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While there are various treatments for autism, none of them can cure it. The truth is that no treatment can relieve the main symptoms of autism either. But the good news is that you can find therapies and medication that can have a positive effect on children and adults with autism.

For many people, choosing the right therapies can be a process of trial and error. Besides, their decisions are usually based on various factors like cost, availability, challenges, and the interest of the person with autism. This post explains the best treatment to handle autism signs in your child.

Therapies covered by insurance or school

There are tons of autism therapies out there, but they can be quite expensive when you try to pay for out of pocket. Even worse, these therapies can be most effective when they are offered for many hours a week. As a result, many families opt to choose autism therapies that are available for free or at a low cost.

While you can find several autism therapies on the market, quite a few of them are paid for by medical insurance or offered through schools. Understandably, these are perhaps some of the most popular ones especially if you are low on funds.

When they are usually used in combination with other forms of treatment, they can be effective. Go to Autism Parenting Magazine to learn more about autism therapies. Below are some of this medication and therapies:


Many people who have autism usually take medications to help them reduce anxiety, manage aggression, or increase focus. Physicians prescribe these medications and they can be cost-effective and the best way to manage difficult autism symptoms. In many cases, medication may not be necessary, though they can be helpful and can have a huge positive impact on your child who has autism.

But you need to work with your doctor or healthcare provider, so they can monitor the effects of the medication. Remember that medication can work differently for each person, meaning monitoring its effects can prevent it from causing harmful effects to your child.

Speech therapy

Speech therapists attempt to handle a wide variety of problems for autistic children. They can help children who start speaking later than any average person so that they can acquire spoken words. Aside from this, they can help higher functioning kids to use the right prosody and body language and ask and answer questions.

Occupational therapy

Schools usually provide occupational therapists for kids with autism and they are paid for by insurance. No wonder, you can find many occupational therapists around who help children with various developmental issues. Many of them have a variety of skills and training that help them to work on interactive play skills, cooperative interaction, sensory challenges, and many more.

Physical therapy

A medical doctor usually prescribes physical therapy. This is the reason why it is commonly offered through schools or paid for by health insurance. While it may not seem like your child with autism requires physical therapy, you must note that these children can have low muscle tone and issues with their motor skills and coordination.

A physical therapist can work with your child in a natural environment like a gym or playground to help them to build these skills that they need to participate in physical games.

Behavioral therapy

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and other forms of therapies are considered as the best treatment for children with autism. Many schools provide ABA classrooms or even offer ABA therapists to work in their special needs school programs. ABA therapy can teach your child skills and behaviors that can play a crucial role in the success of their school or work environment.

With high functioning children who have autism, perhaps a psychologist who has autism experience can suggest ways for handling frustrations, help manage feelings, or help your child cope with the truth of being different.

Autism therapies that are worth to pay for

Although your child may be receiving therapies and medication through health insurance or school, you can sometimes not see the expected progress. You may also have seen the school therapist working with your child, but you’re not satisfied with the techniques being used.

In any of such situations, you can consider choosing another therapy that you have to pay out-of-pocket to your child with autism. Here are some of the therapies you can opt to choose:

Developmental therapy

Behavioral therapists may work on the skills and behaviors, but developmental therapists can help your child build relationships and skills, bond with others, and expand abstract thinking. Some of the notable developmental therapies include social communication, relationship intervention, transactional support, and emotional regulation.

As mentioned above, you may have to pay for these therapies, but there is some good news. Once you get the hang of how these therapies work, you can provide them yourself.

Social skills therapy

Some schools provide basic social skills therapy, though it’s not common for them to offer advanced social thinking programs. Social thinking can be hard for your autistic child because it needs the ability for your kid to imagine what others might be thinking.

Because there are various social skills and social thinking programs around, you may have to shop around to find the most suitable one for your child. The best social skills program can help your little one make connections, find a social circle, and build friendships.

Arts and animal therapies

If your child has an interest in visual arts, music, dancing, or acting, they may respond well to arts therapies. It’s worth it to pay out-of-pocket because arts therapies can allow your kid to expand their boundaries. Also, they can build skills that are utilized in settings like drama club, band, or chorus.

On the other hand, animal therapy is considered to have a great positive impact on a child with autism. The therapy includes therapeutic horseback riding and supporting animals and service dogs.

This therapy can help your child build confidence, increase core body strength, and expand their social skills. You can find some animal therapies that are paid for by insurance, but you may have to pay some money yourself.