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In a world saturated with a variety of financial opportunities, the concept of passive income has a special place. One of the most talked about ways of generating income is making money from account registration. Some see it as a reliable and easy way to make a profit, while others consider it just a waste of time. In this article, we will take a closer look at this topic, identifying the features and risks of this method of earning money, helping you to understand whether it is a really effective method of generating income or just an illusion of opportunity.

How do you make money from account registration?

Making money from registering accounts and then selling them is an activity in which people create accounts on various platforms or social networks, develop them (e.g., gain subscribers, create content, etc.), and then sell these finished accounts to other users or companies for a certain price. This process can be done on various online platforms or forums where people are interested in buying already active and developed accounts.

Examples of platforms for selling accounts can include online marketplaces such as Flippa or Sedo for websites and domains, as well as specialized forums or even meetings between sellers and buyers on social media.

To successfully make money from selling accounts, it is important to create or purchase accounts that are in high demand. These can be accounts in social networks with a large number of active subscribers, accounts in online games with a high level of achievements, and accounts in various services with a good reputation and history of use.

However, it is worth noting that some platforms and services have rules, bans, or restrictions on the sale of accounts, and illegal sales may result in account blocking or other legal problems. It is also important to consider ethical considerations, especially if selling accounts may involve violating the platform’s terms of use.

This type of earning requires time, effort, and skill in managing and developing online profiles, but for some people, it can be a way to earn extra money.

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How do I get started?

To start earning by registering accounts for later sales, you will have to follow a few steps:

  1. Research and choose a platform or niche. Determine what platform or niche you would like to create accounts for sale on. It could be a social network (like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok), an online marketplace (like eBay, Amazon), a gaming platform, or something else.
  2. Understanding requirements and demand. Study the requirements of the market. What types of accounts are in demand? What is valued most? For example, accounts with a significant audience, a certain level, rare items, or experiences may be of high value.
  3. Create or purchase accounts. Create accounts or buy them, if possible, and in accordance with the platform rules. Develop them, create unique and attractive content, increase engagement, and attract an audience.
  4. Keep accounts active and audiences engaged. Keep your accounts active, create interesting content, and engage with your audience to increase their appeal to potential buyers.
  5. Find a marketplace to sell your accounts. Find marketplaces or online marketplaces that allow the sale of accounts and place your accounts for sale in accordance with the rules and requirements of the marketplace.
  6. Price Setting and Negotiating. Determine a reasonable price for your accounts based on their activity, number of subscribers/followers, and other factors. When interacting with potential buyers, be prepared to negotiate on price.

It is best to start by understanding the requirements and market demand. Then, choose a platform that matches your skills or interests and start creating accounts that will appeal to potential buyers.

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How do you register many accounts with smspva?

SmsPva is a service that provides temp number for registering accounts on various platforms. The process of registering multiple accounts using SmsPva may look as follows:

  1. Register on SmsPva. Go to the official SmsPva website and create an account.
  2. Top up your balance. After registration, top up your balance to be able to purchase virtual numbers for account registration.
  3. Select the platform and country. Select the platform (e.g., social network, messenger, etc.) and country for which you need a virtual number.
  4. Purchase a number. After selecting the platform and country, buy a virtual number on SmsPva.
  5. Use the received number to register an account. Use the virtual number to register a new account on the selected platform. Enter the confirmation code sent to this virtual number on the platform’s website to complete the registration.
  6. Repeat the process as needed. If you need to register many accounts, repeat the process by purchasing new virtual numbers from SmsPva and using them for each new registration.

Please note that using virtual numbers to register accounts may be against the rules of some platforms. Some services may block accounts registered using virtual numbers or require identity verification at later stages of account use. Also, some paid services require payment for each virtual number, so the cost may increase if you register a large number of accounts.

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What problems may arise? Why doesn’t the text message arrive?

Using virtual numbers to register a large number of accounts can lead to a number of problems:

  1. Platform restrictions. Many platforms have restrictions on the number of accounts that can be created from a single IP address or phone number. This may result in blocking or restricting access to registering new accounts.
  2. Account blocking. Platforms may block accounts registered through virtual numbers as this may violate their terms of use and be considered an undesirable practice.
  3. Confirmation problems. Sometimes, virtual numbers may be blocked or not accept new messages due to using a large number of accounts for registration. This can lead to problems with receiving SMS codes for confirmation.

To overcome these problems, you can try the following:

  • Change IP address: Change the IP address to bypass the limits on the number of registrations from one address.
  • Clearing cache and cookies: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to try to avoid blockages or restrictions.
  • Use different numbers: Use a different virtual number for each registration to reduce the likelihood of being blocked.

However, you should be aware that using such methods may be illegal or against the rules of the platform. Be careful and make sure that your actions are in accordance with the rules of the particular platform or service.

More information about IP change

Changing an IP address can be done in a number of ways, including:

  1. Restart your router or modem: Switch off your router or modem for a while (usually a few minutes), and then switch it on again. This may cause your external IP address to change.
  2. Using a VPN (virtual private network): Connect to a VPN service that allows you to select different servers with different IP addresses. When you are connected to the VPN, your IP address will change depending on the selected server.
  3. Changing router settings: Some ISPs allow you to change your IP address by accessing your router settings through your browser and rebooting your connection or requesting a new IP.
  4. Using proxy servers or IP address trading platforms: Proxy servers allow you to mask your IP address and provide access to IP addresses in different geographical locations. There are also services that offer proxy rentals or dynamic IP addresses to change locations.

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How much can you make?

Earnings when creating and selling accounts using virtual numbers can vary depending on various factors:

  1. The popularity and demand for the account. Accounts with a large number of subscribers, high levels, or rare items can have a higher value and, accordingly, bring more income when they are sold.
  2. Labor and registration costs. If you have to create multiple accounts and pay for the use of virtual numbers, registration costs may reduce your final profit.
  3. Platform policies and rules. Some platforms prohibit or restrict the sale of accounts, which may affect the ability to sell and revenue.
  4. Competition and demand. The level of competition in the account market is also important. If demand is high and competition is low, you can earn a higher income.

Actual earnings can range from a few dollars per account (for example, a new account on a popular platform) to a substantial amount for accounts with a large audience or unique content. Some may consider this work as a way to earn passive income, but you also need to consider the cost of time and resources required to manage accounts before they are sold.

However, it is worth noting that this practice may violate the policies and terms of use of some platforms and lead to account blocking or other legal problems. Therefore, it is important to comply with platform rules and legislation related to account trading.

Bottom line

In a world with advanced technology and online business opportunities, the desire to earn money through the creation and sale of accounts using virtual numbers inevitably attracts attention. However, when considering this method of earning money, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Passive earning through creating and selling accounts can seem attractive, especially for those looking for ways to generate income online. However, there are limitations and risks involved in this endeavor. The difficulty in scaling this business, platform limitations, and potential legal issues can significantly affect earning potential.

It’s important to remember that this type of earning may be against the platforms’ rules of use as well as ethical standards, which can lead to blocked accounts or other problems.

Using virtual numbers to register accounts, although it allows you to bypass some restrictions, you may encounter problems in receiving SMS codes, blocked numbers, or other technical limitations.

Thus, while it is possible to make money, it is worth bearing in mind the complexities, risks, and ethical considerations associated with this method. Before engaging in this type of business, it is important to thoroughly understand the platform’s rules and ensure that your activities comply with them.