Best Programmable Crock Pot

If you in quest of searching for the best programmable crock pot, then you have come to the right place. We have complied with the top 10 programmable crock pot or slow cooker with the latest technology timer & wifi.

Exclusive features, stylish design, durable construction, amazing functions, clear display.

Our kitchen expert made a shortlist of best slow cookers which are actually best. Slow cooker lover has one question what is the best slow cooker brand? Crock-Pot, Hamilton Beach are the best brands for slow cookers. Their cooker quality, material, functions, and designs are unique.

You have to consider some very basic facts before buying a slow cooker. Those are capacity, functions, pot quality, cooking time, maintenance, budget. Is it safe for the dishwasher?

These are very important factors you should consider. All the slow cooker stoneware or pot is not safe for dishwasher or microwave oven usage. You will get the full buying consideration guide at the bottom of the post.

Best Slow Cookers Comparison Table (Editor’s Pick)

Brand nameCapacityDetails
Crock-Pot Manual Slow Cooker4 Quart
Hamilton Beach6 Quart
Crock-Pot Programmable Cook6 Quart
Cuisinart slow cooker6 Quart
Black & Decker Slow Cooker7 Quart
KitchenAid slow cooker6 Quart

10 Best Programmable Crock Pot Reviews & Buying Guide

01. Crock-Pot Manual Slow Cooker, Black – Best 4 Quart Slow Cooker



Crock-Pot is a very popular brand for kitchen appliances in the USA. They got great popularity for their quality product. Reliable, durable, low budget kitchen appliance provider.

For a slow cooker, it is one of the best choices, you should check it before you buy and going to another brand then you can compare how the quality it has.

Crock-Pot has a huge collection of slow cookers. They have all capacity slow cooker what is generally needed in a family or office or camp. Crock-Pot offers 2Qt, 3Qt, 4Qt, 6Qt, 6.5Qt, and 7Qt capacity.

If you enter their product selection, we hope you will never disappoint. What you need manual, auto, programmable, programmable auto stir, programmable locking lid, programmable countdown, smart pot, programmable touchscreen all types function available on their slow cooker.

We choose a manual 4-quart black color slow cooker here because it has got huge sales and for the low budget people don’t hesitate to buy this model.

If you need a programmable cooker or touchscreen more upgraded you can check out with the same link we suggested. You will get various capacity & various functions.

This model is convenient for 4 + people and 4lb. roast. The black stylish color made the slow cooker more attractive, there is removable stoneware built with high-quality material for great durability.

Fours analog functions are visible on the cooker off, low, high & warm mode. We also like the lid of the slow cooker, perfectly matched with the cooker and traps heat in an excellent way for better performance.

Crock Pot SCV400-B is lightweight than conventional cookers only 8.8 pounds. It takes less energy than conventional slow cookers.

Completely safe for the dishwasher that is great easy to clean. You will get many delicious recipes included with this exclusive slow cooker that will guide you if you are new on running a slow cooker.

The maintenance is very easy for this simple manual slow cooker. When you are done cooking unplug the power and let it cool down.

Then remove the lid and open the stoneware to washed with dishwasher or soap or hot water which you prefer.

The lid & stoneware of the cooker is dishwasher safe. Stoneware can be used in the oven but not in the broiler and it is also microwave safe.

The lid is not safe for using an oven and microwave. One caution should follow using this slow cooker never immerse the heating base in any liquid or water.

Three simple steps to cook

Step 1: Just place the stoneware to the heating base and place the food, ingredients & cover the lid.

Step 2: Connect the power cord & set your desired temperature.

Step 3: When cooking is done ready to serve & enjoy your meal.

The final verdict for this exclusive slow cooker one of the best slow cookers on the market for the value of money and the quality which it has you will never get from another brand.

Crock-Pot can deliver higher quality cookers at a low price because they are first-level suppliers and get huge sales & profit as well as.

