Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home 2020

Here are the top 10 best outdoor pizza oven for home. Check out our shortlisted top 10 best pizza oven for home indoor or outdoor use based on the taste of pizza, cook time, budget, material, durability, fuel.

Pizza, how could you not love this yummy food when there New York style, Chicago style, grandma pie, thin crust, stuffed crust and so much more, you can not go wrong with a tasty slice of pizza.

The easiest way to get pizza by ordering and wait until it gets to your hand, of course, it’s one kind of slow process and also cost you a bit.

But I must say homemade pizza is way more convenient than a restaurant because its a fresh, healthy and quick thing to eat when you are hungry or have a dinner party.

Home Pizza Oven Comparison Table

Brands NameView Details
Presto Pizza Rotating Oven
Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto
BakerStone Box Pizza Oven
Pizzarette Pizza Oven
Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

If you have the proper ingredients and material, then your pizza will rock. The first thing you will need a pizza oven, however lots of models and brands out there on the market.

We have researched around 48 hours to figure out which ovens are the best for making pizza on the home. Below the top 10 listed home pizza ovens, reviews are briefed with their usage and key features.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home Buyer’s Guide

01. Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven – Best Indoor Pizza Oven



Presto is one of the best home pizza ovens for the money, it is a great economical oven for home-usage.

This is an open system oven which supplies heat from the top and bottom. The bottom part rotates assuring the pizza baking. Getting two portion heating the pizza baking is done perfect.

This is an automatic oven you have to set timer it will stop cooking turning of heating elements. Presto saves energy 60% comparing regular oven that is awesome. The maintenance of the oven is easy, just remove nonstick pan, clean and store again.

You can control the heating elements separately to get exact result you want, sometimes bottom portion needs much heat than top section. Presto requires 120V AC voltage and 60Hz frequency for operation. The wattage of the oven 1235 watts.

This is exclusive quality oven which is an easy way to bake froze, homemade pizza, deli pizza, take and bake. You can prepare any frozen convenience foods you need such as egg rolls, chicken nuggets, fish fillets, cinnamon rolls and more.

Regular oven requires preheat to start up heating job, Presto needs no preheating the rotating baking ensures perfect heat distribution on every surface of your pizza or food.

From our analysis Presto 03430 is on the best economical home pizza oven on the market you will get, it will worth your money. This oven is excellent for home use if you want to use this oven on outside the home you can but need AC power.

We recommend use Presto in home because they system is open if you use it outside dust may contaminate on your food at the operation time the environment is filled with dust.

It is possible to use outside if the environment is clean your food remain clean otherwise not recommended.

Highlighted Features

  • Rotating bottom assures perfect heat distribution
  • Top and bottom separate heat control
  • Saves 60% energy than regular oven
  • Easy maintenance remove clean and store
  • No preheating requires
  • Wattage: 1235 Watts
  • Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Low budget

02. Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto PC6000 – Best Outdoor Pizza Oven



Pizzeria is great pizza oven for home & outdoor both uses. It cooks a pizza within 5 minutes having 700˚ Fahrenheit heating temperature. It comes with two versions one is only pizza oven and another with pizza cutter, price range varies if you want to buy with cutter you have to pay more.

This is great portable pizza oven perfect for tailgating, outdoor application, camping or regular home pizza cooking. You can run this oven for 2 hours with 1lb propane only with adapter enough for pizza party.

Pizzeria operates in nice way it releases moisture from cooking and as well as prevents form sogginess. The shape and design of the oven is excellent handy, sets on any surface.

Very fast, easy to use when you have Pizzeria it might be no need to order pizza. It saves money, times having the food quality level. For operation you must preheat the oven for 10 minutes then you can cook any pizza within 5 minutes.

Dual layer interlock system heat redirection system bakes excellently top & bottom both sides. The dimension of the oven 18.6″ x 18″ x 15.5″. Final verdict for this oven portable, reasonable price one of the best pizza oven for home & outdoor both applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual layer interlocking excellent baking
  • Runs 2 hours by 1 lb propane with adapter
  • Temperature level 700˚ Fahrenheit
  • Cooks pizza within 5 minutes
  • Requires 10 minutes preheat
  • Perfect for home/outdoor use
  • Great portable ideal for home, camping, picnic
  • Low budget according to quality

03. BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven



BakerStone a classic pizza oven box kit perfect for home outdoor baking of pizza, roasts, breads, fish, vegetable. It converts 3 burners or large charcoal or larger grills, pellet grills into a pizza oven.

