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The ongoing battle between PC and console gamers is which platform is better. Obviously, “better” is a very subjective term; each platform has particular strengths and weaknesses compared to the other.

In this article, we will look at some specific advantages of PCs over consoles from a gaming perspective. If you are looking to invest in a new gaming platform, this information will help you make the best choice.

Why Gaming on PC is Something to See

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when the choice between console and PC gaming was obvious. Consoles had a massive advantage over PC in performance, value, and ease-of-use. While that still may be true for some people, the decision is not nearly as evident today.

PCs have come a long way, especially in recent years. With the development of the Windows 10 Xbox App and Steam Big Picture Mode, PCs can easily compete with consoles on the family-room TV.

Here are some points to consider when comparing a PC with a console for gaming.

Upgradable and Expandable

Probably the most significant advantage that PCs have over even the most modern consoles is upgradability. While consoles have naturally become more capable over the years, they are still limited by their integrated processor and memory.

A PC, on the other hand, can be upgraded and expanded nearly limitlessly. Do you need more RAM to play that newest game? Go ahead and upgrade! Not getting the performance you want out of that graphics card? Swap it out for a better one! A PC is not a static piece of hardware, but an entirely customizable kit you can piece together to fulfill whatever you need it to do. You can even swap out the whole motherboard to have a totally new PC in the same shell if you desire.

In this way, a PC is essentially permanently “future-proof.” There will never be a game that your PC cannot run as long as you keep the hardware current. In contrast, when a gaming console is outdated, it must be replaced with a new console, making your entire game library obsolete and unplayable.

This adaptability is an enormous boon for PC gamers, as the hardware can always be kept current, with a functionally infinite game library.

A Huge Selection for Gaming Perfection

Because a PC can fundamentally play any game through software virtualization or emulation, the selection of games to choose from is truly immense! Even the most obscure and niche games are available on PC. Whether you’re looking to try your hand at launching a goat high into the air or a VideoSlots Casino review, you can do all of these things on a PC. With the possibility of earning real money while you’re doing it, PC offers the most choice, with the most reward.

The Best Control for However You Roll

While most first-person shooter players swear by mouse and keyboard controls, the bottom-line is that you can use whatever control style suits you on PC. If you want to play a shooting game with a steering wheel, or a driving game with the mouse, you can.

On consoles, you are typically stuck with a regular gamepad or fighting stick, and not much else. Modern consoles are beginning to change this as they adopt Bluetooth control standards, but the integration isn’t perfect. Often navigating the console’s menu with non-standard controllers can be challenging or even impossible.

Simply put, the user interface on most consoles was designed with their native controllers in mind, whereas the interface on PCs was built to function with a wide range of different input devices. The reason for this was mostly accessibility related, but such functionality extends into gaming as well.

The PC is Reclaiming its Status in Gaming

The next time you sit down to blast some zombies or speed past that finish line, you might want to give the PC an honest look. Far from the mundane device that’s only good for e-mail and spreadsheets, the PC has accumulated a vast gaming treasure-trove that’s hard to match.

When you’re finished with your serious work, let your PC be your portal to serious play as well!