.

The intensity of the light is often measured by the unit lumens. The higher lumens mean the intensity of the light is higher.

Moreover, the light intensity needs to be dimmable. The more dimmable options are quite important for better quality bedroom lights.

These excellent lights are quite important to have different chipsets for LED lights. The quality of chipsets determines the light intensity to a great degree.

Color of the lights

Color of the lights is the most important parameter for modern lighting. The color of the lighting has a great impact on the psychology of the viewer.

Different color tones often provide great intensity but it is harmful to vision. That is why great balance and harmony need to be established to have great effects.

Before purchasing a light, you need to have some knowledge about the technology of the lights.

Led lights

LED means Light Emitting Diode. This technology is widely used for low power consumption and better service life.

These are crucial for choosing bedroom lighting. Another advantage for the light is the intensity and sharpness of the light

Filament bulbs

Filament bulbs are still the primary sources. These bulbs are suitable for reading lamps and interior lights. But the power consumption is one of the disadvantages of the light. But this is the less expensive solution.

Organic LED

Organic LED lights are quite new. These are based on polymers. These lights are more environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

This excellent organic LED is improving the global scene for diversified products. But the cost is the real hindrance for this product.

But technology gets cheaper rapidly which will eventually increase the performance. But this technology has a long way to go.

Fluorescent Lights

This is also a very important light source. It is also widely used as an interior light. Wide Spreading and flicker-free lighting are the two important aspects of this light.

For more info;

Bottom line

There are many top night lights on the market, and there is no way you won’t find the perfect one for your kid and other uses.

All it takes is a clear understanding of what you want. After you must have carefully highlighted what you wish to in night light, the reviews in this article will provide you with a safe landing.