It can reach 600 ᵒF to 800 ᵒF temperature while you fire up. You can cook a pizza within 2-4 minutes with the help of BakerStone. This amazing kit includes pizza oven box, metal pizza turner, wooden pizza peel.

BakerStone is perfect choice who wants to heat by burner or grill. It requires much time for preheating around 20 minutes, how you know the oven is ready for pizza cooking, there is a needle when it reaches the desired heat temperature your oven is ready to bake for awesome pizza making.

The quality of baking or pizza cooking may different depending on the heat application, once you have experience awesome quality pizza you can make within 4 minutes.

BakerStone comes with three variations viz. BakerStone Kit, BakerStone original & BakerStone Professional. For home use we recommend kit version.

Highlighted Features

  • Pizza oven box
  • Takes heats mostly 3 burners, large gas grills, charcoal or pellet grills
  • Kit includes pizza oven box, metal pizza turner, wooden pizza peel
  • Can cook pizza 2-4 minutes
  • Capable of reaching 600 ᵒF to 800 ᵒF temperature
  • Requires around 20 minutes preheating
  • Pizza, breads, fish, roast meat, vegetable baking

04. Pizzarette 4 Person Model – Countertop Pizza



Pizzarette is one of the most popular pizza oven on Europe best selling tabletop mini pizza oven. Now it is available in America and growing the popularity very fast for great portability, low budget, cooking tasty pizza.

It is power by electricity, high power heating element makes the pizza within 5 minutes. Pizzarette is mini pizza oven ideal for a family who loves mini pizza. While you are in a conversation with your family just plug in and wait 5-10 minutes to cook.

Pizzarette comes with three variations of model, 4 persons, 6 persons & 6 persons with true cooking stone.

We recommend 4 persons pack because its low budget, perfect for a family. If you family member is more than 4 members then you can go for 6 persons model.

The maintenance of this oven is simple, the cooking sheet is easy to clean. Top & bottom dual heating elements works very fast even cooking. This pizza oven is called “The World’s Funnest Pizza Oven” for its popularity and public choice.

People says this exclusive handmade terracotta oven makes exceptional flavor pizzas so that it became most popular.

The limitation of this oven we get one that is you can not cook large size pizza it is a mini pizza oven but cooks great tasty mini pizza.

Highlighted Features

  • Mini pizza oven for family
  • Europe’s best selling tabletop mini pizza oven
  • Powered by electricity
  • High power heating elements
  • Cooking time 5-10 minutes
  • Easy to clean
  • Exceptional flavor

05. Wisco 425C-001 Digital Pizza Oven



Wisco 425C-001 digital pizza oven is an ideal choice for home pizza party. It is an exceptional pizza oven on the market. The heating panel can be controlled digitally by the settings tuner.

Wisco is powered by current showing the heat rating which is great for oven. The design of the oven is decorated for better usage. It constructed with long life calrod heating elements.

The dual thermostat temperature range 350F to 450F enough heat production for cooking of tasty pizza. There is removable tray for opening pizza after cooking, the cleaning of this oven is easy. Remove the tray and clean restore as it was.

You can bake hot dogs, sandwiches, cookies, frozen appetizers, pies besides pizza cooking. For easier storage the oven is designed with flip up handle.

Wisco has different selling package 1 to 5 packs we think single pack is perfect for home use.

Highlighted Features

  • Digital pizza oven
  • Temperature 350F to 450F
  • Long life dual heating elements
  • Electrically powered
  • Removeable tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Two heat settings
  • Ideal for baking of pizza, sandwich, hot dog, frozen food, pie

6. Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven W/ Stone and Peel



Looking for an outstanding pizza oven to surprise the whole gangs of friends with delicious pizza? Then you should go with Uuni 3 pizza oven which is great for using as outdoor dinner party or home-made food.

The model is constructed with unique three leg design which make it more stability on any surface you want to put it or firing up.

The oven made of insulated body to maintain heat efficiency, while for fuel you will need sustainable source wood pellets. This make the burner eco-friendly and energy efficient comparing electronic machines and the smoke out through the chimney.