Highlighted Features

  • Manual slow cooker (you can choose an auto from selection)
  • Capacity: 4 Quart excellent for 4 + peoples & 4lb. roast
  • 4 manual settings high, low, warm & off
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable stoneware
  • Stoneware is safe for oven & microwave use but not in broiler
  • The lid is only dishwasher safe
  • There simple steps to cook
  • Easy cleaning
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12×9×12 inches

02. Hamilton Beach 33969A Programmable Set & Forget w/Temperature Probe – Best 6 Quart Slow Cooker



Our next choice Hamilton Beach alongside Crock-Pot slow cookers. These two slow cookers are the heart of the market.

When anyone wants to buy a slow cooker, he/she must put first priority of Hamilton Beach and Crock-Pot. Hamilton Beach 33969A is a 6-quart programmable slow cooker stainless-steel construction and color having a high-class look.

When we wrote this review, we got Hamilton Beach is only a slow cooker with a probe on the market that is an awesome feature that you won’t get in any other brands.

If you check out the link you will get two models of slow cookers both are programmable and both have probed for temperature measurement. The two models are 6Qt advanced probe and 6Qt probe keep warm.

The advanced probe model has four different places hole to insert the probe, you can insert the probe your desired place to get temperature measurement.

Our recommended model 6Qt probe keep warm 33969A, we chose it because it’s very popular with people and got huge sales. You can also check out an advanced probe model there are no big feature changes.

The LCD display shows the cooking time, heat settings, desired temperature & actual temperature. You will get 3 program choices for this super quality slow cooker for easy automatic cooking.

When you are away select program mode, for manual cooking you can use manual mode if you want to check the temperature of the food inside the cooker use Probe mode, the temperature will be displayed on the screen.

The genuine stainless-steel body construction is durable for long time use if you maintain the cooker accurately after a few years later it looks as new that it depends on your maintenance.

But the performance will be the same as what you get at the new buy time. To ensure maximum security it has to clip tight gasket lid that will protect from a spill.

We heard some news about the spilling of lid of slow cooker that is really sad for the cooker. Hamilton Beach cares about your protection.

For better security, it has internal power interruption security features which will protect the slow cooker from high voltage or low voltage situation.

We noticed many brands have no such security for your cooker. However, Hamilton Beach is most popular it’s one of reason from many. It’s perfectly safe for dishwasher use, you can clean the stoneware in the dishwasher.

This 6-quart capacity Hamilton Beach is perfect for 6 pounds chicken or 4 pounds roast. It’s perfect for the full family although you have more than 7+ people Hamilton Beach 33969A can make a meal for your whole family.

Three smart settings make life easier you need not worry if you forget about cooking, you can slow cook up to 24 hours by this model.

Hamilton Beach says you don’t need your mom’s cooker depending on her, you can cook your own mean by this slow cooker.

We also agree with that easy programmable slow cooker is built so to make life easier, you just follow the instruction of the cooker. You can cook tasty food like your mom.

Highlighted Features

  • Programmable slow cooker
  • Capacity: 6 quarts, perfect for 6 pounds chicken & 4 pounds roast
  • Perfect size for the family
  • 3 choices for automatic/manual cooking Probe, Program & Manual
  • Only slow cooker with the probe
  • Clip tight gasket lid for spill protection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Power interruption protection
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Weight: 12.45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.2×16×16.1 inches

03. Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cook & Carry with Digital Timer – Best Programmable Slow Cooker



In our top 10 best slow cooker review Crock Pot already has a good position although We Chose SCCOVK610-S model on top 10 lists.

This model is one of the best selling and popular model of Crock-Pot slow cookers. Durable stainless-steel body automatic programmable cooker, excellent design is one of the best choices for slow cooking.

The 6-quart capacity slow cooker is capable of cooking 7+ people meal and 6 pounds roast. The locking lid with rubber gasket for an extra seal that is great security from a spill.

High-quality material built up removable stoneware makes the cooker more convenient. You can easily remove the stoneware after cooking to clean.

This programmable cook & carry slow cooker is dishwasher safe which will save your energy. Crock Pot SCCOVK610-S shifts to warm setting automatically when needs.

