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As a real property owner, you should be aware of the different policies and regulations that have a huge impact on your property especially if it is an old one and not up to code. With the emphasis on inclusive and discrimination-free workplaces and living spaces, one has to make sure that rooms or areas in the property that has public access are following the American with Disabilities Act. The act requires that all buildings provide accommodations that will enable handicapped individuals to access facilities at all times with or without the need for assistance. Old restrooms are the most affected by the new ADA regulations and there is no going around it since your building will not pass the inspection if it does not follow the required facilities and accessibility. With that, renovating old restrooms are inevitable and since any renovation can be costly and time-consuming it is best to plan and find ways to save money and create better restrooms. Bathroom partitions are the best solution to your problem, it is a complete set of partitions that you can install in the old restrooms easily even with minimal help. It is an improvement from the old restrooms as it is made from durable materials that are certified to last for years to come. Moreover, the partitions have different designs and styles and you can choose which one will be according to your budget and the look that you want to have for the restrooms. These partitions were developed according to code; thus, their sizes are in accordance with the depth and length of the partitions required by the ADA as well as the swinging distance of the doors as well as other accessibility features. Building a restroom from scratch is too costly and time-consuming and you never know if the contractor you hire will be able to deliver the look and feel that you want to achieve. So, for better restrooms, use bathroom partitions.

Bathroom partitions come in different styles. 

If you have not yet discovered and used bathroom partitions, you might ask yourself how did we survive without them in the past? The convenience and aesthetic appeal of partitions can instantly improve your renovating experience and the result is a magazine-worthy restroom. More than that, the bathroom partitions come in varied designs and styles that there is bound to be one that will be the most appropriate for the design that you have in mind. The partitions can either be from floor to ceiling which is the longest in size with 122 inches in height. It is most commonly used in high-traffic buildings and structures like airports and restaurants. It provides the best privacy and security for the user and is also a great choice if your restroom has ample space and a high ceiling. If your restroom has a lower ceiling and it seldom gets users, then you can get by with the floor-mounted design, with just 70 inches in height it will probably be cheaper than the rest of the designs. If you want that sophisticated look in your restroom, then the ceiling-hung design is for you, since it does not have any attachments on the floor, it makes cleaning the restroom easier. Most come at around 123.5 inches and if your restrooms have high ceilings, then this is perfect for you. The most common design used by a lot of builders and contractors in the country is the overhead bathroom design. If you have been to a restroom of newer buildings then you probably would have seen this design. Its length is 82 inches, it can be used in every restroom whether it has low or high ceilings. An advantage to using this design is that it does not require any floor or ceiling dimensions and since most people are familiar with it, then users will be comfortable in using those restrooms. Whatever type of building you have, using bathroom partitions for your restroom renovations will immediately improve the look and atmosphere of that space.

Bathroom partitions are less expensive. 

Bathroom partitions are made from different materials, and the cost of each largely depends on the materials used. The cheapest one would be the powder-coated steel, it is made from sheets of steel that are pressed together and then sprayed with a powder coat to seal it and provide that clean and crisp white color. This kind of partition can last for about 5 years and it will keep looking new as long as it is cleaned and maintained properly and that it does not get vandalized. If you are on a tight budget, then this kind of partition will be the best choice for you. If budget is not an issue, then go with the gold standard and use the stainless-steel partitions. It comes in that shiny silver color and is scratch-free and does not corrode when sprayed with bleach or chemicals to clean and sanitize it. It lasts for more than 30 years and it will keep looking good as new since stainless steel does not fade or tarnish. It is also the most expensive, but not having to replace your bathroom partitions in 30 years means that it is well worth its price. If you use cheaper partitions today and then end up doing another renovation after 5 years, then getting the stainless-steel partitions are more cost-effective. Besides, having an all-stainless-steel partition would already provide that sophisticated look, you won’t be needing many accessories or dressing up after that.

Bathroom partitions are available online. 

Since bathroom partitions are sought-after by most contractors it is difficult to source them locally. At best, they only have one or two in stock and if you have a couple of stalls in a restroom then you have to wait for when it becomes available before you can begin your renovation. Online suppliers are a better choice as their prices are considerably lower and they have access to manufacturers and they can source your orders almost instantly if the partitions are in stock. You just need to specify the make and design of the partitions as well as the size or dimensions you need them to be. If the size of the restroom is according to size, then you need not worry about it.