For camping adventure, it is a great portable pizza oven to carry, very easy to assemble and use. You can get 13’’ pizza within a minute, also helpful for cooking seafood and vegetables.

Besides the burner comes with a stone baking board and peeler to help you out in cooking. Or you can easily set the whole set on your backyard to get the awesome pizza in any moment.

Once you get used to it, you will amaze how it works quick and such a handy material for making pizza.

Highlighted Features

  • Dimension: 23 x 17 x 28 inches
  • Material stainless steel
  • Insulated body wood burner oven
  • 13’’ pizza maker in 60 second
  • Heats upto 932F in 10min
  • Sustainable wood pellets for fuel
  • Included pizza peeler and stone baking board
  • Energy efficient and lightweight
  • Weight 29 pounds

7. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven



Here is our next pizza oven from camp chef Italian artisan pizza oven. Italian artisan pizzas are famous for their delicious cuisine recipe, and now only true essence of artisan pizza can get on this oven on your own. So, why’s the late of grabbing this oven in your home?

The oven needs propane tank for fueling and easy assembling program, just preheat and enjoy the best pizza ever you test. It is made of double layered ceiling to get the exact temperature you need like chef preparation.

Do not go too far while you start to put crust on oven, because it’s so quick and change the side of pizza with peeler. At once you will get 10’’ pizza, which enough to pack your belly as much as you want.

Whether you are in mountain, or in camping, even on your backyard party, the camp chef Italian pizza oven perfect choice to go with. No mess, no smoke, only the flavor of tasty pizza will catch your nose.

Although it made of stainless steel, but you will get the true flavor of brick stone pizza. No more worry about guest coming over or children favorite cheese pizza. Literally his chef oven is the combined package of everything you want.

Highlighted Features

  • Taste of original Italian cuisine
  • Made of double layered ceiling
  • Fuel propane tank
  • Make 10’’ pizzas at once
  • Heats upto 700F
  • Dimension: 15″ x 26″ x 16″
  • Weight 47 pounds

8. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker



Wondering to have one pizza maker that serves various purpose in one place like pizza, nachos, cookies, quesadillas, and more, then our next listed Betty crocker is the right choice for you.

The pizza maker literally one combined package of fast, fun and energy efficient method of making homemade pizza within a minute. Whether you bake frozen pizza, fresh dough, you will get crispy and tender textured pizza every time you bake.

With a minimal preparation, you can enjoy meal with friends and family. Not only for pizza, the oven has wide range of baking snacks like quesadillas, nachos, cookies, frittatas, quiche, and more.

The non-stick baking surface is very easy to clean, just in a snap wipe out. It has indicator light to show ready to bake, that’s helping hand in every angle of cooking. The oven pretty light and portable, so no worry of baking pizza any more, while there betty crocker instant pizza maker.

Highlighted Features

  • Make 12’’ pizza at once
  • Stainless steel and non-stick
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Indicator light to bake
  • Dimension: 8 x 15.9 x 5 inches
  • Weight 6.36 pounds

9. Cuisinart CPO-640 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven



Cuisinart is one of the best cuisine supplies brand all over the world with their promising and good quality product.

Here is our next pizza oven from Cuisinart alfrescamore portable outdoor pizza oven with stand to easy mobility. You might confuse by the name of alfrescamore, what is the meaning of that? It means for the love of outside.

Yes, the pizza oven is literally the love of outside which knots friends and family together eating delicious pizza.

Family party or camping, every time you will need food to pack belly and no matter what pizza is not compatible with anything at all.

That’s why Cuisinart comes with a unique design with a handle, also there is one smoker chip cup to pass the flavor we love of charcoal.

The oven pretty easy to assemble within 10 minutes. It comes with one peeler, cordierite stone, manual book and other accessories.

Enjoy the brick stone pizza on your own way, Cuisinart is the right choice for making delicious pizza with perfect crisp and tender top to bottom like restaurants.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • 15000btu burner oven
  • Integrated smoker chip cup
  • Including pizza peeler, cordierite stone
  • Warming tray underneath
  • Dimension: 5 x 16.8 x 20 inches
  • Weight 46.6 pounds

10. Oster Convection Oven with Dedicated Pizza Drawer



And our last product serves you twin purpose as well all-purpose baking oven and pizza maker, Oster convection oven with dedicated pizza drawer.

