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Players from India spend a lot less money on gambling. It is because the operators of local virtual casinos offer many start gifts.

How to properly use the welcome bonuses in casinos

Every licensed online play game casino offers a system of starter bonuses. Gifts are intended for new customers. The player will be able to get bonuses for registration, verification, and deposit.

The portfolio of bonus options is exclusive and depends on the operator’s policy. Typically, starter prize options fall into three categories:

  • Promo codes with no deposit prizes. It means that the user will be able to get virtual money for betting for nothing. The visitor enters the name of the coupon during registration. Prize codes can be found on social networks. A virtual sum of money or several dozen free spins appear on the player’s balance.
  • A classic deposit gift. In almost every gambling club on the Internet, you can increase your first deposit by 100%. A similar amount falls into the bonus wallet. The money can be used by the visitor when there is less than Rs 10 lakh left on the main balance.
  • Slot machine freespins. Gamblers can get more than 100 free spins. To do so, one needs to make an initial deposit of a certain amount. The paid spins can be engaged in the specified slots. The player first does one scroll at their own expense, and after that, they can play for the gambling establishment’s money.

Exclusive bonuses look preferable to other prize functions. It is because the player gets a free bonus and does not need to spend a lot of money from his pocket to do so. In addition, the wager on the starter pack usually does not exceed the x50 position.

How to use new bonuses correctly

For a newcomer to virtual casinos, the most important thing is not to rush. Haste leads to the fact that the user chooses the wrong deposit and starts playing the first hit machine, where wins are too rare. Professionals recommend adhering to a few tips:

  • In the mode of play for real stakes in the club, it is better to go with large sums. First, it helps to get the financial reserve and not to plummet the first deposit too early. Secondly, the payoff from the 100% bonus will be maximum.
  • To begin with, it is better to test a few video slots and read reviews and reviews. Each game has its volatility. Slots with lower volatility give out winning combinations more often but at minimum odds. If a user comes to an online club to fight for jackpots, it is necessary to choose models of highly volatile type.
  • The operator can offer 5-6 prize codes at once on the first day. The player is better off settling on one prize option. The point is that it will not be possible to win back all the bonuses in a short period.

The most profitable can be called a bonus of 100% on the first deposit. A visitor with a deposit of Rs 1,000 gets a similar amount in the prize wallet. The gambler can choose a highly volatile slot machine, lose the first 50 times, activate the prize balance, and finally reach the winnings with odds over 1,000.

Each bonus has its wagering conditions. The user needs to make a certain amount of bets over a certain period. In licensed casinos, wagering is given more than a few weeks. Therefore, even a beginner will be able to pre-prepare a budget and not lose the winnings received from the prize coins.

Virtual club bonuses do provide benefits. In order not to miss new promotions, the gambler should subscribe to the club’s social media pages. Today, most casinos are promoted via Telegram, where promo codes for no deposit are posted daily.