The programmable slow cooker allows 30 minutes to 20 hours cooking duration. There is mode selector, high, low, keep warm & timer settings on the cooker.

The digital display shows the cooking time as you can be prepared before the cook is finished and ready to serve.

If we talk about the portability it’s a great portable cooker perfect for tailgates & potlucks. The weight of this cooker 16.18 pounds and the dimension 9.4×15.1×14.8 inches.

If you are not an expert in cooking don’t worry you can cook by yourself with the help of the recipe included of this cooker.

For starting cook put the meals & ingredients on the stoneware, cover the lid, plug in the power cord, select the modes and times from settings panel.

When the meal is ready it automatically will go on to keep warm functions. The recommendation for keeping your meal warms up to 4 hours.

The stoneware of the cooker is also safe for microwave & oven alongside dishwasher safe. It requires 240 watts at AC 120V with a 60Hz frequency level which consumes less energy than a conventional slow cooker.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 6-quart, servers 7+ people, 6lb. roast
  • Digital control panel, timer set, select menu
  • Auto shifts warm settings when meal ready
  • Cooking time: From 30 minutes up to 20 hours
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware
  • Microwave & oven safe stoneware not broiler
  • Locking lid with rubber gasket for extra seal
  • Recipes included
  • Perfect for tailgate fit lock, carry & go
  • Easy to clean
  • Weight: 16.18 pounds
  • Power: 240 watts, 120V & 60Hz

04. Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart – Best Slow Cooker Brand



Cuisinart MSC-600 is actually a multi-cooker having 3 cooking functions slow cooker, brown/saute, steamer. For a slow cooker, Cuisinart MSC-600 has become very popular for its user-friendly operation.

Here you will get three basic functions of multi cooking. For slow cooking, you can cook up to 24 hours as other famous brands Crock-Pot, Hamilton Beach.

When cooking is done it will keep warm your food if you outside not need to worry about getting your food cold.

3 fully programmable functions for slow cook low, high, warm or simmer up to 24 hours. You can see the temperature and time with the help of an extra-large blue backlit LCD screen.

As a multi-cooker besides slow cooking, you can steam your meal such as vegetable, fishes can be steamed by this exclusive cooker.

Time & temperature LCD monitors are side by side as you can increase the time or temperature by pressing plus or minus button. The cooking pot capacity is 6 quart enough for a family of more than 7 people.

Cuisinart has 4-quart, 6-quart & 8-quart capacity of multi-cooker. 8-quart is for large families where the member is more than 9 people.

We choose 6-quart because it is the most popular size and the 6-quart model is better than the 4 & 8-quart model from our analysis by design, shape, capability & budget.

The pot is removable and designed by coating non-stick so that to clean easily. The lid is smart and compacted when fitted on the surface of the cooker.

There is a net tray by which you can steam your meals. The tray can be set in two ways upper or lower for different steaming functions. 16 pounds Cuisinart multi-cooker is one of the best slow cookers for cooking tasty food.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-Cooker
  • Capacity: 6-quart
  • 3 basic functions slow cook, brown/saute, steam
  • Large blue LCD display
  • Side by side temperature & time control
  • One-touch switch mode
  • Slow cook up to 24 hours then keep warm auto
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Original stainless-steel construction
  • Non-stick removable pot, easy to clean
  • Clear glass lid to get a clear vision
  • Steamer upper or lower net tray
  • Vegetable, fish steam

05. KitchenAid KSC6223SS 6-Qt. Slow Cooker with Standard Lid – Stainless Steel



Everyone knows about KitchenAid products it’s a famous brand for kitchen appliances on the market.

They already have gained a good faith for higher quality product and attractive design. KitchenAid slow cooker is popular for two stylish design and excellent service.

They offer two types of 6-quart capacity slow cookers. One has two separate lids they call it Easy Serve Lid and another model Standard lid.

We recommend Standard lid model KSC6223SS 6-quart slow cooker. Built by original stainless-steel with a single lid. Those people who need two side by side vessel double lid system may be their first choice.