Sometimes you try to look convection oven with the privilege of making pizza easily, Oster knows the need of their customer and brings oven with extra drawer to bake pizza.

The oven is perfect for 12’’ pizza at once, heats upto 450F. One of the larger oven models with versatility and durability. Also made of stainless steel to enjoy the ultimate best taste of pizza anytime you want.

Highlighted Features

  • Convection oven with pizza drawer
  • Made of 18-8 Steel
  • Heats upto 450F
  • Make 12’’ size pizza
  • Versatile, larger and durable
  • Dimension: 5 x 18.3 x 10 inches
  • Weight 21 pounds

Buying Consideration of Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home

Before buying pizza oven you should have basic knowledge to get the best deal offering. Like heat, material, size and other things should have on pizza oven. And where you want to place it that also a matter of fact before grabbing one pizza oven.


Heat capability is an important factor you should consider before buy a pizza oven. High heat capability oven can bake quickly than lower heat capability.

If the heat range of the oven has higher range around 900F that would be perfect for making a pizza quick. Lower heat cannot bake the pizza accurately, it takes lot of time to cook. So, you need high heat capacity home pizza oven for fast operation.


Some lower quality material pizza oven present in the market. Their material in used the oven releases toxic chemical if it contaminates on pizza it will be a great issue for human life.

Just avoid those lower quality material ovens that’s are not hygienic. We recommended high quality material build ovens which is perfectly safe to use.


First factor to consider the size of pizza oven. It depends on how many people for pizza oven you need or what is the size of pizza you want to make?

If you need for two people then small size oven is perfect, if you need for a family of 4-6 members then you need a pizza oven which can cook for 4-6 person pizza at a time. The size will depend upon your number of people or size of pizza you want to cook.

Large, small, medium

The size of pizza depends on the size of your pizza oven. There are three size available on the market small, medium & large size pizza cooking oven.

For large pizza cooking you can use Pizzeria Pronto, Presto, Wisco, Uuni 3 ovens for bigger size pizza those are the best brands for big pizza cooking.

For small size we specially recommend Pizzarette oven, it can cook for 4 persons small pizza at a time or 6 persons pizza. They have two models of oven available 4 or 6 persons. Small pizza has a great taste because of perfect baking.

If you want to cook medium size pizza camp chef Italian artisan pizza oven is one of the best choices besides that you can look Cuisinart oven those two are excellent for medium size pizza cooking from our analyzation.


The variations of style of pizza oven is unlimited. You will get different variations on the market. Some are open pizza oven has no box, some pizza oven is fully sealed system no dust can go inside the oven.

The shapes and designs have variations. You can choose as your desired designed, here we suggested the top-quality home pizza ovens with great design.

Cooking plate

We got some pizza oven cooking plate material is very poor quality, when heat produce on the oven inside the lower quality plate non-hygienic chemical that great health issue. We advise to take it seriously before you order a pizza oven be sure the cooking plate quality.


All oven has not same capacity. Big sizer pizza maker oven has only one capacity to cook pizza at a time. The big size pizza is cut and divides to share among family or friends.

If the pizza oven is mini then you can cook small size pizza. Pizzarette pizza oven is an interesting oven that can cook up to 6 persons mini pizza which covers whole family at a time.


You need the home pizza oven which is durable, it should be last for a longer time. Some oven gets damage using for few months that is so sad. We recommended those pizza ovens which is highly durable during any weather.


The is no ending of budget for buying an oven. High quality material built and higher capacity oven is pricey. Some famous brands have huge sell, they can provide an oven by standard price is lower than pricey company.

Yes, we gathered those names and high-quality lower price brands in short list and provide to you to become a winner buyer.


Al the oven has not same fuel. Generally, electric or gas fuel oven is used for home pizza maker. Gas oven is portable you can use it in your home inside or outside and it can be taken while you are in camping or a tour.

Electrical oven is very popular for only home usage, some people also take electric oven on camping or RV life taking the backup from deep cycle battery.

Some oven is available supplied heat with the help of wood or charcoal. Those are box system oven these ovens are has no own heat production system.

It is kept on the wood or charcoal heat for cooking pizza. It can catch heat and make pizza with the secondary heat.

Maintenance of pizza oven

Everything needs proper maintenance to enhance its life for longer time, no different for pizza oven. After using oven, make it fully cool off. After that wipe the dirt with a damp cloth, dry the machine.

