Water Cooler Cleaning

The water cooler clean is one of the prime appliances task in the contemporary family. The water cooler has different sizes as well as a different work process.

Water is one of the fundamental beverages and an essential drink for sound health. However, dirty water is also the reason for various diseases.

Sometimes water gets contaminated with the contents of the water cooler. That is why it is important to monitor and take essential measures for cleaning the water cooler.

Water Cooler Clean

Types of water cooler

Based on the arrangement we can divide water coolers into different categories such as outdoor water cooler and indoor water cooler. The indoor water cooler is great for uses in domestic uses.

This water cooler is normally portable. This cooler does not require any fixed space rather mounted anywhere. The only consideration is the electricity arrangement.

But outdoor water cooler is different than the indoor water cooler. Outdoor cooler sometimes does not give cool water. But this water cooler requires far more cleaning due to its vast use. Outdoor water cooler also gets contaminated easily than the indoor water cooler.

Based on arrangements, there are other categories of water cooler such as bottled water cooler and mains water cooler.

Bottled Water coolers

Bottled water coolers are excellent water coolers. A bottle is inverted to supply waters through a tap from the bottom. The water is filtered and some manufacturers use spring water.

Bottled water coolers are suitable for office and family uses. These unique water coolers are very important to use in different circumstances.

Main water coolers

The main water cooler is often referred to as pop (point of presence) water cooler. This water cooler is ideally suited for the main water supply. As relation to main water supply, this type of water coolers is not portable.

The user needs to allocate a specific space. These coolers can provide more water than bottled type waters. This is well suited for large organizations. This excellent water cooler has different techniques to clean.

The working process of cleaning water cooler is as follows:

  1. First, we have to make a cleaning solution. The solution can be made with different materials. A most popular one is unscented bleach and 5 liters of hot water. The mix of hot water and bleach is a deadly combination. Some people use vinegar which is also an excellent solution.
  2. Before applying the mix, the user needs to take some precautionary arrangements.
  3. You need to use gloves. The gloves are essential for the hot mix, especially bleach. This material can cause some effect on your hand. That is why you need to use protective glasses while applying the mix.
  4. Using Apron is also a good precautionary arrangement. Using better quality apron will help you to protect against any mishaps.
  5. Another important element is a lint-free towel or paper towel. This is quite handy for applying the solution. Some people may use a tissue. But it is not very handy against tough rust. That is why a lint-free towel is often preferred.
  6. You can use different chemicals to clean your water cooler. That is why it is quite essential to use chemicals in different applications. Before using you need to check it is healthy enough to use in food. FDA should approve this chemical before using in the water cooler. If you do not use recommended chemicals than this will hamper your health. That is why you need to very careful before applying any chemical. It is wise to use vinegar or bleach which are health-friendly.
  7. You need to have plug if your cooler has hotter options. To have a better quality arrangement you can deal with the manual.
  8. Most of the renowned manufacturer provides excellent manuals. These manuals are essential to have proper cleaning.
  9. Before applying the solution, you need to unplug the cooler. It is not recommended to apply the solution with electricity on.
  10. First, you have to clean the spill-free top. You need to carefully remove the top. The arrangements for the top are different from brand to brand. Some are pretty straight forward whereas some require a twisting motion. So you need to carefully identify and pull off the top from the water cooler.
  11. After removing the top, you need to remove the baffle also. Baffles are often made of plastic or stainless steel. This excellent stainless steel is often used. But some manufacturers also use plastic.
  12. After removing the baffle, you should take care of the reservoir. After that, you need to take out reservoir from faucets.
  13. Then you need to develop a sanitization solution. With 5 percent bleach and water mix, you can make the desired solution. But you need to make the balance right otherwise it will lose its effectiveness.
  14. Now you need to sanitize the top, baffle, reservoir to a great effect. This solution will clean up all the dust, rust and anything else. You need to clean every tight corner with great care. To have essential cleaning you need to use different gloves and others. To have proper cleanliness you can have a better quality output with the gloves and others.
  15. Following that, you need to keep the solution in the cooler for three minutes
  16. After that, you need to remove the solutions using water. This sanitization solution should be removed with great effect. The quality of the solution will have a better outcome and high-quality achievements.
  17. By removing every bit of solution, you need to wash every important part such as the top, baffles, and reservoir for three times.
  18. Then it is quite important to dry up for thirty minutes.
  19. It is recommended to dry with plugged in.
  20. This is how you can have the proposed solution to a great effect with cleaning your water cooler.


To have extraordinary water supply you need to clean the water cooler regularly. Most of the water coolers will provide excellent quality arrangements for better quality waters.

Most of the quality water coolers have a unique style of cleaning. The arrangements are somewhat different for cleaning.

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