The removable oval-shaped ceramic vessel is for higher durability. It’s completely safe for dishwashing. Two lids allow easy access and one-hand operation.

The standard model got huge sales for simplicity. However, there are 4 temperature settings low, high, medium, keep warm.

You can cook for up to 24 hours if you are outside your meal will be cooked slowly and remain warm as you can get fresh food.

In 24 hours of slow cooking, there are 30 minutes increments that are awesome for the user so KitchenAid is special for kitchen lovers for that type of amazing feature.

We like one special feature of this slow cooker that is the display of this cooker it has an LED display. Very clear vision to monitor the time, most of the cookers are LCD we got at the research time.

We recommend Standard Lid version of KitchenAid model KSC6223SS if you like two lids one hand operation you can check out Easy Serve Lid model KSC6222SS.

Standard lid version price is less than Easy Serve Lid when we wrote the review so the Standard Lid model is a low budget slow cooker you can say.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 6-quart
  • Stainless-steel base
  • Oval shape ceramic vessel
  • 4 temperatures settings low, high, medium, keep warm
  • Crystal clear LED display
  • 24 hours slow cooking with 30 minutes increment
  • Weight: 16.1 pounds
  • Dishwasher safe

06. Hamilton Beach (33473) with Touch Pad and Flexible Easy Programming Options – best 7 qt slow cooker



Our next top listed product is Hamilton Beach slow cooker crock with a touchpad and easily programmable system to cook delicious meals.

Cooking can be very enjoyable and fun, when Hamilton Beach slow cooker with you, it helps to make slow recipe effortlessly in at the time you need.

The automatic programming function of this slow cooker has a longer range of time for cooking as the need to prepare your meal.

From 30 minutes to 18 hours with low or high settings is perfect for any kind of slow dish, meanwhile no monitoring or stirring needed as well.

And a countdown timer indicates when your meal is ready to take off with its modern technology program even heating process.

When your dish is finished and the time is up, then the slow cooker automatically turns into warm settings for up to 8 hours.

So, why anymore waiting, steak, turkey, pork, beef, hens one-dish cooking is now easy and fun to cook with Hamilton Beach slow cooker.

With its easy and flexible touchpad program setting, cooking reaches the level of more excitement and fun.

The unit comes with a dishwasher safe stoneware pot and lid which is removable and very easy to clean. No messier in kitchen, when their smart Hamilton Beach slow cooker with you.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 7-Quart
  • Heat settings: low or high, warm
  • Countdown timer to show time
  • Removable touchpad for easy clean
  • Cooking time 30 min to 18 hours
  • Stoneware pot and lid dishwasher safe
  • The flexible and easy programming system
  • No watching or stirring need
  • Weight 12.3 pounds

07. Black & Decker Slow Cooker, 7 Quart, Teal Wave



Next Black & Decker slow cooker with a larger space, 7-Quart brings a fresh and tasty meal on the dining table whenever you want.

Many think a slow cooker is for only when cooking a huge amount of beef or hens, not precisely that, actually, rice, soup, lasagna everything can be cooked easily in a slow cooker.

To enjoy cooking and delicious food Black & Decker is one of the perfect choices with a new and fantasy chalkboard surface.

While cooking you can mark or let the children write their wishes on it. It comes with two chalk on the package deal. The slow cooker compact size to create tasty and yummy meals that suits your schedule.

With a large capacity 7-Quart, you can cook hen, beef, stew as you want, Maximus serves 8 people at a time.

Gather ingredients and turn the digital control to set the perfect time as their three options, low, high and warm. It automatically shut down and switch to warm when complete cooking.

The units provide a built-in lid holder with a wire locks system for easy portable anywhere without any mess. The removable stoneware pot and tempered glass lid absolutely safe in the dishwasher.

The slow cooker perfect for any tailgate or gathering to carry out. Cool large handle locked with rubber gasket for clean transport.