Do not rub with anything rough or use any harsh material, it can cause corrosion and stains. Leave it as it came from factory, just simply wipe down. Regular cleaning brings fresh and tasty flavor in your pizza.

Types of pizza ovens

There are different kinds of pizza ovens for the food enthusiast, each of them has its specialties and history of how people make pizza back then.

Now in these modern world, worldwide company manufactures various designs oven countertop, stainless steel, revolving tray pizza oven. Below we briefed a small description of pizza ovens types you will find out.

Brick/Stone oven

Brick pizza oven is one of the ancient way style pizza oven, same featuring stone oven. Brick stone pizza tastes awesome, you cannot deny its flavor and say didn’t enjoy. When wood pellet fire up, the brick became heated hot, it retains up to a day. It takes two or three minutes to make a pizza.

Clay/Cob pizza oven has the same function like brick oven does, just a slight difference of the structure of them. One is made of brick and other is made of clay.

Countertop pizza oven

Countertop pizza oven is one of traditional way of pizza cooking, some like and may others don’t. It has the look of traditional and industrial look, I have one of these. Usually it has one pullout tray and front door to ease the cooking area.

Revolving tray pizza oven

Revolving tray pizza oven is one of the new modern technology ways of making pizza. It designed as spinning way between the two heating elements, one below and one above. This kind of pizza oven is perfect for instant hungry monster.

Placement of pizza oven

Probably you are thinking what types of pizza oven you want really from the various option available. There are three types of pizza oven, Indoor, outdoor and portable. Want to set it on garden or lawn area, outdoor models are good for its. And if you are thinking of placing the oven on kitchen, indoor styles are perfect for you.

Sometimes vacation need pizza instantly rather than the restaurant pizza, you can pick one of our portable type pizza ovens on your luggage. Some are really helpful with other snacks like cookies, frittatas etc. They are also good in both garden and kitchen placement.

The Basic FAQ of The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home

What is the best brand of pizza oven?

From the various brand Pizzacraft models are very popular and unique choice of pizza oven brand. Besides Betty Crocker one of hassle free and light weight pizza oven to use. And traditional way of making pizza, then Uuni has the place to feel the flavor of brick pizza oven.

What are the benefits of pizza oven?

Waiting for pizza guy for unlimited time? Definitely it works when you feel extreme level hungry and want pizza badly and the pizza guy from restaurant take forever to come. Pizza oven will work a magic machine anytime, anywhere you feel hungry. Why bought some expensive pizza from restaurant if you have one of this great pizza making machine? Besides it takes only a minimum time to cook, you can bake frozen or fresh dough whatever you like.

Why pizza making need high heat?

If the pizza oven is not enough heat intense, the heat won’t expand rapidly into the dough. Then the crust will dull and crumbly, that’s why high heat need. Quicker the heat pass into the dough, the puffier the pizza will be.

What is the best temperature for a pizza oven?

To get the exact same flavor as pizza restaurant you need a pizza oven which has a capacity of 600F degree minimum. If it doesn’t have the range of temperature, you will not get the crispy texture of pizza. For this reason, all the pizza oven got the function of temperature starting from 600F degree upto 950F degree.

How do you make a quick pizza?

Frozen pizza is one of the shortest ways to get a pizza instant, but the fresh dough can enhance the flavor.

It really simply makes the dough with yeast, make toppings with tomato sauce and cheese. That’s it, no more hassle and bustle, you can add more toppings like pepperoni, onion, capsicum, herbs.


Pizza such a commonly eaten food all over the world and its known as Italian cuisine, because in Italy the recipe got the widest range with varieties you taste ever.

But not quite that, pizza originally comes from ancient Greek they used to make flatbread with onion, chili, herbs toppings, the recipe was one of familiar cuisine from decades.

Its also found that 7000 years ago Persian king loved to take flatbread with tomato and cheese toppings.

And roman soldiers also used to eat flatbread with cheese and olive oil topping about 2000 years ago. Then tomato got its appearance after 1522 before that tomato seemed as poisonous.

When its established tomato is one of the fantastic vegetables to eat, it got a place on tables in Naples, Italy. Next day by day it changed forms being tomato sauce and mixed with the basic recipe of modern tasty pizza.