No hassle or bustle to use Black & Decker slow cooker, just grab ingredients and turn on and enjoy a tasty meal.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 7-Quart and 8 servings
  • Digital control for time sets
  • 3 heating functions; low, high & warm
  • Stoneware pot and chalkboard surface
  • Built-in lid holder and wire locks
  • Automatic switch to warm
  • Removable pot and lid, dishwasher safe
  • Cool and portable size design
  • Including chalk sets for fun
  • Weight 14.65 pounds

08. Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine MST-275XS – Best 2 Quart Oval Slow Cooker



Sometimes budget-friendly and single all-purpose uses slow cooker we need to have in our kitchen.

Elite cuisine MST-275XS slow cooker brings that all in one package in their latest electric slow cooker which performs like the big one does properly. You can cook unlimited recipes like soup, pudding, beef, stew, etc finely in this cute little slow cooker.

The oval shape slow cooker made of brushed stainless steel and the inner side of pot ceramic material.

And the lid builds of tempered glass with a cool-touch knob to hold easily. It has adjustable temperature 3 function low, high and warm, just set the exact heat you need to cook.

The unit provides an attractive ceramic pot, it is dishwasher safe and the lid also. The slow cooker indicates power illuminating light when the cooker is on.

It helps to find out, that the cooker on or off anytime. Very fine and handy slow cooker for small family use.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 2-Quart
  • Oval shape stainless steel
  • 3 function low, high and warm
  • Adjustable temperature functions
  • Lid and pot dishwasher safe
  • Power indicator when is on
  • Easy to use
  • Weight 5.2 lbs

09. Hamilton Beach 33231 Programmable – Best 3 Quart Slow Cooker



For 3-quart capacity, Hamilton Beach 33231 is one of the best budget slow cooker on the market from our analysis.

This 3-quart slow cooker is capable of 3 lb. chicken and 2 lb. roast. It has 3 basic settings which are enough for a slow cooker low, high & keep warm functions.

Black matte finish is the most attractive, oval shape, dishwasher safe stoneware. One of the best low budget slow cooker from Hamilton.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 3-quart
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware & glass lid
  • 3 basic settings low, high, keep warm
  • Capable of 3-pound chicken, 2-pound roast

10. Proctor Silex 33015YA 1-1/2-Quart – Best Small & Cheap Slow Cooker



Proctor silex round shaped 1-1/2 Quart slow cooker is our top listed small size product for small family purpose use.

Enjoy homemade delicious meal using the easy use slow cooker Proctor silex which is low maintenance and make sure stress-free cooking.

The unit comes with 3 adjustable temperature settings as low, high and keeps warm.

With these functions, you can cook small batches of soup, casseroles, dips, sauces and more. The slow cooker included one fine tempered glass lid with a cool-touch knob for easy handling.

The removable pot can be served as triple purpose, cook, serve and go straight to the fridge. For cleaning points, no worries at all because the pot and lid are absolutely dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity: 1-1/2-Quart
  • Made of stoneware
  • Adjustable temperature functions
  • Low, high and keep warm settings
  • Tempered glass lid with cool-touch knob
  • Lid and pot dishwasher safe
  • Low maintenance and Stress-free cooking
  • Weight 5.3 pounds

Facts to Consider For The Best Crock Pot With Timer

There are a few factors to consider before you buy a slow cooker for getting excellent service and complete your recommendations. If you don’t look out the basic considerations, your requirement will not be full-filled may be.


The capacity of the slow cooker will depend upon your requirements. How many people you have in your family? If two or three 2/3-quart cooker is perfect.

If you have 4+ people then 4 quart is good. For 7 people the 6-quart cooker is excellent. If your family is large more than 8+ people then 8 quarts will be good.

Pot Quality

As the whole situation happens on the surface of the cooker pot, meals are prepared on the pot. It needs to be a strong high-quality pot that should be hygienic, strong, easy to clean and durable for longer usage.

If the pot is built with high-quality material such as stoneware that would be excellent for durability. Internal coating is non-stick recommended for easy cleaning.

Make that sure the pot must be removable; some lower quality slow cooker has no removable pot which is very bad. If the pot is not removable cleaning would not be perfect and the meal service will not be good.

We got maximum high-quality brands to design the pot for safe dishwashing and some microwave oven proof that is really awesome. You can use the pot for another job on microwave preparing other meals for your family.


The lid is another most important fact of a cooker you must check. The lid perfectly seals the pot surface to trap the heat as the cooking is done accurately.

We heard some news about the spill of the lid while cooking time. So, you must need a spill-proof lid that great durable can tolerate stress comes from inside at the cooking time.

We got Crock-Pot and Hamilton Beach have a high-quality lid that is designed for spill-proof. As well as it designed with clip tight lid for better spill protection.

You and your meal will be safe if you use such kind of great designed slow cooker. High-quality brands always think about consumer protection.

For a better taste of meal if the lid surface is designed with glass and clear view it will give your clear vision to monitor the condition of your meal.

Cooking meal conditions can be observed by the vision while cooking. Stainless-steel and high-quality glass designed with tight clip lid is highly recommended for your slow cooker.


Day by day people are getting very busy, most people are keeping a job to the automatic functions. So, the automatic programmable cookers are the first choice if you count which one is greatly popular.

Although there are great value and demand still those days for getting the yummy taste of meals people use a manual slow cooker. That depends upon the individual to individual.

The new updated programmable slow cooker is capable of cooking tasty food although those who are habitat using manual their first-choice manual cooker.


All the slow cooker has no probe. It’s a different feature which is not available in all slow cookers. What does probe do?

The probe is capable of sensing the temperature inside the pot while cooking and sends the data to the display as the cooker can take a decision to make the meal tastier.

Hamilton Beach offers this awesome feature on the cooker lid. They offer two models for using probe one is called Advanced Probe which has four different holes on the lid surface as the cooker can insert the probe where he/she desires and second model 33969A has only one probe.

It senses the temperature and shows on the screen. You can get those models from our review section. Hamilton Beach demands they are only one who is a successful supplier of a slow cooker with a probe that is true from our review when we wrote this review.


Timer setting is a mandatory feature that is needed the most in the slow cooker. If you are not able to set time that would be completely useless.

All meals are not cooked at the same time you have to set time in a different way for different meals. A high-quality slow cooker can cook up to 24 hours and then it is capable to keep warm your food for a certain time.

Some cookers can increase the slow cooking time after 24 hours of slow cooking such as KitchenAid model KSC6223SS. You should check before you buy a cooker how much time it can cook and does it have extra increment time?


Manual cookers have fewer functions than programmable cookers. Most commonly manual cookers have on/off, low, high functions for slow cooking.

On the other hand, automatic/programmable slow cooker has many functions such as time settings, heat settings, programs.

The interesting fact is all the programmable cookers have a slow cooking function, you can choose a manual slow cooking function and prepare your meal manually how you desire.


The display is another essential feature you should check. It’s like having an eye if the cooker has displayed it helps like having an eye. In a manual cooker, most of them have no display that is bad.

If the cooking time and temperature are visible that is great for a cooker for preparing a meal. We recommend a nice clear LED display although most of the display of the slow cookers have an LCD display.

The screen of the cooker will tell you how much time you need and how the temperature inside the cooking panel then you can make a decision for your other job which is stuck with your cooking.

Dishwasher/Microwave Safe

High-quality slow cookers pot is completely safe for use in the dishwasher and also can be used in microwave & oven. Only the safe dishwasher pot can be used for cleaning do not put the whole system in the dishwasher or microwave.

The heating surface of the cooker is advised to keep away from water or liquid material. Good brands coated and designed strongly the meal pot for safe dishwashing.


The maintenance is a great hassle for non-removable pot. For that first, you have to choose a high-quality brand in which pot can be removed.

When the cooking is done remove the pot for serving the food, unplug the power cord, give some time to cool down.

Then you can clean the pot with water and cleaner or you can use the dishwasher to clean. The non-stick surface of the pot is easy to clean, no stain remains after the cleaning and it looks new.


With the new technology, most of the high-quality brand’s cooker is completely light in weight we got 5-16 pounds while we researched slow cookers. For portability, slow cookers are designed with lightweight.


Manual slow cookers are cheap in price. If you want to buy a programmable cooker it is a little bit more expensive than manual cookers.

Some basic FAQ About The Best Programmable Crock Pot

What is a slow cooker?

A slow cooker is a cooker by which you can cook your meals for a long time up to 24 hours or more.

What is the best brand of a slow cooker?

Crock-Pot, Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Black & Decor are the best brands on the market for the slow cooker.

If you let us choose two best slow cookers then our choice is Crock Pot & Hamilton Beach. Most sold and high-quality brands are our recommendation for the winning of the consumer.

How to use a slow cooker?

Using a slow cooker is simple. For manual slow cooker select mode manually you will get there on/off button.

Put the meal on the pot you want to cook, put the lid and plug the power cord. On the cooker and select low/high-temperature function to start cooking.

For programmable cooker you have to select the cooking mode and wait all job will be done automatically. It’s very simple to cook with slow cooker, no additional training required just follow the user manual guide.

You will some amazing and tasty food recipes with the slow cooker.

Types of slow cooker

Basically, two types of slow cookers available on the market manual and automatic. You have to select the program manually for manual cooker and cooking will be done checking manually.

For automatic cookers when you put on automatic function your food will be ready automatic way, you just start and go to your work.

The cook will do your cooking job. Besides, two types of slow cookers there is multicookers which have slow cooking functions.

What is keep warm function on the slow cooker?

When cooking is complete your meal needed to be kept warm. Slow cookers have a function named keep warm which will remain hot your meal prepared after the cooking is complete.

Some keep-warm function keeps meals up to 4 hours or more. But can not keep warm after a certain time, you have to take your meal before the ending of the warm time.

How to clean slow cooker

For high-quality slow cooker brands cleaning is so simple. Remove the meal from the stoneware pot, wash it using the desired soap or put it on the dishwasher.

To clean the body or heat surface unplug the power cord let the cooker cool down then clean the cooker using a dry cloth.

Remember do not use any liquid or water to clean the heating surface or the body for washing if you wash with water the system will be a short circuit or completely damaged. Only the stoneware or the pot can be washed by dishwasher.

Advantages of using the slow cooker

The advantage of using a slow cooker is more than you think. It saves your valuable time. You can put the meal after preparing to cook and go away starting the cooker to your work setting the function.

Coming back from your work you will get hot and fresh food for your meal. Another most important advantage of a slow cooker, the food really tasty by cooking it and the food quality remains good.

What can you cook in a slow cooker?

Now a day you can cook everything in the slow cooker. The previous slow cooker could cook rice, vegetable but a modern slow cooker is capable of cooking vegetables, fishes, meat, rice and more.

How does a slow cooker work?

The slow cooker works by the operation of an electrical heating method when the electricity goes via the coil of slow cooker it heats up and the pot gets heat to warm up the meals on the stoneware, the heat traps inside the pot and the cooking job is done the heat trapped.

What is the slow cooker temperature?

Slow cookers have multiple temperature settings for different time cooking. If you want to cook a meal which will be prepared after 24 hours later you have to use low-temperature mode and for the quick operation, you need to select the higher temperatures.

Are Crockpots and slow cookers the same thing?

No Crock Pots and slow cookers are not the same things. Crock-Pot is a brand for a kitchen appliance, they are very popular for slow cookers.

They get huge sales for slow cookers for their higher quality product. Alongside Crock-Pot, you can check out Hamilton Beach they are also good brands for the slow cookers.


We recommend choosing an automatic cooker because you can cook manually in the manual cooking functions. If your budget is low then you can choose a manual cooker otherwise automatic is the best option from our opinion.

10 top tips for slow cookers

Crock-Pot slow cooker tips & recipes